Invincible Youth 2  [HD]  | 청춘불패 2 [HD] – Ep.17 : Best-Chef Contest with 2AM!
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Invincible Youth 2 [HD] | 청춘불패 2 [HD] – Ep.17 : Best-Chef Contest with 2AM!

August 14, 2019

Pick one. Which one? He picked the candy! You prefer candy to apple? Did you hear? Kkadang had a phantom pregnancy. Oh, no! Found out through ultrasound. We treated her so well for nothing? Let’s take a walk with them. – Amber, get on it. / – Can I do that? Really? Not over 50kg? He’s angry! So fast! Slow down, I’m scared. – Where are the donkeys? / – Here! – Where are they? / – Come on. Where were you? Hyoyeon, are you okay? You might get hurt. – You took a walk? / – Yes. – I thought they ran away. / – This way. It’s the manila clam season. – Right here at Daebudo. / – Manila clam kalguksu. Kalguksu! ♪ Manila clam ♪ Manila clam kalguksu. – Hello. / – What? Hi, Kwon. Come here. – Why are they here? / – You didn’t know? Hey. Freshen up, everyone. – Gosh! / – You should have told us! Look in the mirror. Did you know this? Yewon, go put your pants on. Why are you wearing pajamas? I didn’t know they were coming. They look so comfortable. Guests are all dressed up. I can’t recognize them. – Newbie! / – What? – Newbie. / – Newbie what? Your new song! Oh, I thought you wanted us to salute because we’re newbies here. Let’s listen to it! – Here are your microphones. / – Thanks. Be careful with the thorns. Be careful not to start fire with them. Give them a hand! G8 isn’t the same as usual today. They’re shy. Really? – Amber’s the shyest. / – You had a crush? She’s blushing! ♪ Look at her! ♪ ♪ Amber has a crush on a member of 2AM ♪ Stop! Jiyoung’s acting strange! ♪ Look at her! ♪ They looked so sexy on TV, but they’re so different here. – Guys. / – Yes? So many people are visiting Daebudo these days. – We didn’t know. / – Right. A famous tourist spot needs delicious local foods. It’s manila clam season in Daebudo, but they don’t have any special dish except for manila clam kalguksu. So today’s mission is making manila clam special dish! There’s an amazing prize for the best team. – Self-picking and self-cooking? / – That’s right. 1 of 2AM members, 2 of G8 members, total 3 members in a team. – We prepared a game. / – What game? – Wood-chopping! / – So manly! Why chop wood? We didn’t come for manual labor. Before that, our handsome Hyunwoo will give a demonstration! Why me? Bring the wood here. He seems strong. Never judge from appearance. Oppa! It’s weird to hear that from you. – Show us what you got. / – Right in the middle. Even the chickens are holding their breath. – Ji Hyunwoo! Ji Hyunwoo! / – 4 pieces at 1 strike! 4 pieces at 1 strike! Not everyone can do this, so you can just chop it in half. We’ll judge by how many strikes it takes to chop it. Focus. Jinwoon first! – Choose your wood yourself. / – G8’s watching! G8! The size of the wood is related to masculine pride. There are various sizes, and let’s see what he picks. That’s a rather small one. – Too small. / – The smallest. But the size doesn’t matter, only rather he chops it or not. Extra points will be given if you take your top off. Wow, he’s athletic! Look at them! – Focus. / – Wait. Hey, take my gloves. Go away! Sungyu, be nice to her! If you want to be in Jinwoon’s team, show him your minds. – You can do it, Jinwoon. / – Suzy. And Jiyoung! 