Is Fast Flight Better than B50 Dacron for a Recurve Bow?
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Is Fast Flight Better than B50 Dacron for a Recurve Bow?

August 10, 2019

Hey, Joe McClane here from
with another traditional recurve archery review, the fast flight verses the B50 Dacron continious
loop. Whose the winner? Stay tuned and we will talk about it! Alright, so recently I got my brand new flemish
twist fast flight string for my recurve bow. Got it on the 55# Red Stage, and you know,
I was pretty excited to get it. For a couple of years now I’ve heard guys talk about the
Fast Flight, and how much performance they got out of it but, I held off because I really
felt that I needed to focus on consistency and accuracy first. I mean what’s the point
in speed if you can’t hit the broad side of a barn, right? Anyway, so, here I am. It was time, this bow
string that came with my Red Stag was essentially disintegrating, the serving was falling apart
on me so, it was time, right?So ,I get this string on the Red Stag and I start tossing
arrows down range, and as you can see from this video, it is clearly faster. The question
is how much faster? Well, at the end of this video, I’ll tell you exactly what the crony
said when I took it to the bow range, the indoor bow range, just this week. But, I want to go over a couple of things
that I think are important observations about this string. Number one, it feels harsher.
It just feels like more work. You can feel that energy that is just pulling every ounce
of energy out of these bow limbs, right? Unlike the last string that gave a little bit, you
know, it had a lot of flexibility, a lot of stretch. It sort of held back on the limbs,
so you’re getting a lot more performance, that’s clear. But it feels harsher, it feels
more like work in the process. It felt like I had to work a lot harder to
get the same level of consistency and accuracy, that I had before with the Dacron continuous
loop. And, ultimately that’s going to be ok. Because, that’s going to force me to focus
on the details of my form which will make me a better archer. I may not like it but,
if I put that work in, ultimately I’ll have good consistency, good accuracy and the speed
that comes with this fast flight string. It’s also a lot louder, I mean for crying
out loud this thing is like echoing, you know. Here’s the question, how do I quit this thing
down for hunting? You know, I want to go hunting this year, you know, so I need to get this
thing quit so when I’m in the woods it doesn’t sound like it’s going to echo through the
forest. I might as well pull out my .308, right? So here’s a question, what do you use? Do
you use a fast flight string?Comment below, what do you think? Do you like it? Do you
love it? Do you hate it? How do you quit this thing down? What’s your preferred method for
silencers, right? I’m probably going to go with string puffs but, I would love to hear
from you, comment below and let me know you think. I also noticed that because of that extra
speed my arrows are fish tailing down the range there, so I’m going to have to retune
the bow to the arrows, or the arrows to the bow, and get that worked out before hunting
season starts. So, alright, how fast was it? Well, I took
it to the West Houston Archery store, there close by my office and I took it to the crony
and threw some arrows through it. 193 feet per second was my fastest time. I’m sorry
but, that’s impressive. I know that there are faster bows, the Black Widow being one
of them but, this is a $200 Samick Red Stag, and I’m getting 193 feet per second. That’s
impressive. That’s really cool. This is a nice, decent performance for a bow at this
price point that’s really hard to beat. So, if you think other people should see this
video because maybe their considering a fast flight string, do me a favor give it a thumbs
up. Or, possibly share it. And if you would like to see more videos just like this, well,
subscribe to the channel and that way you can see them as soon as they come out. You
can do that by clicking right here, or click below. Well, I’m praying for you, I hope that you
shoot straight, and I’ll hope that you pray for me, so that I’ll shoot straight, and until
the next video May God RIchly Bless You!

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  1. using a D10 string here for my trad bow. personally i would put on some beaver balls. you could also use some wool yarn, a bit heavier but rain has less effect on them. 

    i'd say first get your bow quiet, then tune your arrows. silencers can slow down the string tremendously,depending on location

  2. TIP: Use Bodnik Whisper String, a special Fast Flight string, it can prevent your bow from damage that might otherwise be inflicted by the much normal fast flight.

