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Is My Stem Too Long? | Ask GMBN Anything About Mountain Biking

October 7, 2019

– Welcome to another Ask GMBN, we are going to be getting
into your questions. We’re still here at World Cup Fever. – We still can’t get away.
– Amazingly, because this event has finished. But you get the picture. – And they’re all
packing up, look at that. – Well, we couldn’t miss
the opportunity to talk about some of your questions
while we were here once again. So I’m gonna dive into
it, with Blake Sampson here, an expert in mountain biking. – Some would say I, some wouldn’t. – What more could we need?
– Yeah. – Right, so let’s get straight
to questions this week. First one form Christian Beddard, Blake. – Nice name. – He says, “I have a Norco
sight A7.3, and when making “small adjustments in
direction, the changes seem “to feel really big.” – In what–
– Let me give you some more information.
– Yeah, please, needed. – “Is there anything
you can suggest to help “with this stem length,
or handlebar wise?” So the stem length for
the bike, is 100 mil, the handlebar length is 760. So he’s feeling like
it’s all a bit twitchy. I think, go on, let’s see what you think. – So 760 is, I would
go seven, that’s good. 760 is the kind of bar
length I would ride, it’s kind of in the middle,
it’s average, it’s good. But a 100 mil stem.
– Yeah that’s a lot. – There it is, there’s your problem. I run a 35. Because you’re putting it all out there, bring it back into you. – The thing you’ve gotta
think, if you’ve put your weight in front of the head tube, so you’re suddenly, you’re
steering is not this anymore. It’s this, it’s got to
go around the head tube. So that might be where
you get that feeling. – Kind of fall on to those bars. – Shorten that head stem, and
you might get a nicer feel, much more accurate. Wow, it’s noisy around here. – I think the fans are
leaving, the fans have left. They had the last of the fans. – Those always seem to be arriving. Anyway, right, next question
is from Gene Oxford. “Which is faster around a
world cup type cross country “course, full squish with
a rigid post, or hard tail “with a dropper, which bit
of extra weight gets the “most benefit?” – Wow, that’s a very interesting one. That is one that we haven’t
put to the test really. – Yeah, well, I mean, I
feel like it really depends on the course, because
you see someone like Nino Schurter at certain courses. Like Albstadt, is
choosing a hard tail bike, but, he isn’t going with dropper post. I don’t know.
– Which one would you go for?
– Oh, damnit, Nino’s not necessarily a
great example because he’s not using a dropper a lot of the time now. I would definitely go
full squish and dropper. – I would combine the two together. – Yeah I think I would. Because I think the full
switch cancels it out. Yeah I can’t see how hard tail, unless the course was very specific, it’s gonna outrun one of those– – One of those full suspension bikes. – But a cross country
expert may say different. And why we’re on this,
why dnr we look at a very similar comparison on a
video we did recently. – Here I’ve got two bikes, and both could be described as cross
country mountain bikes. One has a drop seat
post, the other doesn’t, has a normal seat post. I’m gonna test them back to back to see if you really do need a drop
seat post for cross country. (light music) – Now next question is
from Phil Willoughby, of Dirt Shed Show fame.
– Cake. – He sent us a cake from Seattle, he’s
asking a great question, “he can rent a 4800 pound
bike for a 100 pounds a day.” – Hundred pounds a day? – Yeah, now is it worth him doing that, because obviously he’s
got no maintenance bills. It’s really easy, super fun. Does he keep doing that,
or does he spend a big chunk of cash on a bike
of his own that he’s gonna have to maintain, but
he can tinker and make the spoke to himself. So what’s the best way to go Blake? – 52 weeks in a year, times that by 100, because he’s probably gonna
be doing it once a weekend. Because he’s probably a family man, so that is what, 5,200 dollars. That’s more money, so it’s
a bit cheaper to buy a bike, but like you said, if you’re
gonna put in some maintenance into that, you probably gonna be the same. – Yeah, yep.
– I think I’ll buy my own bike, if you can
afford it, buy your own bike. – If you’re thinking about buying a bike, I’ll want to convince you to do it, Phil. So check this video out,
because I think it’ll get you going and getting some cash out. ♪ I’m the only I’ve carried the fire ♪ ♪ Cmon cmon, can’t deny the show ♪ (rock music) – Next question is from Hamilton McGrath, who says, “I recently