2 of them. – Hey, Jinwoon! / – Calm down, Yewon. No, Sungyu. – Oppa! / – He’s not an oppa for you. – She’s older than me. / – Oppa! 4 of them chose you. – Let’s go. / – I should make it. – He’s been working out. / – Challenge! – He peeled it a little. / – Peeling! – What’s this skill called? / – Peeling. Peeling the wood. Next is Jo Kwon! It’s okay, Jinwoon. Kwon! I believe in you! Destiny of 2AM is on this. What are you talking about? Why is our destiny on a wood? This is very important. – Our destiny’s on this? / – Record sales, popularity… I trust our leader. – Hey! / – He’s our leader! – Be careful. / – You can do it! Wow! Feels great. – Let’s go, Kwon! / – Kwon oppa! Focus! It’s cracked. Take it with you. You have to do it again later. Just leave it as it is, and strike down together. Next is the manly one. Seulong! Pick a wood. I was about to step forward! Isn’t that Seulong’s song? Here’s a good one. Looks too solid. – A solid one. / – Good. This is heavy. – Go, oppa! / – Bora’s cheering. She waited for him. – Let’s go. / – Challenge! If you chop it at once, you’re the winner. Focus. He did it! Wait! It’s not 100% acceptable. What then? – What then? / – The 1st place for now, anyway. It’s harder to peel it. – Changmin, this one? / – This? – I want a larger one. / – Wow! – He’s a man! / – So manly. This one. – That’s too big. / – I must succeed. – Chop this. / – This? Looks like a rice pot. Woods with small branches are hard to split. Wrong choice? – Why don’t you take your jumper off? / – Should I? – Take it off. / – This is work! It’s too cold! I can’t take it off. What a shame. Are they middle-aged villagers? This place changed them. Wait, that’s the VIP seat! – I’m a VIP, too. / – You belong there. Judging by the appearance, he’s the winner. Focus on the wood. Sunny wrote, “You can to do it.” Take it as it is. So the winner is Seulong! – I won. / – So Seulong gets to choose 2 members. 2 of them? Yell at them like a man! Choose, Seulong! Bora, because she cheered me first. Not yet. I was going to say hi! – So fast. / – Who else? – Sunny. / – Congratulations! Sunny! Alright. Let’s do it again for the 2nd place. – Challenge! / – Gosh… Anyone for Jinwoon? It’s a lot less than before. Oh, Suzy. Jinwoon’s turn. Suzy only comes out for Jinwoon. My jacket is too small. – He’s taking it off. / – Off! It’s because it’s too small. Come here, Yewon. What was that? – Squeezing? / – No! – Just cute gesture? / – Yes! Let the aunts go! Gosh. – Jinwoon, challenge! / – Focus. A bit off. He’s in the 2nd place for now. I want to draw a picture. – It can be a phone, too. / – Hello? – Next is Jo Kwon! / – Dragging the wood. – Dragging it out. / – Good job, Kwon. – You can do it. / – It’s about to get split. – He’s good. / – Go, Kwon! Stop, Yewon. Why? I want to. – Stop! / – You can do it! Why did you hesitate? Just do it. Let’s go! Look at his mouth. He did it! He places himself in the 2nd place! – You have to win that. / – It’s bigger than I thought. Yours doesn’t seem to split soon. – Nothing. / – Really. Just a small nick. Let’s go, Changmin! – Go, Changmin! / – Yewon! – I’m sorry, but can you stop her? / – Why? – Challenge! / – Challenge! So close! – Just one more chop! / – So close. So close… – One strike will split it. / – So close. – Just push it down. / – Maybe with your hands. Crack it with your hands. You could win this! So Kwon gets to choose. Choose 1 or 2. Kwon… I choose… I choose… Yewon. No way! – Who else? / – One more? – It’s up to you. / – 1 is enough. Jiyoung! Suzy, Amber and Hyoyeon are left. Jinwoon can pick 1 or 2. 3 of you, come forward. Help me out here. Choose your partner, and put your hand on her shoulder. – Jinwoon… / – Who wants to team up with me? Anyone? Only Suzy raised her hand. – So cute. / – You’re the real loser. Jinwoon, go! Amber and Changmin! Changmin’s a great cook! They’ll regret. I’m the best cook in 2AM. I wanted to be with you! Go away! Did you hear her? Best cook wins today, right? I’m sure of winning. – I planned this. / – Are you two close? No, it’s our first time today. I feel so awkward right now. But you two make a good team. Amber looks like his assistant. I’m her mentor! – With your partners… / – It’s real! Let’s go pick the clams! Hey, Kwon. I turn