iOS vs Android: Which Monetizes Better for Game Developers?
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iOS vs Android: Which Monetizes Better for Game Developers?

September 5, 2019

Daniel, could you please share which platform monetizes the best? iOS or android? Well it depends on what games are you publishing because there is completely different markets. I mean it’s not the same users of iOS and users of Android so that’s a hard question to answer. For us iOS is monetizing much better than android we found that iOS users are willing to spend money willing to because of the fancy type of devices that they own and the price they pay so they are willing to to get the more and more fun with the game so they are willing to spend more but the android users for us are more loyal in terms of feedback and and and they have more reviews and they check on us and check on the update we have to get the review from each 10 user for iOS can review us 2 times. The android might review us every time we update and every time we we communicate with them. iOS monetizes so much better for us than android I believe that the payout for advertisers on iOS is higher than android. People are more engaged on iOS devices. They are higher end. So I believe that it’s the issue with the advertisers. They would bid more on iOS than on Android. It would depend on the KPI you are looking at to be honest. If you’re speaking about the retention rate or something like that more about the in-game metrics it would be more Android. If you’re looking at the revenue the ROI it would be more iOS. No surprise. Originally we were working on social game so now we are decided to publish our first mobile title and as far as with from Russia we decided to stick with the android first because the data the users databases slightly bigger than that in other markets oh yeah our choices definitely Android to begin with for me I have to say android is just so much easier to develop and that’s on Android because a bigger user base maybe it doesn’t pay that much but still like even the the overall average is higher on android so you would get more money on Android anyway these days and it’s getting more and more big compared to iOS so I’d say I android. iOS by far almost almost double in terms of conversion rates in terms of revenue per user it’s it’s night and day better android is the best choice it’s it’s it’s especially because our audience we can check out well our audiences and and right now like eighty percent of audiences is using android I mean we do have a huge website on desktop and we can actually see people trying to access our website with their mobile so we have a good idea of who trying to access our our website so we started out developing for android. That’s quite difficult to answer as we are currently only on Android but why have you decided to choose on the Android do you like users more? Why? We are currently still in development phase so we are in early access in android that’s not available on iOS so that’s what why we are only android we will once we reach our global launch and we of course have a simultaneous launch for iOS and Android. iOS but I prefer to use Android because there are more users. Android for now and why do prefer Android if I can ask? yeah we get more users for now. There’s a broader range of users that we can acquire iOS And why? Why because I feel like especially in Brazil iOS users already have their credit cars and they already know how it works and they’re willing to pay and the android users sometimes there’s people that don’t like putting their credit card information on the cellphone on the internet so I feel like the iOS are more willing to spend iOS and can you please tell us why because iOS four years they spend more money when they are playing actually it’s not like Android users are dry users they they’re really good for ads I think. It depends from where are you if we’re talking about Latin America for example is definitely Android but if you’re talking about markets like the United States and Europe iOS for sure. both both iOS Android and we’re going to Amazon as well.

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  1. but problems with ios: you have to pay per monthly fee => you lose money first or go bankrupt before getting any income.
    there should be an alternative for indie developers wanting to upload for ios.

  2. IOS gets good games and games first or exclusively because iOS people pay more. Android people likes to pirate games. Android gets games don't get me wrong but most are not good or if we get a good non clash of clans, candy crush, town builder clone it's hard to find. Android is better for emulators and is why I use Android.

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