Iran’s spy TV hit
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Iran’s spy TV hit

November 15, 2019

Espionage conspiracy and political
intrigue have proved a winning formula on Iranian state TV. A new spy series, Gando, has won big audiences in Iran, particularly among conservative viewers. The show sees a team of elite forces battling hostile foreigners and an inept
government. And it has a clear message for Iran’s real-life moderate government. That cooperation with the West is a betrayal of the country. As the fallout from the US withdrawal from the nuclear deal becomes increasingly toxic, this is a subject that resonates strongly within Iran. The head of Iran’s
state TV is appointed directly by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei. As the country’s sole broadcaster it promotes his ultra conservative ideas. And he has certainly spoken many times about the threats of Western infiltration. The plot of Gando sees the hero, Mohammad, dismantle a
spy network led by a dual national. His nemesis Michael Hashemian is a
journalist by trade, employed by the US to explore how iran is seeking to bypass
sanctions. On the surface the story closely
resembles that of Washington Post journalist Jason Rezaian, who was jailed
in Iran for 18 months on charges of espionage, which he denies. He was released after Iran signed a nuclear deal with Western powers. Rezaian has
felt the need to distance himself from the show besides. The filmmakers insist the series is based on
real events but Iran’s Foreign Ministry disagrees. A new season of the show has already
been commissioned

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  1. If Jason rezayian was an innocent citizen as you said US regime wouldn't release 6 iranian citizens and pay back 1b dollars of Iran's stolen money to bring him back!

  2. Rezayian was part of another deal not part of JCPOA.
    He was released with 3 other american spies and in return US regime released 6 iranian citizens,paid back 1b dollars of Iran's stolen money.
    Seems he was really expensive spy for US regime.

  3. Iran run by thugs and drug lords. Iranian gove. is not only a threat to the world but to its own people. Someone has to stop them

  4. When you are the lawmaker you have the ability to call anyone conservative. Btw Iran has achieved everything with this so called Conservative ideology which Saudi Arabia still can't even when they are your boot lickers. World already knows the truth. Stop lying, stop making false propaganda.

  5. All countries with policies contrary to that of the USA , automatically become It's enemies.
    Unfortunately since the seventies ,the USA has adopted the policy of
    trading ( betraying) old allies for new ones.

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