into a fisherman when I put this on. Feels like my own clothes. Don’t I look good? Let’s go! Good afternoon. – How do you pick clams? / – Just do it. Just do it? There’s a lot inside. I don’t get it. – Just dig in? / – Right. Found one! Easier than I thought. This is a good spot. Like this. Look! It’s so huge! Can you eat a raw one? – Yes, you can. / – Right away now? Sure, you can. – Ate it? / – It’s nice. – So good! / – Amazing, right? Found one! We have to cook with these. What about manila clam spaghetti? – Manila clam spaghetti? / – Vongole spaghetti! Right. But no one can cook in our team. I’ve made olive spaghetti once. Hey, you can make spaghetti? Jiyoung can. – Who? / – Jiyoung. You believe that? It’s true! Vongole spaghetti isn’t easy to make. Changmin cooks often back at home. – Pizza… / – He makes pizza? – Muffins… / – Muffins? Wow. Even ice cream. You can make ice cream at home? Somehow with bananas and stuff. I want to make bibimbap or Korean pancake. I can think of several dishes. We’re different from the others. A lot of recipes in my head. What about manila clam tteokbokki? – I like it. / – Me too. Let’s put other seafood in it, too. – Good idea. / – It’ll be great. Let’s make stew. We need anchovy and white radish. – Anchovy? / – What do we need for hot taste? – Chili. / – Chili! Not white radish. No white radish? Jinwoon, out! I like white radish. That’s why I peeled the wood like one. I won! 5 clams! We’re a perfect team. Fresh vegetables! Let’s go. Move back. – Alright. / – Good job. Weigh the clams, and it’s one question per kilogram. Uncle Hyunwoo, please weigh them. – 4kg. / – Then, you’ll have 4 questions. Seulong, what’s your menu? – Tteokbokki. / – With manila clam? Manila clam cheese tteokbokki. – Wait, you want cheese? / – Okay, we have cheese. And rice cake! Alright, we have it. Here comes the question. What are the 4 national obligations? Education. Military service. Tax payment! One more, the last one! Failed. What’s the Chinese phrase for strangest coincidence? – “Obiirak!” Next! / – Correct. What’s the date of “Day of Korean?” That’s too easy! – 1, 2, 3! / – 1st of October! Wrong! What’s your favorite menu in a Chinese restaurant? – Jajangmyeon! / – Okay! That’s for delivery. You don’t eat that in restaurants. Team Seulong got 2 questions, so they can take 2 items. If it’s not enough, go pick some more clams. Team Jiyoung! How many kilograms? They’re thieves! – 10kg! / – Over 10kg. 10.5kg! So 10 questions. No way! What’s left for us? – Maximum 5 questions. / – Even if you bring 200kgs. What’s your menu? We’re thinking manila clam curry, or manila clam fried rice. Curry or fried rice? What’s the longest river in the world? – You have 5 seconds. / – Seine River! Wrong! Nile River! Where is the 2012 Olympics held? – No Olympics in 2011. / – London! London? Are you sure? – No! / – Yes! – 2011? / – No, 2012. – London. / – London? Correct! I misheard it! I’m going deaf. They’re so scary! So scary! They’re so violent. Jo Kwon is scared of G8. A telepathy question. Who’s your least favorite among Sugeun, Boom, and Hyunwoo? – 1, 2, 3! / – Lee Sugeun! Jo Kwon was a bit late! – He said Lee Sugeun! / – I did! Okay, one more chance. What’s Jo Kwon’s nickname? – Kkap! / – Kkap Kwon! Jiyoung’s wrong! – Eggs! / – Okay, eggs. Wow, curry and eggs. – You should be punished. / – I’m sorry. Team Changmin! How many kilograms? – 4.5kg. / – So 4 questions! What’s your menu? – Manila clam bibimbap. / – Nice. What’s your favorite TV program? Invincible Youth! Correct! It’s a ridiculous question. Do you prefer mom or dad? – Mom! / – Mom! Sorry, dad. Who made the Children’s Day? – Bang Jeonghwan! / – Correct, good. We got 3 right. – What’s the capital city of Australia? / – Sidney! Wrong! Canberra! Not Sidney? Why didn’t they build the Opera House in the capital city? – Pick 3 items. / – Pick them. – Rice! / – Rice, alright. Green onion. And then ham. Weigh it. – 5.5kg. / – So 5 questions. Team Jinwoon, what’s your menu? – Ramen with manila clams. / – Amazing ramen. Manila clam ramen! Who built Joseon Dynasty? – King Sejong! / – Everyone knows this. Who built Joseon Dynasty? 