Introducing Opera GX – first GAMING BROWSER!
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Introducing Opera GX – first GAMING BROWSER!

August 29, 2019

Hi guys, I’m Maciek with Opera, and I’ve got something really exciting to share with you. We are so thrilled to announce Opera GX, the first ever gaming browser. You are probably asking, what is a gaming browser? Well, I can’t blame you, because before now, there was no such thing. Opera GX is a web browser built specifically to complement gaming. Opera is a browser company. We’ve been making browsers for desktop computers and mobile devices for quite some time, but this is something that we’ve never done before. We saw when it comes to gaming, there is a different set of needs
that go beyond what a traditional browser can offer. Rather than gamers having to reshape an ordinary browser, weighing it down with lots of extensions, we wanted our browser to work out of the box. Lean and clean. We went all in with this browser. Every feature in Opera GX is built around gaming. You have GX Control, where you can limit how much memory and CPU your browser will use. Whether you are someone who has a dedicated gaming machine or not, no matter what computer you are using, Opera GX will help you get the most out of it. You also have Twitch integrated in the sidebar. You can see the channels you follow, who’s online right now, and you will get notifications whenever a new stream starts. You have GX Corner, where we bring together all kinds of gaming news from all over the web into one place. Features aside, we wanted to give it a look and feel that makes it really special. For instance, you’ve got these beautiful LED inspired highlights around the frame, and you can easily select any color for this. Moreover, we have added some exclusive wallpapers that we have prepared specially for Opera GX. Opera GX is something we’re looking forward to experimenting with, and having some fun. It’s available right now. Download it from, and try the first ever gaming browser yourself.

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  1. Yo Opera, what about adding Discord to Sidebar? Would be perfectly fitting inside a gaming Browser… Already wrote this in the Forums some time ago

  2. I were using chrome had i open on backround on my low end laptop and playin games i were getting 80degrees celcius
    Started using opera gx with lowest ram usage and lowest cpu usage and it wa still fast i had opera gx open on backround and temps dropped to 60degrees celcius
    Opera gx is a lifesaver

  3. Opera is really coming after the chrome market heavy. This is pretty much google chrome, but without all the annoying parts

  4. Guys if you are reading this, i love the browser but make these fixes please:
    – Ability to move a tab from one browser to an other (one instance to an other)
    – Multiple videos sometimes freeze ( this issue was also on chrome) [audio keeps on working video gets stuck] (I'm not sure if this issues happens because i keep changing tabs around but limiter is off)
    – Ability to remove GX corner cause when you have 1 tab open and you close that tab, the browser doesnt close but goes on the gx corner which is annoying

  5. As a gamer and IT fanboy, I need to admit that it is a great job. When others make apps and things just in order to earn money selling useless products, opera makes a product that really provides solutions that gamers needed. Great move!

  6. The fact that no other browser before this has offered options for Limiting the amount of ram and CPU it uses is ridiculous to me, this alone was enough to get me to download and switch to this, it's been great so far and am excited to see what other features get added later.

  7. Anyone getting two issues, Browser [X] doesnt work (cant close it) and cant close Tabs either, have to ctrl+W to close them.

  8. Downloaded this yesterday, my fave feature is the ad block, and custom limit for your system.. i immediately switch from chrome, i like it when you close the tab the browser wont close.. sometimes i accidentally close my tab, i dont have to re open my browser anymore

  9. when i click download or install it says
    and never get downloaded please if someone know how to solve this problem i will be really happy to hear

  10. I had to come to youtube as your embedded video doesn't work properly on you amazing browser…. Everytime you spoke about gaming in a browser, you showed Twitch…

  11. it is a beautiful Web browser I love opera GX so much. I can't believe that I have found the perfect Web browser. I would definitely recommend Opera GX. 10/10

  12. Love it but it scared the crap out of me when I put my mouse over the icons on the home page because it sounds like something smacking their lips and I thought some hacked my pc lol

  13. I was literally hooked when i first seen it, but i love the interface and how fast it is. Even the little clicks are wonderful to hear. xD

  14. >be me
    >league of legends player
    >plays on a toaster
    >cant even check without arriving five minutes late to game
    >sees ad
    >ram and cpu limiter
    >*happy gamer noises*

  15. been using opera gx for awhile, some says brave is the best browser right now.
    anyone tried using both OGX and brave? what are your thoughts?