bought a trek xc hard tail, “100 mm of travel, and a pretty long stem. “I’m thinking of turning
it into a more aggressive “trail bike.”
– An XC bike into a trail bike? – “Getting a shorter
stem, longer travel fork, “do you have any other
suggestions to turn my bike into a more aggressive hard tail?” – Its a cross country
bike, so drop a post. – Yeah drop post would work. – One bike?
– Yes, one bike, good suggestion.
– Stronger wheels, stronger rims that could take a punishing. Rubber, look at your tire choice. Make that a bit more aggressive. – Yeah absolutely. So sum it up, that it was a dropper post, that was one by, and that was rubber. And better wheels, four things you can do. – To make it more aggressive. – It’s like you make
videos about this stuff. Honestly, you know it. Kayn Johnson says, “Hey Blake” – Hey Kayn.
– “could we put fat bike “tires on Martyn’s wheel chair? ” – Yes, I believe we could do that. – That would look amazing. – Imagine that fat chair,
fat bike, for fat Martyn. – Yes we could do that, it
would be an awesome video. I could definitely grab the hand rails. – You would just have to
grab the big fat tires. – Yeah you could just push the tires. I could do this, I could go through sand. – Let’s go to Egypt. – Egypt, yes, good answer. – We need to get some
fat tires for the front. – You can do tires on a fat bike, to prove that, check this video out. – Stop just before the end. Should we try that? – That would be pretty funny, actually. Fat bike super grip. – All right watch this. – I’ll tell you what, let’s make it better, I’m gonna park at the end. So you have to jump. – Oh this is tough, dude. – I’m putting myself on the line here, if he doesn’t stop, oh my
god, this is terrifying. – You ready? – Wait a minute, drop end. – Full speed ahead. You know what I’ve seen? You can’t actually push a fat bike. But we’d like to do another video. – That went well, we
don’t need any excuse. Thomas Debnam said “I
know that slackening my “head angle, will increase
the strain on the head tube, “and I’m not too worried about that, “my question is, if I
slacken my head tube angle, “can I then theoretically
move up to a slightly longer “fork, from 120 to say like
130, and retain my bottom “bracket height?” so not necessarily changing
the geometry of the bike too much, but actually having changed the geometry of the ride. So according to those
calculations you can, but you just hope he’s
not missing anything. What do you think? – If he’s doing calculations,
then this should be fine. But 10 mm that’s not much,
it’s not doing it dramatically. It is gonna lift up that BB. – But you’re only gonna
get so much change in your head angle, I think that
you’re going to need to lengthen the fork
else you’re going to get a bottom bracket drop. So, I think you’ve got to
do something to counteract that if you want to try
and maintain that bottom bracket height, which can make
the bike feel really weird if you change it too much. So yeah I’ll go longer fork. – I’ll go longer fork. But not too long because it
will change that field width. Your bike will be like this. – Let’s not go up to stripper clearance. – You wouldn’t want to do that either. – Not cool. Right, now we’ve got one
for, correct me if I’m wrong, Blake, let’s see if we
can help this dude out. It’s Robert Banasi, and
he wants some tips on his jumping, let’s have a look. C’mon Robert, here we go . – [Blake] Here he runs,
nice little exit start. – He wants more speed, doesn’t he? – He does want a little bit
more speed, just a little bit. – Not getting quite far enough. I think that happens well, Robert, is once you start going a bit quicker, you’re gonna get more air
time, and you’re gonna get more confidence. And it’s like your
slightly lacking confidence to go for it. Until you get that
distance, I think you’re not giving your technique time to happen. So gotta find that down
slope to really pitch in. – Pump that lift as well. – It’s always coming lots,
correct me if I’m wrong, always that back drop. Everyone wants to jump, so cool. Thanks for your questions this week, really enjoyed it, it’s been amazing being at Fort William. We’ve had such an amazing week. – Sad to leave, actually.
– Yeah, it’s going to be sad to leave
but we’ve got to come back. We’ve got to come back and
get on with some GMBN videos. If you’d like to see a
dirt shed show play list, where you can see me
and Blake getting up to some antics each weekend, click here. Hit the globe so subscribe,
and Blake, what else? – What man, hit that like
button if you like this, and give us more questions. For the next one, GMBN.