5, 4, 3, 2… Haven’t you watched the drama? Lee Do! Lee Seonggye. Gesture telepathy question. What’s Boom’s gesture? 1, 2, 3! – What’s that? / – You don’t know this? – Correct! / – 1 item! What do you say when you answer the phone? 1, 2, 3! – “Hello!” / – Correct. Don’t favor them! – They’re taking a lot! / – Thank you! – Did you get enough ingredients? / – No! Here comes the team game. Only a few questions. Prize goes immediately if you answer correctly. What’s the pen name of Kim Hongdo of Joseon? – Pen name? / – We call him “this” Kim Hongdo. Give us a hint! Like Dasan Jeong Yakyong. – Dosan? / – No, that’s a park name. – Cheongdam Kim Hongdo! / – Wrong! Dosan’s a park name. I’ll tell you a hint. Our opera… Something. Amber! Phantom? Wrong! Gosh. – Singer Kim Hongdo! / – Singer? These people are our opera something. Me! – Danwon? / – Danwon what? – Kim Hondo? / – Correct! – Ramen. / – Here you go. Jo Kwon, you seem nervous when shooting outside. – You prefer dancing in studios? / – Yes. This question is for all the left vegetables! In game of yut, what animal does “Do” mean? – What? / – “Do” means an animal? – 5 seconds. / – Me! – Pig. / – Correct! Take them all. They won big time. All the rest seafood. Octopus, sea squirt, sea cucumber, and various seasoning. Everything is on the line! Also, a sausage! 1, 2! Seulong! A wig? You should be precise. – Look. / – I can see it. What’s that? 1, 2, 3! – A wig! / – What wig? Half wig, without the center. Changmin, correct! – Try it on. / – What? I’m the winner! Turn around. Changmin! Looks good on him. Take them all. Only this for such humiliation? – Thanks a lot. / – Give them a hand! Let’s go cook! It’s exhausting. What can I do with tons of nuts? – We got all the vegetables. / – Right. Mushrooms, pepper, cabbage, cucumber, sesame leaf… – Hey. / – Huh? – Your wife’s the best, right? / – Yes, my new wife. You had an old wife? Our menu is… Special super delicious… Manila clam cheese seafood tteokbokki. – So long. / – Sounds luxurious. Let’s prepare the ingredients. First of all, manila clam. So we need manila clam, seafood, cheese, and rice cake. And ramen. Clam is the most important. We should clean them first. We should soak them in salty water. It should be kept in a dark place, or else sand won’t come out completely. Let’s prepare the vegetables now. We have to wash them first, right? Who’ll do that? I will. You’re the best. – Bye-bye! / – I’ll be back in a minute. Let’s clean them first. What on earth are we making? Our ingredients are completely incoherent. No, look. First, simmer clam to make stock. So far, so good. Then, put ramen in. And at the end, put bean sprouts in. Then, hot manila clam bean sprout ramen is made. For the last step, Add cheese on top of it. – Cheese isn’t right. / – I know! What are you saying? No cheese, but several other things. – We can make incredible stock. / – That’s right. – He’s all-mouth. / – He’s a smooth speaker. We have to filter it ourselves. – But did I say anything wrong? / – Nothing’s wrong. Vegetable, noodle, curry… Vegetables aren’t enough. – Really? / – We don’t have onions. Onion is the most important. Don’t you get it? For the menu… – What about dough flake soup? / – I like it. There’s a really easy menu. Beat the eggs and make Korean pancake. Should we go for Korean pancake? – That and spaghetti. / – Good idea, curry spaghetti. – With manila clam, right? / – Of course. – Let’s wash the ingredients first. / – Let’s go. I’ll beat the