Introducing GeForce RTX R.O.N. – World’s First Holographic Gaming Assistant
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Introducing GeForce RTX R.O.N. – World’s First Holographic Gaming Assistant

August 22, 2019

NVIDIA GeForce is always introducing new ways
to move gaming technology forward. But our latest breakthrough
is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Gamers of the world, meet R.O.N. The ultimate,
next-generation, A.I.-powered virtual assistant, that delivers the promise
of personalized PC gaming. Hello Julian. Would you
like to play a game? Any smart-speaker can answer trivia questions
or play music, but R.O.N. uses cutting-edge A.I. to do SO much more
– In 18 different languages! Yo soy la cena de pollo. Je suis le dîner de poulet. 你不知道我講什麼吧。 R.O.N. can optimize your games, keep you up-to-date
on everything happening in the gaming world, and coach you through your gameplay. Julian, I have analyzed your last 412 drops. Your best win rate comes from
dropping Bunker and, well… hiding. Thanks R.O.N. Oh this guy again…
WHAT ARE YOU EVEN DOING?! Having trouble holding your temper when
dealing with weak teammates online? Don’t get banned, get R.O.N.’s patented
Rage Converter technology. OH MY GOD! I’ve got a question, how did the four
biggest *bleep*ing morons on *bleep*… Rage-converter, activated. Great work team, this has been a…
stimulating confrontation. Wow, amazing. If you’re like me, you love talking about
PC gaming on forums and Twitch and Reddit, but hate dealing with online trolls. Now, you can sit back and let R.O.N.
do the arguing for you. Troll Destroyer, ACTIVATED!! He’ll automatically link all the relevant
facts, and he never has to eat, sleep, or bathe, making him an equal match
for your average online troll. Mission complete, IcyFire420 has quit the
internet and is now laying on his floor. Thanks R.O.N. We’ve all been there. You’ve settled into an intense gaming session,
you’re just getting to the good part, and distractions start flooding in. Well, with R.O.N.’s Talk Block A.I. feature, you can buy yourself the extra time
you need to finish the final level. Julian, I’ve seeded 12 new Pokestops in
the neighborhood for your partner to chase, and reminded your parents that your little
brother is a degenerate delinquent and shouldn’t play Fortnite
until he’s studied for his math test. You should now have an extra 48 minutes and 20 seconds to game peacefully. It just works! Do you want to meet R.O.N. in person and get in on
the ground floor of A.I. assisted PC gaming? Be sure to visit the website down in the description
for more news about game-changing features, and to get notified when
R.O.N. launches later this year. Julian, I seem to have reached
the end of the internet.

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  1. killer clown: enters house
    ron: stream sniping
    clown: leaves

  2. This is by far the worst April fool's joke in a long time. And the joke is actually on Nvidia. How many millions of people where ready to grab their credit cards before realizing the date. If they cleaned out the bad jokes. It's truly an awesome concept, a "game changer" if you will. Something new and actually exciting to experience. That people would rush to buy. But no the joke is on Nvidia. Next time please spend the money on making this kind of jokes on developing this concept for real instead.

  3. The joke is, I actually said all those things while playing apex legends with my friends. Way before this video was released

  4. This is litterally possible as evident with google home and Amazon echo, petition to make R.O.N a reality

  5. Ron speaking French: "Je suis la dinette poule" which means "I am the tea party chicken". And there still ppl thinking it's not an april's fool joke ^-^

  6. WoW !! that’s pretty awesome !! Technology now a days are getting more advanced. Haha I love that anger translator ? #E32019 #RTXOn #GeForce

  7. what the hell is going on with Nvidia

    I just purchased RTX 2080 Super…and the card delivered to me today..

    But when I paste the redeem code it says " Sorry the item is out of stock.Sorry,some promotions are only available when supplies last" the the hell is this.I paid to this I am excited for this.

    Is there any way to redeem my game…

    Please help guys….


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