Is it Possible to Curve a Bullet? | MythBusters
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Is it Possible to Curve a Bullet? | MythBusters

August 14, 2019

[Music] Kari grant and Tory have discovered that if you simply mimic the movie wanted won’t Bend bullets have to look at the high-speed but I’m pretty sure I curved that one they’ve even built a deadly accurate gun slinging robot giving it the exact same sidearm action as the myth [Music] and still failed to get anything but a straight shooter the bullet didn’t curve so next up they’re raising the bar and ramping up the robot so the great thing about this test is that the characters are super human not supernatural I mean they’re not vampires they don’t use magic they don’t have telekinetic powers to curve the bullet all it is is superhuman speed and strength and that we can do in abundance we’ve calibrated the rig to twice what a normal human can do loading the gun with the live round twice as fast we’ll see how that goes ready all right all right so it’s all ramped up now it’s time to see blooper bullet this is what it all comes down to all right live round at superhuman speed he ready let’s get it home go guys it’s three two one Center shot and the paper trail once again neatly illustrates the path of the projectile to the second frame yeah yes this is a good test let’s check the alignment okay you see the laser I see the laser it’s a straight shot there’s no deviation whatsoever superhuman strength and we still have a straight shot yeah despite flicking the robotic arm around at superhuman speeds when the bullet leaves the barrel it leaves in a straight line and that leaves this part of the story done and busted I know what you’re thinking you’re sitting I’m thinking how the Mythbusters gave up too soon oh it’s only one shot but look here’s the reality this robots capable of swinging its arm harder and faster than a major-league hitter maybe if I saw three quarters of an inch half an inch maybe even a quarter of an inch it would be worth continuing on but you know what we’re not seeing any deviation at all it’s time to move on

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  1. I think is possibly just adjusting de timing between the bullet coming out of the barrel and de swimming, just in the moment when the bullet it's right in the edge make the swim to get a curve shoot is timing matters

  2. Cuando giran el arma en la pelicula la giran sobre un doble eje, es decir giran el brazo y tambien el arma, pero es una pelicula xD

  3. for the bullet to make a curve, the mechanical arm has to rotate at a speed greater than that of the bullet, so that the bullet hits the cannon wall and the path is distorted and a curvature is achieved

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