Is it Possible to Make the Worst Super Mario Maker 2 Levels Even Worse?
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Is it Possible to Make the Worst Super Mario Maker 2 Levels Even Worse?

August 24, 2019

There are tons of different types of bad levels
in Mario Maker. There are levels where all there is to do,
is to swim through a seemingly never ending corridor, there are levels where we have to
pick one out of four doors, while three of them immediately kill us, there are stages
that just consist of tons of spammed enemies, stages where we have to take all our courage,
and jump down onto a small platform that we can’t see,
and there are levels that are seemingly empty, but at one point there is a single invisible
question block hidden that contains the required exit key. Those types of levels, are probably among
the worst types of levels that exist, but they also raise a question, that we as Super
Mario Maker scientists simply can’t ignore? Can we do worse? Is it possible to improve those horrible Mario
Maker levels, in such a way that they become much much worse? Well, today we are going to finally answer
this eternal question, because today we will take a look at pick a door, empty swim, leap
of faith, find the invisible block and enemy spam levels, and we will try to worsen all
of those levels. So are you ready? Let’s do this! Okay, so first let’s take a look at pick
a door stages. So the first question that we have to answer,
if we really want to make those stages even worse, is why is it exactly that pick a door
levels are so bad? Luckily this is easy to answer: It is just
completely random if luigi is going to survive if he walks through one of those doors. There is no way for our green Mario to know
which door is going to kill him before he enters it. But those stages also have a problem. Once Luigi found out which door is the correct
one, it never changes. That’s definitely a problem if we try to
create a level that is as humanly bad as possible, because after a while the pick a door mechanic
loses all it’s randomness! Luckily that’s easy to fix! So here Luigi finds himself in the middle
of an underground cave. There isn’t much going on here, there are
just a couple of claws, followed by an empty corridor that leads towards four doors. The path towards the exit-flag is blocked
by an evil bullet blaster. Three out of the four doors transport luigi
directly on top of an ouching saw-blade, while the 1 remaining door is blocked, and transports
weegee back into this room. Hm … but which door should our green plumber
pick? Well, looks like luigi decided to go through
the door that has the two arrows pointing towards it, I mean, there are arrows pointing
towards it, it’s obvious that this door is the correct one. Aaaaand .. .. .. Hooray! It was the right one, weegee got teleported
back into this room, but this time the path to the famous exit flag is open! That was fun, let’s do it again! So luigi once again makes his way through
this stage. As a side note, in case anyone is thinking
that this level looks really unpolished, thank you! It took a lot of work to make it look so unfinished,
I’m trying to stick to the theme here. Anyway, so luigi stands, once again in front
of the four doors, he once again picks the one with the arrows, and he once again…
uuuhm, oh he died. Well that is unfortunate I guess. So what is going on here? Well the answer is actually surprisingly simple. We use two clown-car randomizers at the top
to truly randomize which door is the correct one. In the earlier part there is the first clown
car randomizer hidden, this one either flips a two state block, or does nothing. Then the door part is loaded, both clown cars
live on top of dotted line blocks, one on top of blue ones, and one on top of red ones. Depending on the randomized state of the on/off
block either only the clown car to the right, or the one to the left is allowed to load,
and randomizes once again, which gives us one out of 4 different states. All four of those brick blocks are spawn blocking
bullet blasters, so only one of those blasters is able to load in once luigi goes through
a door. If he went through the door that is now blocked
by a blaster he can’t leave the door and is sent back, otherwise he touches the deadly
ouching saw-blades and dies! So in this level it is always truly random
which door is killing luigi! Hooray! Next let’s try to make find the hidden block
stages worse! So find the block levels are most of the times
just empty stages where toad has to, well find the block. So those are obviously pretty bad since there
is absolutely nothing going on in them, but there is definitely still room for deprovment. See the problem is the following, it usually
doesn’t take too long to jump at each tile once, until toad finally finds the question
block. That’s obviously not a lot of fun, but things
could be much worse. So check this out, here toad once again finds
himself in the middle of an empty ghost house, desperately looking for a key. But this time there is something else going
on, because this time, toad is only allowed to jump once. If toad jumps once while looking for the evil
hidden block, then nothing happens, but as soon as he jumps a second time, the floor,
transforms, into, shiny, yet, deadly, coins, which definitely makes this level a lot worse! Hooray! So how do we count how often toad jumped? Well, we do it with two things, first there
are anti jump thwomps hidden out of sight, that trigger a two state block as soon as
toad jumps, and second there is this neat little device, This neat little device is
something special, because this neat little device is a real time, global counter, that
activates a p-switch as soon as it counts 2. Icicles are global ground, so everything that
lives on top of an icicle stays permanently loaded. The shell is now blocked by this muncher,
this muncher lives on top of a blue dotted line block. So as soon as we activate a two state block,
the dotted line block becomes pretty solid and kills the muncher during this process. But now the shell is still entrapped, this
time because of the blue block. But if we activate a two state block a second
time, which only happens if we jump a second time, the path forward opens up, and the shell
destroys the piranha plant that lives in-between those two munchers. Muncher drops down, p-switch triggered, floor
gone. Hooray! The cool thing about this design, is that
it works globally. In this tremendously bad stage, this device
still destroys the floor, even if our favorite mushroom is on the completely other side of
the map! Excellent, next let’s try to make leap of
faith stages worse. So leap of faiths are basically blind jumps
into the unknown. They are usually considered to be quite bad,