  3. Took just under 1000 shots for me… but it got alot quieter with time and string slime brand string conditioner. Still harsh feeling but very fast compared to b50 after 1000 shots

  4. I started shooting off the shelf and had to change my style up a bit and I found your to cant or not cant video helpful

  5. Hi Joe,
    I have a Martin Jaguar Elite takedown recurve 50#, 28'' dl I purchased back in 3/2015.
    I now use (about 2 months now) Dacron flemish twist fast flight.
    Fast, harsh, loud and your right…you do work harder.
    I placed felts on the groves to help with the loud slaps but the key was I placed 4 slip-on Bowjax II silencer on my new FF bow string. A plier and a cotter pin is all you need to install.  What a world of difference. I'm sure it'll do wonders for your samick. Much more better than yarns or beaver hair which I have used and are decent but can't beat the Slip-on bow jaxs II. I'd swear on em but I don't want the big man up there pissed at me. God bless and congrats to you and the family on the new arrival.

  6. Thanks for the video! A couple of ideas to help quiet the bow. First, take note of your current brace height and then try and play with it a little bit. See if adding or subtracting from your current brace height will help deaden the sounds a little bit. Second, get the Otter Fur string silencers ( from 3Rivers. I have it on two of my bows and the difference is night and day. They stick close to your string, so they're not obtrusive (great for hunting), and they're super easy to install. In fact, it was the first string silencer that I ever installed. I watched a short youtube video on how to do it, it seemed too easy, and it was even easier than it seemed!

  7. Nice video! When it comes to string length, the rule I go by is 3 inches shorter for all bows with Fast Flight and 3-5 inches shorter with Dacron, depending on the bow. Most longbows are 3 inches, most recurves are 4 inches. Heavily reflexed bows or bows with complex curves usually need an even shorter string. My 74 pound Hamilton Scorpion longbow braces up right with a Dacron string that's 6 inches shorter.

    I prefer to use Dacron because I find I get less noise and less handshock. Yes you do get more speed, sometimes as much as 15 FPS more depending on the setup, but once you add string silencers or dampeners to bring the noise and shock level down to that of a Dacron string, the speed is usually about the same. Some bows do handle Fast Flight better and are still quiet, but they also tend to do well with Dacron. For me personally I stick to Dacron for most things unless I'm flight shooting or trying to go for raw speed.

  8. I've shot B-50 for forty years…deer, bear, elk, small game have all fallen…anywhere from 45-93 lbs, didn't matter, B-50 is strong, quiet, and deadly.

  9. My recurves are from the 60's and 70's so I can't use fastflight on them. My favorite string silencers are the beaver fur from 3 Rivers.

  10. Put some strips of either Velcro or Leather up by the limb tips… about 3" long … that will reduce the string slap.  Then for string silencers… I use the Navajo sheep's wool balls… they are very durable and don't fuzz off like the yarn balls do.. I'm thinking too the Musk Ox balls are good too… but a little pricy  (Both kinds at 3 rivers archery)  I favor the fast flight strings too.  Good Shooting.

  11. In theory fast flight sounds good and I really tried to swap over to it…. but in reality I prefer a standard flemish twist above all

  12. as for a string silencer I have tried everything from fur to rubber, and while I think rubber works the best it is a bit smelly for hunting imo, a bundle of cut yarn works well too and is the cheapest option

  13. I shot fast flight for years….my bow was a firecracker ….fast AND LOUD…….
    ….Tried…E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G to quiet it down…..Went to Dacron B-55…Now she whispers
    I lost 40 fps when I switched from fast flight……Worth every FPS to keep her quiet.
    I will NEVER go back to fast flight…..

  14. One way to get rid of fish tailing is to put on a whisker biscuit- the brand name, not the knockoff. My Samick Sage with stock string was noisy. I tied on some short strings from the inside of paracord and it quieted down a lot.

  15. I get koosh balls (like little balls with rubber tassels on them) from the dollar store and then drill through them and thread the string through. Also, cotton balls wrapped tightly could work.

  16. That bow is gonna be loud, the dacron muffled it a bit. Fast flight material is superior in every way. Not only faster but you won't have to re adjust your brace height. That brings me to my next point. You have a new string but have you tuned your brace height? In is THE most important in terms of performance and sound.

    Recurves tend not to like a low brace height. After you fine your sweet spot you can add string silencers (beaver balls work very well and waterproof last alot longer than rubber cat whiskers). Also limb silencers (slap some soft velcro on where the string contacts the limbs)

    A heavy arrow will absorb more energy. You will want at least 9/10 (grains per pound of draw) for hunting for kinetic energy and to quiet it down. example 50# 450-500 grain arrow.