eggs. I’ll go wash them. Can I wash them somewhere else? Seulong, you know what? I think you’re really cool. Really? Thank you. You look so kind and generous. I like you a lot. – She likes you! / – Do you need something? I know you’ll give it to me. Onion… Onion? I only have one! Give me half of it, then. Half? Alright. I’ll tell Sunny half of it was rotten. Split. – Here. / – Thanks, you’re awesome. – I’m vulnerable to young girls. / – I really like you. She likes you! Good job. Do you still like him? – Let me think first. / – Take your time. You startled me! – Do you need all the sesame leaves? / – Yes. – Why? / – Just asked. What can you give us? What do you want? Can you help us cleaning the shrimps? Of course! – Only shrimps? / – Anything, just say it. Really? I’ll call you when we need you. Can you give us the cucumber, too? – Half of it. / – Sing for me. I love your new song. – Oppa. / – I’ll take half, thanks. Yay. You’re very sly. Didn’t you know? We should clean them. We have to clean them. It’s been a long time since I cooked. What about you? I made seafood spicy rice cake the other day. Really? What’s your style? Hot or sweet? That’s a secret. I know you’re making it. Cleaning shrimp and mixing chili paste with sugar? – Obviously tteokbokki. / – It’s not. It’s something else! Okay, carry on. Hey! Thank you so much. – Bye. / – Bye. We have to wait for now. Hey! Wait! That bacon’s ours! – No. / – Give me one green onion. No. What can you do for us? She just winked at me! Just one, please… – Sunny! / – Why? She wants a green onion. What should I ask her to do? – Dance. / – What dance? – Hip dance. / – “Step” dance! – Thank you. / – They’re very submissive. Hey! What are you doing? – Come! / – I got a green onion! Where is the other half of the onion? – What? / – Where is it? You gave it to a girl? To Jiyoung… How could you! You’re so good! Like this? – It’s really good. / – Really? We’ll win this. We have to blanch it to get rid of the fishy smell. Blanch or fry… Let’s fry! I smell something burning. Looks like some French food. Changmin, that looks really good. – Mixing them? / – Already did. Changmin has good senses. What did you fry here? Manila clam, to get rid of the smell. – We didn’t clean the vegetables! / – Right! Let’s dig out the inside, and turn this into a bowl. – Good idea. / – Really? We have to dig out the inside. – Have to boil it first. / – Right! – But we don’t have any pot left. / – Right… We need a steamer. – Just give it up. / – Put curry spaghetti in it. – Right. / – For the dish? Just dig out unboiled. And put the inside into the curry. – Good! / – Then, it’ll be cooked. – Gosh! / – We’re like experts. – I like it. / – Cut it. Why did I meet you now? You guys are amazing. – 25 minutes left. / – What? – We had time limit? / – Of course. You only beat eggs until now? – You’re in trouble. / – Oh, the curry. What are you doing! It’s not like that! It’s curry powder! – It’s not instant curry? / – No, it’s curry powder. What did you do until now for over an hour? – We were stealing… / – Stealing? No stealing! I earned them with dancing! – Let’s do the curry. / – Right. It’s cooked. Put it into this. Gosh. Where’s the oil? Why? Why? Pick them up! – We can wash it with water. / – That’s right. Hurry. – It’s burning! / – Oh! I quit! I’m so clumsy. He was just putting oil in. What happened? Is he a spy? – Be careful. / – Curry! Peel this. Oil! Pour it in. Stop! Put curry in. Too much! – This much left! / – Too much. I feel like a slave. Plate! I need more plates. Nice? Curry in the middle and pancakes around the side. This is the biggest plate. Okay… Kwon! I’m quitting this team! I’ve been working so hard, and I’m only being persecuted. Is this enough for 4 ramen? – Don’t forget the clams. / – Right. They’ll open up. Don’t we have