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  1. I appreciate developing new speaker, but can you please develop and release Lightspeed Wireless G502? I have waited 4 years until Logitech releases wireless version of G502 which I love that mouse due to weight, shape, texture-side grip, hyperfast scrollwheel, and click-actuation distance was durable, faster, and consistent.

  2. Dear Logitech, we want a new 5.1 sound system !!! a new model of the z906 !!! no 2.1 speakers with lights :/

  3. Hey Logitech G, I'm very disappointed that my G560 Speaker was producing very noticeable buzzing & hissing sound, even when PC is turned off. I even plug in with either 3.5mm auxiliary front out jack and USB Connection, buzzing & hissing sound still persists! Therefore, I have to return defective unit and then go with G Pro Headset. Besides, I have trouble listening to music, movies, and games, due to the fact that speaker itself is extremely loud at low volume between 10%-30%. In addition, equalizer doesn't help as much to reduce bass, and subsequently muffles the mid frequency range such as vocals, instruments, footsteps, gunshots, explosions, etc. But all in all, I am not happy with G560 Speaker. I even send feedback to portfolio manager named Chris Pate which he knew that I'm not happy with this new gaming speaker. What I'm also disappointed is that there is no separate volume & bass control pod which is very important to manually tune volume from speaker & subwoofer while still maintaining volume at 100% in Windows OS. That way, I can hear all the detail in various ranges from lows, mids, and highs. In the meantime, I'm just going to purchase Logitech G Pro Headset and then wait until new 2.1 Gaming speaker comes out that fixes buzzing & hissing sound, implementing separate volume & bass control pod, lower RMS rating between 100watts – 200 watts, add tweeters for high frequency, please include 3.5mm auxiliary front out analog jack (10ft), etc.

  4. In the past I've had 3 Logi z5500 and 2 z906. I just bought another new pair of Logi z906 but i wish there was a newer version.
    Logitech z4000k or Logi z1440

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