Interviewing the Head of YouTube Gaming while playing Fortnite!
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Interviewing the Head of YouTube Gaming while playing Fortnite!

September 12, 2019

What’s going on guys we are joined by mr Ryan Wyatt and YouTube la we are going to be asking some questions Ryan’s a head of YouTube gaming We’re gonna have a good time. We’re gonna be playing some fort night along the way. So Ryan What are you what are your thoughts? We’re gonna have a good time Look, I’m actually more scared about I’ve played since season three and so I really can’t build at all like not even slightly So we’re gonna develop a strategy pro player. I got him covered guys. I got him covered happy to answer the questions though, man The real skill is gonna see if we have an important So let’s jump on into it and see what we got. Alright, let’s do it. I jumped already So we’re gonna have to land somewhere hot. Okay, let’s go to whatever we could even go fatal fields It’s kind of chill right over there Yago fatal field exactly reminds me of home. I’m from Ohio so mr Ryan as whereas we’re dropping in tell me, uh some some basics man. Get me get me into this interview Let us that way everyone knows what it’s all about. Tell me how YouTube is doing overall With gaming right now. No for sure, man yeah, so I’ve been uh I’ve been running gaming at YouTube for four and a half years now and it’s been a it’s been an awesome ride We just have our best year ever last year in gaming. So it continues to grow I think it’s also my school how global it is, dude Yeah, and I saw the stats were unbelievable for for live-streaming just gaming content in general on YouTube where it was absolutely mad Big congrats to you guys on on that yeah, we didn’t say we did a funny like a funny stat that you could walk to a Pluto and back twelve times how much people watch gaming good. Alright So Brian, I am gonna I think they’re shooting over towards you so I’m gonna try to come a little closer There’s a really good player. I actually started fighting on then he ran away so we gotta watch out Oh, oh when I went down, alright, so I’m here to save the day. There’s two of them There’s one of me. I got this covered And I do it You kid abandon them so soon. I’m sorry. I didn’t have good loop as a warm-up game, right? That’s why we’re doing push-up So if you guys didn’t know for every single loss we’re gonna be doing 15 push-ups moving forward I’m getting this guy pumped up that we are we got that momentum going into the next game. My body’s frail I got another corner. I can do 45 over the course of six hours. So I guess hopefully we’re recording for a while Yeah, don’t curse or me. I I guess you can. Oh, thank thank you. They Know it sees me. Also kind of you 15 push-ups. I mean I if you’re No, no, I’m gonna be my fifteen here’s my marks This good form for yellow dude, it’s spot on man. Oh I bodybuilder for him Look at this dude. I feel like a just a train gave me you back face yourself to man There’s gonna be a long as if I don’t know. I wasn’t counting. Honestly, I’d say that’s more than enough Why though is the holy game we’re losing I’m not guaranteeing. Anyway. Oh, I know how fast you went down I better be here all day doing push-ups Here you get three questions through. Okay. Yeah, you got much better form. Let’s go. Oh no your form of spot-on Oh dude, the chest hits the ground almost. Haha. Hey. Well listen in my defense I’ve been doing these like on street for so long so I can literally do like 300 humblebrag Not in a row not in a row. Oh no, ya kidding I mean 300. Yeah I can I can do 15. Hahahaha Man all right, we’re gonna be that extreme some more kills next game 9, don’t worry. Don’t worry I’m ready mess up our drop. We not suffer drop. Alright, so mr. Ryan as we’re loading up into this Yeah, tell me what is the riotous? Yeah, what are you to spy or ”tis for gaming ya know. It’s a great question so a couple things you know when I think of like the three Buckets that I try to focus on its user community right to the people that are watching and engaging with gaming content The creators themselves and game publishers obviously really important. They’re kind of the The backbone of the gaming system. They make the great games that we play So those are the three it’s that you know, we’re focused on building whether it’s tools for establishing a better business with them and so forth so Obviously live-streaming has been a big focus and we’re gonna continue to iterate on that where we drop in well Yes, if you’re down. Yep, so we want to keep building on that. There’s more features We still have to create and to be honest with you there’s a lot of great competitive platforms out there that are focusing on gaming and so it continues to push us to make sure we’re Innovating and we’re developing kind of the tools that all the live streamers need on the platform The other thing we’re trying to address is we need to create more Monetization streams for creators regardless of their live or VOD creators or if they’re you know hybrid above right? So a lot of what we’re focusing on now is how can we do more with our what we call alternative model monetization? So like super chat and chairmembers We still have a lot more than I need to do with them Right and then rolling it out goals super stickers, you know, I know