to boil the water first? Soybean paste or chili paste? What about chili powder? Chili paste will be nicer. – Little by little. / – It’s okay. – I just had a genius idea. / – What again? – Are you sure? / – What now? The meat! We have soy sauce, vinegar, sugar… You mean a side menu? That’s right. Season, mince, and fry! Good idea! Give me 2 spoons of vinegar. Like this? I saw my grandma making it. My grandma made it herself. Looks good. Too much vinegar? Stop, it’s too much! – What are you making? / – Hi! – Can I try? / – Sure. I trust you. – Sunny, you try. / – That’s our side menu. Would you please go away? – How is it? / – Give her a good scolding! Who made it? It’s your team’s! Suzy! We should have put clam in it. Do it now! That can be our another clam menu. Right! Good idea. If we mess up this ramen, let’s make that our main dish. – Looks great! / – Yeah? It’s delicious! Let’s begin the judgment of special manila clam menu! Invincible Youth! – We’ll win! / – Nice. – We’ll win! / – Thank you, 2AM, for coming. How was it, Changmin? G8 are very emasculating. I don’t agree. I meant you! I experienced the mind of a husband. She’s very smart, perfect as a wife, but emasculating. What about Jinwoon? In cartoons or animations, the genius cooks experience crisis at the last minute. Lack of ingredients, something like that. But they always overcome and win! I think you talk too much. What about Jo Kwon? I was a slave today. – If I have to say some bright side… / – Have to? They’re very bright, and they eat very well. Jo Kwon looks very tired. Jo Kwon, it’s a common question, but I’ll ask it anyway for amusement. You three are on a rough sea. You have to throw one of them into the water to live. Who’s your choice? For your life! – Look how emasculating! / – Why me? If I let her live, she will drown me. Why do you agree with him? Congratulations, Yewon! Alright, now I will introduce the judges. The best judges ever. A garden tiger moth who followed the light again. The headman! Headman! Headman! Next judge. Global handmade kalguksu queen. Mrs. Lee Eunsuk! The representative of Daebudo Elementary School. The cute and beautiful Elsa! She’s the English teacher. Now, a student judge. Shin Jeonghwan! Introduce yourself. I’m a 6th grader, Shin Jeonghwan. – Which team first? / – Team Jinwoon first. 1, 2, 3! – So beautiful! / – Looks good. Meat with manila clam and manila clam ramen. We took away the saltiness of ramen and added hot flavor. So it’s hot manila clam ramen. And that’s what Jinwoon made. We used manila clam and pork, and flavored it with sweet and sour sauce. Let’s try what Suzy, Hyoyeon, and Jinwoon made. You tried hard, but you minced the meat too much. Tastes good, but kind of feels like chewing paste alone. – Clam taste is quite strong. / – Isn’t it nice? – Sweet as well. / – Isn’t it nice and hot? – You did well. / – Thank you. What about Jeonghwan? You said you liked me, right? – Who’s your favorite? / – Suzy. – You still like her? / – Yes. He said yes. – Help yourself. / – Let’s listen to Jeonghwan. – Delicious. / – Right? It was Team Jinwoon. Next is Team Jo Kwon. It’s called… Autumn squash curry flower! – Flower? / – Well… We used the autumn squash as a dish for decoration, and the clam pancake is for the flower leaves. Inside is curry spaghetti. Pineapple is also added as well as Manila clams. What’s this Korean pancake? Yewon made that. Get rid of your prejudice about me. The headman likes autumn squash, but it’s not cooked. It’s just for the dish. 0 points. – That’s too much. / – Really harsh. – If it was cooked… / – But the spaghetti is our main. It’s all about autumn squash! That’s why I tried to poke. – What if it was cooked? / – Then, it was the best. I’ll go cook it. – No? / – What’s this flavory taste? That’s the taste of my hand. It was