since, well, uhm, since there is no way to know where to land when jumping. But those stages share a problem with pick-a-door
levels. But after a while it is no real leap of faith
anymore, it’s only a real leap of faith if we truly have no clue where to land before
jumping. Luckily this little problem can be solved
easily! So here toadette finds herself on top of a
cliff. In front of her are tons of bumpers, but the
real bum(p)er here is what comes after, because afterwards toadette has to jump down into
the unknown. And this time it is a real unknown, because
the platform at the bottom moves seemingly at random to the left and right, so toadette
never knows where to land. That’s truly horrible and frustrating. Hooray! Okay so how do we do this? Well, the answer to this question is truly
astonishingly plain. All that we need to pull this off is a global
asynchronous timer. This is what a global asynchronous timer looks
like. Once again everything takes place on icicles,
since icicles are awesome, and global ground. This shell simply starts to travel as soon
as we start the game. Everytime the shell hits the on/off block
to the right, the conveyor belts change direction, and so does the landing platform. The reason why the two state block changes
seemingly after random intervals is because of those two brave buzzy beetles and the bullet
blasters they carry. Everytime they bump into each other they change
direction, and everytime the shell at the top hits the blaster it changes direction
too, which is the whole trick. Technically such a timer isn’t random, but
without seeing it, it’s basically impossible to predict when it triggers, and therefore
does the job. As a side node, such asynchronous timers are
actually quite interesting, here for example we use the same timer to have stacked boos
on top of a cannon on the side of conveyor belts move seemingly randomly up and down,
which, you know could probably be the central mechanic of a really good stage. But that’s not what we are here for today,
so back to making bad levels worse! Let’s worsen an enemy spam level. So those stages usually always work the same,
there are tons of random enemies, and somewhere there is a star. If Mario grabs the star everything is fine
and the stage is boring, if mario misses the star he is, well then he is as good as dead. By the way: Welcome back Mario! How was your holiday? “It was horrible! First they imprisoned me, then peach got kidnapped,
then they forced me to clean up graffities I didn’t draw – MY MOM – and finally I had
to defeat bowser in a volcano, after a horrible and boring boat ride over a lava lake.” Oh I’m sorry your holiday didn’t work
out. But we are all glad you are back, even though
… you uhm, may have picked the wrong video to reappear. Anyway, so here Mario finds himself in the
middle of one of those evil enemy spam levels, there is a star in front of mario, but this
star is really hard to reach so Mario miss .. oh he got it! Wow, looks like the holiday did mario good
after all! So now all that is left to do for our relaxed
plumber is to run through all the evil enemies, until the floor transforms into shiny, yet
deadly coins, and mario falls into his doom for the first time in weeks. Ouch! Turns out the way we make this level even
worse, is by forbidding mario to touch the star. If Mario touched the star previously – the
floor collapses before he is able to reach his beloved flag pole, but if he didn’t
eat the glittering power up, then no floor doesn’t disappear and Mario is actually
allowed to finish this horrible level. So how do we collapse the floor here? Well we make heavy use of ELC manipulation. As soon as there are more than 100 power ups
loaded, bullet blasters stop to spit out power ups. So here we first load 99 power ups onto global
ground, which means if the star gets eaten, the bullet blaster shoots. If the star doesn’t get eaten however, then
it jumps into this little global loading cage off-screen. Here it doesn’t unload which, means that
now all 100 ELC spots are filled and the blaster can’t fire a mushroom anymore, which in
consequence prevents the floor from disappearing. Super simple stuff! Finally let’s worsen empty corridor swim
levels. So those stages are, well empty levels where
mario has to swim through an empty corridor, until the timer almost expires. Those stages are horrible, but they only last
for 500 seconds. Unless we find a way to lag the game, since
lag would increase the time required to beat this stage drastically, as long term viewers
probably know. Sadly nintendo made sure that lagging the
game is no longer possible in super mario maker 2, so we can’t do anything here. I hope you enjoyed this little video, if you
did don’t forget to leave me a thumbs up and maybe you feel especially like … no
I’m obviously kidding. Nintendo really did their best to patch out
all ways to lag the game, but naturally, that didn’t work out that great. Here’s a simple way to produce tons of lag
in mario maker 2. As soon as the game starts this thwomp starts
to move, pushes all the springs and all the stars to the right. To the right there is a small global loading
cage, where all the 200 items get stacked on top of each other aaaand voila! Suddenly the game runs at about 8 frames a
second, which means it runs at only one eighth of it’s normal speed. Swimming through an empty stage now no longer
only takes 500 in game seconds, but suddenly it takes about an hour, which, definitely
makes this stage a lot worse! Hooray! So here we have it, five ways to make some
of the worst Mario Maker levels even worse. So before we wrap this up just one more thing. I’m moving over the next couple of weeks,
which means that I’ll be super busy, and without access to useful internet for quite
a while. So since I can’t really dig deep into mario
games for the next couple of weeks anyway, let’s do one of those famous 422.000 subscriber
question and answer videos. For those not familiar, famous 422.000 subscriber
q and a videos work the following. You wonderful ladies and gentleman, ask me
a question in the comments, and I’ll do my best to answer it in the famous 422.000
subscriber q and a video. That’s it! So if anyone has any question they want me
to answer, be it personal, or mario maker related, gaming, how to solve your math homework,
whatever. Any questions, just leave me a comment below
and I’ll answer as many of them in a famous 422.000 subscriber q and a video that will
either be the next video, or the one after. Awesome, so with that being said, I hope you
enjoyed this little video, if you did don’t forget to leave me a thumbs up and maybe you
feel especially bad today, and want to hit the subscribe button as well. I hope that all of you have a wonderful day
and to see you soon. Goodbye.

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