that sin beta right now that kind of stuff Yeah, and I mean that’s like just the like the tip of the iceberg there. We got to do a lot more right now I did drop a little shorter. That’s not hard. But that’s okay. Yeah, don’t you worry. We are gonna clutch off here Yeah But feeling you have like four kills so that those are the two things there and then with game publishers We’re focusing on doing something called account linking so you can authenticate your game account on YouTube Oh, so like I don’t forget to actually talk about something but no no, no. No, absolutely it’s fine So yeah, like with regards to I guess like your stats So if you see a streamer and you wanna you want to see what how many kills he’s got how many wins It’s gonna be like right there integrated into YouTube is what you’re saying. Well, so a couple things one We that’s something we can do. It’s not really on the roadmap right now But what we want to do is uh, so we did it with supercell all right, so we lunch with supercell they obviously at the mobile game clash Royale and What we did with them was you basically couldn’t log in your super cell count and when you watch the clash RAL like eSports League Their championship they were giving out in-game digital loot. And then so there’s yeah and so there’s other things we can do with it Yeah, like in theory with the link happening of a game account we could show you stats Right cuz you’ll be able to authenticate. You know your Nikkei account. Yeah on those these guys Finally over here Come over to you a chef. Just popping a big shield. I’ll be right there Who’s behind us? Oh Okay, you can still get back in this game if I clutch up here and I grab your reef So I’ll be here if they do go for the finish. Listen, I got I got I got third party Hahaha good that was fire. Always always make sure he has that excuse ready. Oh my gosh, you saw it live? Look at you’re over here farming me. No, no, no, dude. Hey, listen, the communication is key We did not have that communication know that okay. We’re multitasking It’s all gone got him and I’m gonna grab your beacon and look at that. There’s a bus right there I can just put your spawn and then we’re good. They got us covered. Yep. Exactly Yeah, so the accounting thing is real fun. We’re working on that We’re partnering with a bunch of game publishers to launch that. All right, and yeah, dude. I cannot wait for that Hopefully I can go yeah happy games and everything. I don’t come soon. It’s amazing And I guess I kind of transitioned in the subject of like, you know Where do you see YouTube gaming in like one or two years? Yeah, you know, it’s a great question Obviously, it’s my job to can always be thinking about that, too So here’s here’s a couple things that have been really interesting to me. Uh one mobile gaming has become massive. Oh, I’m back to oh, no, just don’t you where there’s more. Yeah, you’re getting double team That’s why a good teammate like, oh I would have had your back. No, it’s all good You’re gonna kill this guy and I’m gonna go to them. Yep Okay, I’m gonna I’m gonna block you off and I’m gonna kill the other guy who’s gonna be rushing it Yep, and then I’m gonna get that rez and then we’re gonna be laughs like you can see in the future Oh Wait, you’re sweaty though right into the play. Yeah, please I can’t do push-ups. Yeah. Oh, whoa, I just faced her God aah, oh thank goodness, and I’m talking about my arms are starting to shit I’m like, yeah, what were we talking about? Yeah, so like in one to two years like we had a tradition Where do you see YouTube gaming? Okay, so a couple of things one this really cool emergence of mobile gaming has been awesome, right? So yeah, Greenough free fire pub G Mobile not as much in like the US and Europe in some of these Western markets But it’s really become big in Asia So I think mobile gaming people watching mobile gaming is actually gonna come more to the forefront as well The other interesting thing is are a stadia announcement, right? Oh my god. Yeah, and so people people being able to watch Like click on a link on YouTube or click click on a video on YouTube and immediately start playing that game Instantaneously and so I think we’re gonna see this like this loop close of playing and watching and kind of the lines converging a little bit, right so III think that will be really exciting both, you know The the stadia stuff will take a couple of years as the games come out in the Creator ecosystem You know adopts it and there’s more features, but I think that’s gonna be incredibly exciting so those are like the big things on on my mat mobile gaming live streaming’s and obviously gonna continue to explode and then kind of You know plant being able to play video games and watch on YouTube, right? Oh, man. I’m so excited. That sounds awesome Yeah, I’m like, are you trolling me right now with that sincere? No, no So I noticed you just added a lot of features like I added, you know stories out of the community tab And so but you know, there are some creators who tend to shy away from using that kind of stuff But I think some of them think that it might affect their channel their the YouTube algorithm if they were to post you know using this story maybe it’ll take away from their video that they post and I feel like a lot of Streamers have that mentality with their videos as