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  1. Martyn what tyres do you us on your wheelchair? And can you get mountain bike type tyres ? Maxxis conti schwalbe ect? Love the lot of gmbn 👍👍👍🖒🖒🖒🖒👍👍

  2. Your colleagues from GCN claim that longer stem feels actually more stable on descents:

  3. Do you think it's a good idea for kids to ride women's bikes because of the low stand over. Also because nice kid's bikes are expensive. For example I'm 10 years old and riding the smallest size of a Trek Cali S 2017.

  4. my old frame (spec pitch comp 2015 size s/15.5) had a 80mm fork on it and i got tired of it so i put 160mm pikes on it and it was awesome (until the seatpost got stuck and i had to get a new frame)

  5. #askgmbn love the channel but I’ve send my bike in over 10 times over the course of a year for bike vault and my bike hasn’t been shown. Would love to see it on the show one day.

  6. What is the optimal dirt bike weight? Mine is around 20kg and i don't think that's very light, i got it used not a long ago.

  7. Just noticed in the Speed v Style clip Neil has shaved legs, I thought that was just a roadie thing. Is that the pro way for MTB as well? (I presume the main reasons, massage and scrapes being easier to clean still stand for MTB) #askGMBN

  8. #askgmbn I live in Indiana and I’m looking for a new bike I’m in the middle between a 2018 YT Jeffsy and a 2018 giant trance we have a lot of single track and climbs but then we have some super gnarly down hill flow trails so I was wondering which one should I get?

  9. I just switched to a 60mm stem from a 90 and to a carbon fiber 725mm bar from an ALU 700mm. A 110% better ride. No more finger numbness or wrist pain, plus it turns much better and took some weight off as well.

  10. #askgmbn could you put a dual crown downhill fork on an aggresive hardtail, or would it look weird of perform differently. (im not thinking of doing it im just wondering)

  11. #askgmbn i found some half flat half clipless pedals and i was wondering if i can ride with one foot clipped in and the other riding flat at least until I gain some confidence, also are cheap pedals worth it ?
    Thanks for your time love the show

  12. How does a longer stem make a bike more twitchy? I would have thought the shorter stem would have made it more twitchy/responsive.

  13. I had Race Face Chester bars 740mm and stem 50mm. Bought Race Face Atlas bars 800mm and Atlas Stem but 35mm, This made all the difference took some time to get used to the wider bars but are perfect now.

  14. one side of my body really hurts, cause as they said in the end, everybody wants to jump… still have a smile on my face

  15. How big should I make a step up for learning backflips, 360s and other tricks also around how many tons of dirt would I need to build a set of decent sized dirt jumps? #askgmbn

  16. With fat tyres on the wheelchair could you use skis on the front to stop the front diving into loose sand/snow?

  17. I ride with a long stem and wide bars i love it. But for now i Wish i could ride already. Had a bad crash yesterday and i have a few bruises and scuf wounds. And i had a dislocated finger that i popped back in place on the side of the trail. The crash also destroyed my cranks so i also need to fix my bike. I guess i wil be able to ride Again in a week ore 2.

  18. #askgmbn Hey there! I've got a question about cycle clothing. During the last season I gained about 10kg of muscle, but I don't feel like I've got any more strengh. To the contrary, acutally. Could this be because of too tight gear? When ever I come home after a ride, shower and change back to Jeans etc. I feel far less exhaustion in my legs.