    If you are still unhappy with the sound you can add limb dampeners.

  17. I use "Brush Buttons" and they help with both noise and any residual vibration at release…..and, of course, prevent brush from getting stuck between the string and the bow! I do think you should mention that fast flight are not recommended for some longbows or older recurves as they can cause delamination in certain cases.

  18. I have the Samick Journey with the fast flight string and I love it!
    I put on the beaver hair and a velcro (soft part) stickers at the end of the limbs and it quiet as a mouse!!! No sound what so ever!

  19. I shoot wood arrows for 3D and other things. They have Bohning Classic nocks on them. I have found that most FF strings are too skinny for my wood arrows. I have pretty much always used a B50 Flemish twist string (from 3 Rivers archery). I have a vintage [email protected] Bear Grizzly that my 530-550gr wood arrows shoot 160-165fps off of with the B50 string. As far as silencers I make my own puff balls from wool yarn I get at thrift stores. People often remark how quiet my bows are at the range I shoot at or when I'm outdoors shooting 3D. Take care.



  22. Hi Joe – did you persevere with the Fast Flight or stay with Dacron? Let me know; I'm at the point where I need to give it a go myself.

  23. I use beaver balls and four or five inches of the softer half of stick on Velcro on both limbs. After a few shots the Velcro will mould into the string grooves and I found it helped a lot

  24. You've got a great shot and I know this is an older video, and i mean no offense at all, but i really really have to point this out. Please stop sky drawing. You see every time you draw your aiming point, whether at full draw or not, goes a few feet above the target. You are a great archer, and seem to work on form, so please, work that into your form.It's just a bit safer and will keep backyard archery regulations more relaxed, and won't ruin it for people that aren't hurting anyone, yourself included. Cheers.

  25. I have bows that are fast flight ready and bows that aren't but I use b50 on all my bows, why? I like the less harsh feeling of the b50, the natural quietness and if you have a quality string maker that stretches your string you'll have very little problems with varying brace heights. I have shot compound bows for 27 years and was "addicted " to speed but when I started shooting traditional I really enjoyed watching the flight of my arrow. I see a trend lately of everyone shooting light arrows and skinny FF strings to see how fast they can go and I'd say …….slow down and enjoy the sport. Performance wise deer and other game have been riding in trucks for a long time with bows that shot a lot slower than yours, I've got a selfbow that probably struggles to hit 150 fps that I wouldn't hesitate to hunt with because I'm extremely accurate with it inside it's effective range. So enjoy your bow, become extremely familiar with how it shoots and I believe you'll be happier than chasing performance. On the silencing, you can pad the limb contact area with female side of adhesive Velcro or felt, make yarn puff silencers and install 10-14" from loop ends, use fur silencers in the same manner or use aftermarket silencers like limb saver leeches or black widow spiders

  26. I use a FF on my Super K and it is louder than a B50 string for sure, my sage I use a B50 – beaver balls for silencers cheap and they last, also do well in wet weather and look natural on trad bows, add some mole skin real tree camo tape on the limb ends for string slap – thinking to switch my FF for a B50 on the SK too when its time to replace it – rather quieter than faster

  27. I can't get past the noise the FF strings make even with silencers on it and playing with the brace height. Find it irritating. I use a B50 or 55 Flemish twist string on all my bows, an old Bear Grizzly and Bear Tigercat as well as my new Bodnik Quick Stick. I make my own silencers out of wool yarn I get at thrift shops.

  28. Hi Joe I just got a fast flight string D97. & fitted it to my Big Rock Black Hunter 45 pound.Shooting at a target i thought these arrows are faster,but the chrony indicates they are in fact slower.177 from dacron & 169 from fast flight.Maybe it's me or the chrony is not reading correctly .My best speed is.. from my Martin Jag Elite with tradtech 50 pound limbs 189 fps.your 193 is fast mate.

  29. Didn't like the ff, went back to dacron due to comfort issues, rabbit fur silencers will defo quite that down

  30. Have you ever considered trying a longbow with ff string? I am outfitting my 55lb longbow with horn tips so I can shoot FF string, then on your jig you could 4 fletch right helical 5" feathers to increase the "rifling" like spin on your arrows to reduce that fish-tailing.