pretty good. Give them a hand. – Next team. / – Coming up. Like husband and wife. Team Seulong! We made a name. “Manila clam in love.” Manila clam tteokbokki. Open! Real food, finally! Manila clam, shrimp, and many vegetables are in it. And unlike other teams, we blanched the noodle so you can enjoy the fresh texture. With the noodle. Delicious. Grandma likes it! – Very delicious. / – Very delicious! Great cook. Best team ever. A bit too sweet, but… Why? Something happened? Too bland. More seasoning is crucial. Come here. That’s my secret recipe. Quiet! Sugar is used, but manila clam is sweet itself. How much are you willing to pay for one plate? – Maybe $2. / – Quite much for tteokbokki. They aren’t eating any other team’s food. Look at the spaghetti on the headman’s plate. – Elsa. / – Yes? Do you want to take it home? – Give them a hand. / – Good job. Now, the last team. Changmin and Amber! We have a name for it, too. ♪ Manila clam loves sirloin! ♪ Manila clam loves sirloin. It would have been better without the name. What is it? We seasoned manila clam to mix with hot rice. Also, there’s some meat prepared for you, and then, some vegetable to freshen your mouth. We slightly fried the clam to get rid of its smell. The other teams boiled them, but we fried them with garlic. There will be no fishy smell. Help yourself. Plenty of clams. Elsa. Sexy believe? Such a long name. What is it again? It’s so hard to eat a sesame leaf! The flavor starts with mountain and ends with ocean. My mouth is full of ocean flavor. – Great MC! / – It just came to me. You should be the main MC. I can feel they put their effort into it. It’s simple, but contains lots of ingredients. We need some time to talk. Please give us a moment. Write down what you think. I think they were all good. We have decided. Remember, there’s a very special prize for the winning team! – What? / – Before, I have to tell you this. The winning team’s menu will go on her restaurant of 15 year’s history! – Really? / – Your menu will be sold there. For example, “Team Jo Kwon’s menu.” Wow! Being the example means you didn’t win. There’s another amazing prize! You’ll be very surprised. That prize will come into this room. Hyunwoo, who’s in the 3rd place? The 3rd place is… Team Suzy with ramen! We are not the bottom! – Thank you so much. / – Congratulations. Look, Shin Jeonghwan loves Suzy. Now the bottom team. Namsamri headman, Mr. Lee Jaebok will tell you. The bottom team is… Team Jo Kwon with autumn squash. Jo Kwon’s autumn squash! ♪ I can’t eat that. How could anyone eat that? ♪ ♪ Please don’t force me to eat that. ♪ Now, I’ll tell you the winner. If you’re not called the winner, that means you’re in the 2nd place. Please stand up, the remaining teams. It was such a close game. Mrs. Lee will tell you who the winner is. Congratulations. Congratulations, Team Changmin. Really? Thank you! You put plenty of clam in, and I could feel your effort into it. – Thank you. / – Thanks. Her restaurant has never changed its menu for 15 years. So it’s such a great honor. What’s more, the other prize, come out! – Very heavy. / – Open it! – Manila clam? / – Or snails. – Did you have fun today? / – Yes! Let’s call it a day with a shout. Invincible Youth! Jiyoung’s diary. If you don’t go for it, you won’t have a chance to fail. But sometimes through failure, today’s broken heart can be tomorrow’s hope. Youth forever!

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  1. ohh my 😮 but this is not a show from this year, it looks old maybe from 2012..anyway It 's still fun and their singing was so beautiful.

  2. Here for 2AM and UB Lee Changmin. …too bad this is an old show. Want to see them reunited for special shows. …♡♡♡ Homme ♡♡♡ = Lee Changmin and Lee Hyun ♡♡♡

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