IS LOGAN THE GAME MASTER? Who IS The Game Master! (Lie Detector Test)
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IS LOGAN THE GAME MASTER? Who IS The Game Master! (Lie Detector Test)

August 18, 2019

if you happen to be brand-new to the
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that solving these mysteries and you okay what’s going on guys Jake here and
if you’re wondering what’s going on right now I think things are getting a
little bit weird so you might want to buckle into your seat okay I’m starting
this video off alone because well Logan’s not here and that’s for a very
specific reason I have been reading your comments and there is something I can
just not shake I can’t get it out of my head it’s the thought that Logan say
guys I don’t know I feel like Logan might be the game master now I know what
you’re thinking right that’s crazy Jake how could Logan be the game master but
guys the evidence is mounting I mean you guys continuously comment you guys
continuously tell me even meet some of you are deeming me on Twitter warning me
and with all the stuff that just happened with projects or go just made
me kind of revisit it all and I mean case in point in our last mystery box
video Logan left to make a phone call now at the time I thought that was
nothing I mean there’s nothing to that but check out the footage okay I think
this is how you join the game master you must have to start as a creeper and work
your way up the ladder we must have like impressed him or something if he wants
us to join him remember we’re doing this to break in and stop them not to join
them there’s a later take just give me one second I gotta go make a phone call
okay I’ll be right back we’re in the middle of this give me a second okay
okay okay now I don’t know about you guys but that footage makes me think
that Logan is up to something okay I like I’ve never seen Logan take a phone
call in the middle of filming before and that to me is suspicious but it’s not
only that guys okay take a look at the footage from when I was locked up by the
gamemaster in the footage you can clearly see that
Logan is being allowed to stay out of prison and upload the videos again I
thought nothing of it but if you really think about it if you think of what the
gamemaster has done to other youtubers why would he give Logan a free pass like
that what are they buddies like did the
gamemaster just think oh hey I’m gonna let Logan not get locked up in prison
but I’m gonna lock up Poppa Jake and then there was the time that I went to
confront the game master and try to capture him and that failed that’s when
we first got captured okay to the gamemaster note to be outside
wait I think I see him there he is the game master he’s right there as you guys
can see the game master is outside quite literally waiting for me for when I get
there and Logan just happened to suggest that he stays in the getaway vehicle oh
wait ten minutes okay no no no something is up here something’s up
now I could be crazy and then Logan could definitely not be the game master
but I had to make this video just with you guys to prepare because think I may
have found a way that we can get Logan to admit he’s the game master or at
least find out if he’s lying now obviously Logan would never want to
do a lie detector test and for me to suggest doing a lie detector
I mean Logan would freak out he’d get mad at me I mean who wouldn’t but I
think I know a way how we can do this all right this is a game called don’t
lose your cool all right I heard about it a little while ago
and I thought it would make a really funny challenge the objective of it is
you put this thing on your head it’s kind of like a lie detector and if the
device detects to the other player is well losing their cool and you know
their heart rate increases or they start sweating it will set the trigger off now
I think what we need to do is set Logan up we need to make a video of this set
it up as a challenge video I’m gonna tell Logan we’re gonna film a challenge
video and that we’re gonna do it using this now here’s the catch in order for
this to work properly we’re gonna have to do is just a regular challenge video
with this game but at the very end I’m gonna spring on him and asked him the
question if he is the game master if he says device then guys I think we
know who the game master really is and I know what you thinking alright alright
no it’s not a fancy lie-detector test but guys it’s the best thing I’ve got
and it’s the only thing that we can use and I mean if Logan answers the question
and he doesn’t lose his cool then he’ll never know we’ll just be a challenge
video I’ll delete this footage but I guess we’re gonna really find out if he
is the game master and I don’t know if I want to find that out guys you can let
me know in the comments right now what you think and tell me down below if you
think he is in fact the game master but I just I just I can’t get out of my head
I mean the fact that every other youtuber has to still deal with the game
master and he’s left us I thought the game master just gave us a free pass I
mean you guys have seen we haven’t been doing game master videos because he
hasn’t been messing with us well I think this is gonna find out
exactly why he has messing with us and that might be
because I’m living with the gamemaster I really hope that’s not true okay let’s
grab this and go talk to Logan I’m gonna tell them we’re gonna do a challenge
video I’m gonna set this up and then from there guys you’ll know what’s
