Is the GTX 1060 3GB or 6GB worth buying now? Steam Game Giveaway
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Is the GTX 1060 3GB or 6GB worth buying now? Steam Game Giveaway

October 7, 2019

as you may already know a couple of
weeks ago wasn’t a good time to buy a GPU nor build a gaming PC and that is
because of a theory of mining and all the miners causing the prices to go
sky-high and at the same time leave many GPUs out of stock like the RX 474 85 75
80 and also the gtx 960 which were all good for the job and has a good price
but prices are now dropping and you can find many GT extent sixties available on
the market new and used the question is does it worth buying the 1063 gigabyte
version or should you go for the six kilobyte here I have a 10 63 gigabyte
version from KF a2 which is extremely overclocked from Factory I will test it
against some titles and show to you how this specific example performs I chose
this example because it has a really good price compared to other overclocked
1060 s you can buy on the market but let’s see how it performs and start with
some not so vram demanding titles and move on to more graphics intensive ones the cult performs really great in almost
all games at very high and neutral settings running dirt rally gta5 or far
cry at Ultra is not a problem at all and it runs out also very high frames but
the thing is that increasing the graphics although the 1060 manages to
produce a really good amount of frames the vram start limiting its performance
for example playing Tomb Raider at high settings it runs at 75 frames on average
and receive their sample from more detail but the three gigabytes of vram
doesn’t allow us to go higher and if we ignore the limits we end up running at
20 frames also at hitman at highest allowed graphics it runs at almost
hundred frames on average but against the three gigabyte are limiting us to
increase the detail I can’t argue the card is fast but why only three gigs I’m
in the GTX 580 had three gigs back in 2010 and with games being very demanding
in memory these days it is unacceptable to release such a fast card with only
three gigs and we tested the games in 1080p only not to mention 4k the cart is
fast at 1080p but my opinion is very clear go for the 6 gigabyte although the
only difference may seem to be only the vram size it’s not for those who are not
familiar the 6 gigabyte version has also more cuda cores than the 3 gigabyte so
it should be also faster and we have also more room to increase the detail or
run at 4k as we have doubled the amount of memory
I think the gtx 960 is a really nice GPU but three gigabytes are not enough in
modern ultra detailed gaming and that’s a fact tell me what you think about that
in the description and don’t forget to Like and subscribe see you soon my
friends with another video bye

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