  31. Longbows are extremely silent and with Beaver ball puffs they are even more ninja like silent. Honestly string puffs do not do anything for recurve bows. You are probably better off with a jo jax string silencers because it's the string hitting the limb creating a slap! So puffs won't do anything.

  32. Nice video, great channel 🙂
    Regarding the noise, have you tried adjusting the brace height? What I mean is that the fast flight string may need a different height than the dacron one.
    Good luck this season 😉

  33. Would it be a better comparison comparing Fast Flight with B50 in both Flemish, not one Flemish and one Continuous Loop? Nice video but just wondering.

  34. First off I think the sammick bow you are shooting here is a very nice looking bow, I never did care for bows with a lot of wood in the riser section. I know it adds some weight and stability to the bow but I hate the looks and extra weight, this is my personal opinion and others may disagree with me which is fine. As far as the difference in dacron and fast flight goes I found out years ago that the F.F. is louder and if you accidently dry fire your bow it will damage it and will break some time. I found that if I added enough stuff to the string to quiet it down I lost the speed that the F.F. offers so I decided to stick with the dacron.

  35. I have noticed the last several years that traditional bow makers are using carbon lams in the limbs and F.F. strings. This combo gives these bows a fair amount of additional speed over regular traditional bows. What these improvements actually do is remove these new bows from the truly traditional class. I guess I will have to say to each their own.

  36. I go fast flight because I am a hunter and want that extra fps. I have mine padded on both limbs, which quiets the shot tremendously. Then any decent string silencer will help you from there. Also making sure you are tuned into to the exact perfect brace height for that bow will make a world of difference. When you can get all that working together you have fast flight and quiet. It is a little harsher but to me its worth it, no question about it.

  37. You're shooting a traditional bow I hope you embrace the solimnity of traditional Catholicism, & not the Novus Ordo.

  38. Play with your brace height until it's the quietest you can make it and then add some cat whiskers. You may need to step down in arrow point weight or shorten the arrows a bit ( if you can ) to dynamically stiffen the spine to correct the fishtailing.

  39. What was the fps for the Dacron string? You mentioned 193 for the fastflight but how does that compare to your original Dacron B50

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  41. Old video and (good) question about preference… B-50 is my choice and recommendation to anyone who learned to shoot with B-50 in general but also not only tuned their bow(s) but spent time getting "in tune" with those bows. Chsnges in string material, riser length, draw weight and even bows or bow style or material should only be necessary to correct a significant problem or disadvantage. If youre not unhappy with B-50 on your go-to hunter target or competition bow, dont change it! Buy another bow and string it with fast flight and start the learning process again with that bow. Theres no diwnside to B-50 stretch when its infinitely adjustable! Getting used to a very slightly decreased or increased draw length is easy. Almost unrecognizable when its shared between your neck/cheek, shoulder, elbow and wrist/fingers. If you release on the exhale, a slightly deeoer breath might be all it take to draw into your sweetspot.

  42. Beaver fur for the silencers – just off the node of vibration. Pluck the string in front of an older CRT television or an oscillating fan with a light behind it. You will see the strobe effect and notice the waveform of the string. Put your silencers either slightly up or down of the node where the vibration is the less to cause it to go out of phase when it starts to make noise. It breaks the oscillation.

  43. I have a Turkish Bow, laminated, they put Dyneema strings on them. Dyneema is a little tougher than fast flight but pretty much the same. When I first loosed some arrows the bow cracked like it was going to explode! I stopped and researched the problem. It was the string! When I made a new Dacron (B-50) string the noise disappeared ! I shoot Asian style thumb draw, so spine is not a problem. I will always use the tried and true dacron for my Asian bows !! Speed is also not a problem. When hunting I always use patience and shot placement, if I can;t get the arrow to go where i want, I don;t shoot.

  44. If we don't know the ft/s with Dacron to begin with then the speed of 193 ft/s with the fast flight string is of limited use to your viewers. It's a missed opportunity to compare the two.

  45. A string made of B-50 using the correct number of strands and shot in will be all anyone would want.Fast flight uses less strands being equal in poundage making nocks fit loose. I prefer B-50 for traditional bows.I also believe fast flight is harsh on a bow. I did enjoy your video.

  46. Put some mole skin on your limbs, where the string groove is facing you, rids it of string slap, use yarn or fur puff balls on your traditional bows, newer modern silencers aren't as effective on recurves, just my 2 cents, about what it's worth. Lol

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