well. Like, you know, if I livestream it’s gonna negatively impact my videos I don’t tend to notice that yeah, um but I just what do you have to say to people that might think that or that you know where I I guess like are There any stats that show that yeah, so there’s like a couple questions in there I think like the first one is is around just like the the quote-unquote like the algorithm the yeah the Beast We look at it this way It’s like we want to make sure that we are surfacing content to what the user wants to watch. Right and so Using a variety of cues to do that and we also still want the ability to manually watch what you want to watch so whether I’m coming in so whether it’s using your sub speed to find the video or oh man, I’ve totally missed the That’s right. Oh, you look good all actually, I’ll lie down with you. I’ll dive down with you that we’re kind of landed together Great, and honestly, we could you can do some loot too. So yes, I think yeah. I’m at Lou Lake Over here. So I think it’s a couple things right? We want to make sure that we’re servicing content People want to watch straight, right? and so we have some ideas ideas and cues on on that and then we also want to give optionality to make sure that You can find what you specifically are looking for and but we also want to always be introducing new content That is you know, it’s related to it so I think that’s like on the algorithm and recommendation the one thing to remember too with just Stories are live streaming in general is like making sure that you’re pacing out the content that you distribute them Not just all at once like in this given like five minutes. You’re posting a two stories two videos one live stream. That’s right And so we’re trying to do better on like educating on programming Strategies so that it doesn’t feel like this black box of what happens and what are best practices if I’m somebody that’s uploading You know two videos a day What should I be doing with live streaming stories? If I’m somebody that just wants to be a live streamer if I’m mixing VOD and live streaming together. So I think Well what’s on us and I’m running but I think this thing might give me a little bit Oh, you should be good at section not closing. No, you could even get my respawn beaker or my reboot card So yeah, I think I think what we owe is Best practices around these features because it’s not true that like, yeah Like using it as a puts your channel a disadvantage I’ve even done studies around like the live analysis, but what came from that is we need to educate on programming Yeah, so people know like, you know, maybe maybe the reason why they might see decline It’s like they’re using all of their you know stories videos streaming all together and they own one give an hour and then you know maybe people don’t want to watch all that kind of stuff because it’s also Saturated in one given moment in time and it’s that’s right, right Like you have a you have a user base that and cares about the content But if you are if you’re surfacing up like so much to them There’s only so many hours in a day that be able to watch. This is amazing Wait wait, so you die. You just got in the last second. So now you can go to the respawn car. No Ruby Reboot cars that we do right there. I marked it for you. I’ll be honest – you got me asking these these questions over Yeah, I’m sweating. I know that you asked me for tonight questions. I asked you YouTube questions I’m saving us from I like that – that’s good All right, so we’re just gonna go as far like south as we can We just don’t oh boy, cause we got a heal up, right? We took storm damage So let’s go far south east or even buy the supply don’t speak for yourself, man I’m healing up here on the back seat. Hahaha. Alright, and we’re gonna save this Also, I have no mats If you want to hook me out Brian and be a good friend, I would gladly oh my gosh That is unfortunate because I have no ammo and no mats I’m gonna get that rez. Oh, yeah Let me be the sleeper. I think I’m gonna die here to be on no, you’re not. I think I honestly I’m not I am Okay, we gotta bounce you got any or maybe we should wait I’m gonna get this Supply Drop Campfire, oh no. Oh no All right, you’re gonna add survival for us Don’t worry, don’t worry Dude, I had no he’ll I attend it’s not over like this No way You’re not gonna die Ryan So that we just die there I don’t know push-ups That was a rough way. It’s a good way to get in shape Yeah, I mean cuz you know as a streamer like I’m sitting down all day. So we got to get that business to know It’s a greater going first Oh, yeah real quick like my arms are still shaking from the last Your form wasn’t as good on this and the second one it was the first oh what I gonna do me like that. I know man just Don’t know We’ll see. I know I feel like I got it. I got a zip up and I’m like, whoa, we prepared I’m bringing my Nikes for our next one Oh Yeah, see that’s some good form right there I’d like to see it oh I’m getting there Come on, if you know the dupe, I’m already feeling stronger. Oh, yeah Dude, you’re gonna be pumped out of your mind. Once you’re done veins are gonna be popping out and everything Man for each kill I get you should be doing 20. That’s right, dude I was thinking maybe I’ll do BB about you do or something if I contribute to a game That’s fair. All right