Introducing the BBC micro:bit – BBC Make It Digital
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Introducing the BBC micro:bit – BBC Make It Digital

November 6, 2019

The micro:bit it is a pocket-sized computer, That lets you get creative with digital technology. You can code, customize, and control your micro:bit from anywhere. Light up the LED display to create something simple in minutes or even communicate between micro:bits. Or get really creative with micro bits more advanced features like its buttons, motion detector, compass, and sensors. You could create a guitar that changes the volume the more you shake it. Or a flick football game that powers a micro bit scoreboard and you can connect it to other devices, Sensors and everyday objects. So you could water your thirsty plants. or use bluetooth to take photos with your phone(s). and control your music player And you can customise the micro bit in any way you can imagine. It’s really Anything you want it to be? I think it’s a bit like a robot. It’s quite different to any other technology I’ve sort of used before you just have fun with it. I can control my tablet You can make games you can take pictures kind of something that senses movement? [and] you can just place [it] in your pocket and make whatever you want or describe it as a neutral END

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  1. Outs a cool idea, but can it run Crysis 3? On a more serious note, is it protected from static? Because although not too common static electricity can short circuit electrical components/computers.

  2. I'm sure this thing will be useful to those kids that end up doing labour work because programming computers is too complicated for them.

  3. I would like know as do many other parents whom Home Educate, why is the BBC ignoring our requests for the micro bit. Because we have decided to home educated doesn't mean we don't take our children's education seriously.

  4. Mean while in america here is a book you can't keep it and its outdated oh and these other schools are giving out Ipads

  5. пошинайте плоды толерасты ебаные – ни одного бритоса не осталось нормального

  6. We've just started a brand new FaceBook group for this fantastic little micro and its aims are to help new users and the experienced alike. Its run by a team of experiences micro and electronics engineers….

  7. In those days yonder I had do make do with the BBC Micro and mastered it. However, it was a mere shadow against today's micro:bit. I'd have been called a witch and probably burnt at the snake if I'd invented something like the micro:bit when I was younger. Ha ha!

  8. the reality of this whole thing is a school will probably only buy 10 or 20 of theese will have a lesson plan to get the kids to do something mundane with it like flash a led or make a smiley face and will then lock the microbits back in the cupboard never to be mentioned again the kids will in no way be able or probably even alowwed to be engaged by this

  9. I made a program at school where pressing A displays a happy face, pressing B displays a sad face.
    Shaking it results in dizzyness of the face and it falls asleep.

  10. Banana Pi BPI:bit MicroPython support

    BPI:bit have full support microPyton。firmware、exploitation environment、software and wiki documtnets have update to :

    code on github and support :

    1. Provide terminal command line operation tools
    2. Provide wired or wireless to operation board
    3. Provide Pycharm IDE development
    4. Provide Microbit for MicroPython function library

    We are now testing all micro:bit online documentation examples,we have let BPI:bit compatibility micro:bit function library,so,microPyton support for micro:bit,You can run it directly on BPI:bit.

    This is BPI:Bit run: code . You can run the code directly on BPI:bit, you can see the video demo.

    For more board examples, see the following url:

    microbit online documents :

    microbit online simulator genuine:

  11. Waaw that good but i still don't get it i connected in my phone it tell that it connect but How can i use it ?? I already watch 20 video about the same thing but nothing works i don't know what to do after connecting with bluetooth. Please if you know hepl me ?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️ it really hard please

  12. I programmed micro: bit only I didn't show how this is done is the link –

  13. WOW LMAO the sickening amount of shitty racists in the comments is just astounding. Europe is such a downright racist, failed place.

  14. Cute toy, but for the love of god don't tell kids they can put that in their pocket. ESD would fry it and they'd have to buy a new one soon after.

  15. I tried to use the USB to connect it to my computer but the drive doesn't show up, it gets hot and the yellow light doesn't turn on. Why is this?

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