  19. If you have to ask if your stem is too long, then it's obviously too long. Get a stem that makes it impossible to ask that question, 50mm or less, and you'll be fine. 🙂

    Consider 10 and 2 compared to 9 and 3 when learning to drive. The 9 and 3 is the preferred grip by motoring enthusiasts and professionals.

  20. #askGMBN , Would like to go 1x on my new Scott Genius 720 Plus thats 2x, I'm not sure the chain lines going to be the best, is there anyway i can use spacers of some kind? cheers

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  23. Great questions guys!

    Though, I've always wondered what the song was on that speed vs style video.

  24. #askGMBN I owned a 2002 Giant Rincon. It ended up snapping where the frame meets the headtube. When, I stripped it down, I noticed that it did not have a tapered headtube or fork. Could this have played a role in the destruction of the bike? I also liked to do a bit of trials on it.

  25. After you are done using the bike, the bike has some resale value if it was bought. Renting the bike gives you no resale money.

  26. #askgmbn hey nice videos out there. I have a Raleigh ram 2.0 ,bought it second hand recently, it’s full rockshox suspension. front has no problem , but the back one is oversized.. it’s 200mm but the size of my bike can fit is 180 … so here’s my question.should I change it or not ? If I don’t , what are the effects .?

  27. Hey GMBN can you help me on my whips? I can get it about 6 in out on a 2 ft jump. I need to go bigger. Any tips.

  28. #askgmbn what (29er) wheel set that is alloy and good for long ride and trail but cheap? Around 80$ THANKS!

  29. If the XC guy was just trying to drop off he wasn't nearly far back enough. Might go OTB if he keeps his weight forward at higher speed?…

  30. Did you know that Blake is actually featured in the very first Dirt Shed show? That's full circle right there!

  31. #askgmbn great show top job chaps
    I’m currently riding a 2013-14 diamondback peak 650b with a few choice upgrades (fork, tyres, pedals, grips, brakes) and I quite enjoy riding it question is in its current set up the head angle is around 68degrees would I be better getting a new frame with a slacker head angle or put the money into 1x and a dropper ? Also need to consider that it sees as much use attached to a tag along for my kids as it does for me thrashing around the local trails

  32. #askGMBN can you help me make my budget bike "Foxter Princeton" into a trail and more aggressive one? I'm not sure if you're familiar with this bike tho.

  33. I lost a chainring up my arse. Park Tools USA said I had voided my warranty. Question. How did they get my phone number if I hadn't told anyone at all about my missing chainring?

  34. 5200$ for a bike, it is like 4 month worth of my salary. Is it me being poor or is it a really nice bike?

  35. Hey guys! I'm saving to buy a new enduro bike and i found a bike with a really good price with really cool specs. The bike is an RockMachine blizzard 90 2018. What do you think about this bike, is it a good bike to send fast, jumpy and agressive enduro trails?
    Thanks guys! #askgmbn

  36. This was literally filmed in heaven….. The sun came out, then a big white bus with 'Angel Tours' went by 😅

  37. #askgmbn love your show keep it up. I’m 14yrs old and I’m looking at buying a longer travel bike. I’m looking at the canyon spectral and the Scott genius.
    I like doing cross country rides but a want the travel to do enduro and big jumps What bike do you think I should get, any other bikes is welcome.

  38. On the buy/rent question, you guys didn't really account for owning the bike at the end of the year, $4800 bike vs renting once a week at $5200 the cost once you factor maintenance in (assume ~$400) they're the same price, but at the end of the year, you own a bike that you could probably sell for $3000. Making buying a new bike every year costing only $1800, vs renting, so if you rent a bike less than 18 times a year, yes renting is a good option, otherwise buying is almost always the best answer.

  39. #askgmbn hi I want to buy a new bike, the problem is that I don't have that many trials near my house so I have to climb up to 14 km on road to get to nearest trails, but all I know is that I want a canyon but not a strive, and I have a budget of about 3.000€,i need something that can take a beating downhill and still be able to climb properly what do you recommend? I love the show by the way, keep it up!