  16. Im having a bad experience on playing game on Browser because when Im using like Firefox It had seriously Bad performance and when Im using Chrome It gave me so much boost but did this Opera have a better Browser gaming performance??

  17. THIS is so bloody good it fast easy web browser no lag no bottlenecks frezzing pc and crome uses so much of your ram this does not happy with this and useing it now and so much faster then any others

  18. I haven't seen a lot of videos about it. Quite an interesting browser, I've been using it for a few weeks and the customisation is great. I particularly like the CPU and RAM limiter, since Chrome is very resource intensive.

  19. don't need all this shit to Game, ur better without tons of pesky extensions all its going to do is Ramp up ur Task Manager among many other things, need not to Download this BS

  20. installed opera gx. told myself if the built in adblocker blocks youtube's shitty ads that i'd give it a chance. you got lucky. enjoy your chance.

  21. Not everyone uses Twitch would be great if you could add Mixer Integration as well.. Great browser though!

  22. Why is the installation under Windows I have Linux 🙁
    Windows is a very unstable system and I threw it out

  23. It's not working for me, I get an error everytime I start it up.

    I don't understand, if you have a solution to help me. Please say something.

  24. The ability to "auto hide" the sidebar unless you muse over it would have been really neat. As of right now.. I had to just disable it.

  25. I've search to find a good browser for a long time and finally find opera. I've been using Opera for more than a year or two now. I cant even remember when i first started using it tbh. And now i dont even try to look at other browsers. Everything i need is here, everything is easy to access, and now with Opera GX you even make it better. Thank you so much for all your work.

  26. I use your browser as non gamer. Thank you for free vpn and limiter features, it is useful for any user.
    Honestly, the internet is better with you!

  27. Hi Opera, i recently tried your new browser and when i tried to log in into google it said i logged in from ukraine even though i'm nowhere near ukraine, any information that you give will help me alot, thanks.

  28. I'm don't even play game like that but bro this Browser is so good I love it. It's the best browser I ever had and my favorite!

  29. Yo bien emocionado descargándolo porque vi que en la barra estaba fortnite y descargándolo y viéndolo en mi pc ni aparece >:v estoy molesto.

  30. Прикольный браузер, красивый дизайн просто шик что сказать! Жаль что трафик жрёт и когда играя в игру слушаешь музыку игра подвисает, хотя характеристики и интернет нормальные. Прикольно было бы если бы добавили радужный цвет печати. А так 10/10

  31. No funciona el botón para volver atrás. Y teniendo las mismas pestañas abiertas (3 videos de youtube en pausa) + ControlGX activado con sets al mínimo, OperaGX gasta más memoria ram que Firefox 🙁 les tengo fé pero no me funciona a mi 🙁

  32. Oh my god. If you are going to make a video, at least get a good mic or a sound guy. Sounds like you're 15 ft away in a basement. Slurr wurd city right here..

  33. Стоит добавить слово "игровой" и любая, даже самая не подходящая вещь, становится атрибутом среды геймеров.

  34. Buenísimo, siempre me ha gustado más Opera que otros navegadores, ya que tiene muchas más opciones y su interfaz se me hace muy cómoda y ahora con está maravilla, de verdad que se agradece mucho, i love you Opera <3

  35. gaming ting means performance + other features , does it help getting better performance ??
    all what you said means no , usage limiter doesn't mean the browser will focus on the gaming , it is busy with showing nots and that take from the usage and affects performance , thumbs down opera

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