happening but he’ll have no idea I’ll have to play along and we’ll see what
happens just remember this is for science Logan Logan where are you okay
I’m just getting set up for that video we were gonna do the the funny one with
the the game thing this is the one where it’s like a lie detector kind of yeah so
if you put on your head and then and then if you like lose your cool like I
have to make you laugh or something it detects you Alec wouldn’t detect if you
lied or something like that but it also detects do if you laugh you know I
really understand how though very good but I mean let’s set it up but here
let’s look let’s get the setup and start filming
cuz I’m ready to go I can opal ready so we’re good to go just gonna get the
camera go on there’s no idea all right has it right now guys I guess I don’t
not gonna be able to say anything but I’m gonna set up okay when you turn this
on oh hey Pam its Papa Jake here and we are back with a brand new video and
today guys we are doing something extremely awesome Logan we are gonna be
playing a little bit of a mini game today all right it’s gonna be a classic
Papa Jake versus Logan game it’s kind of like a try not to laugh challenge mixed
with a little bit of like try not to tell a lie Jake how does this work or
well you Logan you’re put it on right now all right so this is the game
cool I didn’t use space technology and yeah oh okay it’s like the lie detector
and it will detect if you lie or laugh or I’ve got a few pretty funny ideas
lined up so we’re each gonna take a turn trying to make the other person lose
their cool and see who can win so I guess Logan’s put it on first we’re
gonna get a little bit more crazy a little bit more intense but for the
first round why don’t we start it right here with just some basic you know like
I’ll do some stand-up comedy see if I can make you last you should wear this
out all the time this is like this is like some nice supreme off-white type-b
stuff there you go some turning it on now it’s gonna calibrate so I’m supposed
to know laughs I have 30 seconds to make you lose your cool I’m making a mousse
is cool oh dude it looks like I well apparently
Logan is extremely good at losing his cool which is if not losing my cool
losing your cool all right you know before we get to some of the extreme
challenges which I’m sure you’re gonna lose your cool on why don’t you do a
basic challenge of me so I’m gonna put it on now let’s see if I don’t lose my
cool its Papa J all right here I go let it calibrate here over my head all right
Bob Jake is a sensei and not losing is cool okay all right I’m not gonna lose
my cool no no okay oh what’s that sound is it going rad so this is really hard
to lose your cool yeah you’d have to be like extremely telling an extreme lie or
laughing extremely hard all right well that wasn’t too bad but Logan I’ve got a
little bit of a different challenge for your next round
I say we calibrate this and for your next challenge you have to try to not
lose your cool and go as fast as possible in our hoverboard go-kart
that’s that simple Jake I think I’m actually gonna is big guys
I’m really dizzy all right one point for Jake but looking that means that you
have a chance to redeem yourself what’s your next challenge for me let’s head
back on upstairs and I put this on you can you withstand a full clip of Nerf
darts around your body without losing your cool oh I don’t wanna shop no no
I’m already starting to lose my cool no sense all right well that means Logan
that I can’t ask you one more question and or do something and if you fail that
challenge you officially lose the game so put back on the Coulomb meter buddy what are you gonna do we’re talking
telephone and Y in his last videos what do you mean talking someone on the phone
look it I think you’re the game master tell me right now the game master no
Jake I pinky promised you I pinky promised you

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  2. Logan is strange because he was talking with the game master to join the game master I saw him spying on you oh my!!!!!

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  4. Logan is the game master he looks so suspicious in all you video's about the game master and project Zurgo ?? he is lying ?

  5. I think Logan is the game master I mean if you was she would pretend to be your best friend to get some of your YouTube ideas because he's a YouTuber and that just makes no sense and we won boxing that box at the one of the creepers gave you when you said you were going to join the game master he suspiciously made a weird phone call even though he never does it and when you were going to meet the game master and take him down he waited in the car and the game master actually knew you were going to take him down so it's the only possible reason that Logan is the game master but on the other hand he is your best friend and best friends wouldn't betray each other but if he is he's just trying to get ahead and steal your ideas for YouTube it's the only possible explanation.

  6. Logan was training like a ninja he was on the right with Carter and Lizzy and then he ended up on the right with Steven and Grace

  7. how is logan the game master if he was with you in episode 11 and the game master was there at the same time


  9. Papa jake is the game how did he now were you start off papa jake is a creeper the hair on the on the pic on comperter is papas hair ?

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