  40. hey gmbn, Im a fellow mounatainbiker who wants to progress in jumping.. soo, there is just dirt or maybe clay?? I dont know, dumped in here and its not in the woods either.. so maybe Im thinking maybe i can just make jumps here! but isnt that illegal or something.. I mean its just dumped there?? is it illegal or not??

  41. #askgmbn hey guys ! I'm 16 and I had my first xc race this weekend and I got pretty good results, I came up 3rd with the time of 1h and 47m for the 50km race. I got lots of offers from teams to support me but I don't know what to do, because I felt I didn't really have too much fun

  42. What does the future hold for GMBN? Any plans to move further into products, sponsor/promotions for your riders?

  43. #askgmbn How tall is Blake and what size is his Nukeproof Scout? I'm planning on getting one and Medium is for riders up to 5'11'' and Large for riders up from 5'11'' and I am 5'11' and unsure of which one to get. Any thoughts? Planning on using it for allround trail riding, learning bunny hopping and other basics? Is it better to have a long and stable bike or a short and nimble bike for a first real mtb?

  44. I would like to buy a good enduro bike.
    Wich of those bikes is the best enduro racing machine: canyon strive cf 8.0, YT Capra pro/race pro, Trek slash 9.7/9.8?
    Or ire there other good enduro bikes for e good price? Thanks for your help:)

  45. Fatchair…

  46. #ASKGMBN would a yt tues al be any good for places like wind-hill,and local woods with occasional trips to antur stiniog ?

  47. #askgmbn I Love Street riding and i also like to go to the skatepark and I Love to ride trails. Ride now i am riding a 29er hatdtail cross country bike with a fox 32. I love riding full suspension on enduro trails but the bikes are very expensive and i can Level up my old bike( shorter stem wighter handelbars) Should I buy an enduro bike ( I would have to save money for a long time) or should i level up my hardtail and buy an dirt jump bike

  48. I just took my XC tallboy 1 from XC to Trail rig. 1x set up, wider tires, wider bars, shorter stem, dropper, and even a HTA slackening headset. this bike rips now!

  49. Is the guy who wrote in about slackening his head angle and throwing a longer travel fork on confused or am I? If he however he intends to, slackens his head tube angle AND puts a longer travel fork on assuming it's got a longer axle to crown length he would then further slacken the head tube angle would he not?

  50. #askgmbn Hi guys,i have a bike which has a 27.5 x 2.1 tires and my question is:
    Can I put on that bike a tire which is 2.4 inches wide?Will they fit on those wheels?

  51. #askgmbn Hi I am down in Nelson NZ. I bike 2-3 times a week and in the winter I find that its hard to get the mud out of my riding kit and am having to by more kit instead of upgrades. any good ways to get it out? Cheers Ben

  52. #askgmbn Hey, your channel is awesome, keep it up. I'm 14 and I'm selling my dirt bike Scott Voltage and I have an intendancy to buy a new one. I'm about 170 cm high and I don't know if I would be better to buy off a hardtail or a full suspension bike? Also which size of the wheels should I get? Thanks for answering and sorry for my bad English.

  53. #askgmbn
    This is kinda embarrassing for me… But I know that I am not the only cyclist struggling with it😂
    I keep getting saddle sores (pimple type stuff) on my butt.
    Is it something common among cyclists? And how do I prevent it?

  54. Hey gmbn I love your videos and I live in Australia and love to ride, I’ve been looking at the nukeproof mega 275 carbon factory and it’s not sold in Australia, what should I do?

  55. Been riding my MTB stock for a year to get a good base line feel for how it rides. I feel like I want something more "lively". Don't get me wrong, my bike rides great when it gets really rough and gnarly, but I want to get that adrenaline rush more often, even on sections less rough.

    So my question is, should I get a lower travel bike? Or should I upgrade my bike to a better rear shock and would a set of lighter/better wheels help as well?


  56. And when you buy your own bike after you are finished you can usually sell it for at least 50% of the purchase price!

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