So Ryan, do you want to loudly and actually on how many notifications get sent out to a YouTube channel per 24 hours Yet. No, that’s a good question. So per YouTube creator channel the notifications. We send out in a 24 hour period is 3 Okay. So basically the idea is, you know, you’re obviously subscribe to multiple channels at a time We wanted to like make sure we weren’t spamming notifications So 3 per channel a 24 hour period yeah We did a lot of like analysis around this and that’s kind of like that’s a where we identified as the sweet spot and a lot of it comes behind like You don’t want too many notifications come to Shut it off and then it’s like it defeats the purpose of notifications entirely and it’s like, you know, yeah They’re not using them or they’re not in it and I’m not clicking through into the notification cuz like why do you get so many? You’re just like yeah, exactly looks like spam in a sense Yeah, it’s very rare that anyone does like 3 videos a day or 3 videos two videos on a live stream You know, it’s like oh great. Yeah three notifications. I think it’s more than enough So well good because I was I was gonna make sure we change it. I thought there should be more. Yeah We’re dropping a pleasant Park. We’re gonna get a little more comfortable and we’re gonna Embrace the exact same drop over and over and over again until we finally get a dog and pleasant loved it I’m working hard on my On deploying at the appropriate time. I feel like I’m still gonna fall while you are working hard on that, right? I got a question while we’re gliding in the air. Don’t mess up your drop. We got it We got to get a good but I have a question so with regards to on these compilation channels you see in the four-night community where people are like uploading clips of streamers from all over the place and You know, it’s not necessarily from the streamer itself. People are taking this content Is that a good thing for the content creator for the streamer? Is that a bad thing? Does it affect both people in a positive way? Is there anything that YouTube is doing? Do they look at it as a good thing anything you want to like touch on with regards to that subject? Yeah No, those are all those are all a good question. So I mean look it do I think there’s These clips that ultimately end up going by rules. Sometimes we get a lot of viewership. Is that good for awareness around the creators? Sure But the creators should be the ones that kind of dictate on their terms when that content should be used right It’s their content. They have the rights to it. So we have a Tool I’m jumping in here. Okay. Yep, the copyright match tool that basically is in the The creator studio. Gotcha Yeah, so you can use that if your creator and you want to capture that content like you’re able to do YouTube studio So yeah We heard that feedback and we made sure that we had a tool that kind of addresses that Together is the top you guys game. Hey, man, we were taking all that crater feedback very helpful It just made, you know, ultimately sometimes takes time to implement a lot of these things in these features and to work at scale Right millions and millions of videos being uploaded on any given day, right? so like we have to we have to be thoughtful about how we go through everything but It creator feedback is incredibly helpful in doing that right through that whole house, by the way, I didn’t get anyway I’m gonna drop you a SMG if you’re down if you come told you, yeah. Yep. Yeah, there’s a moat You’re right better than it what I have before which was nothing. Yes, sir On the livestream stuff, right? So we’re mindful of people ripping live shames. Oh, they’re honest. Oh, okay. I’m gonna pressure 38 blue on them Coming over to you. Oh, you got something someone else all yeah. He’s up on the roof. I’m gonna come get you Ryan He breaks through let me know and all he’s trying to break through and I yeah and I’ll pump them you baiting In there oh god no Yeah, it’s on the live stream compilations as well we wanted to be mindful of Making sure when like we should be not we should be servicing some of this content. So prominently if people are doing 24/7 live streams of content they don’t have and so we spend a lot of time addressing that problem as well I mean, it’s great. That was the difference hundred percent oh my god 100 percent and that’s all I’ll honestly a big thing like on Twitter that I saw people were you Guys about so yeah, I can tell you guys are looking into the community fucking everything man good. It’s I love it I have these like Doc’s from all the tweets. I get like aggregating all this feedback and it’s great Not only things to change but like things to add and different feature sets So I remember you kind of brought that up. And so I mean that was like, I don’t know maybe I Remember you asked everyone on Twitter like what what kind of feedback and features you guys would like a JIT? Yeah, you guys are always looking for like it. You know. Yeah, so that was a yeah, dude. That’s right. That was like July or That thank you for that and I’m glad that you’ve noticed the difference. Yeah. Okay, it’s good. I mean we’re doing something right over so yeah with the rights to community feedback everything, um whenever you see someone tweeting out on Twitter like You know that they’re having problems and issues Do you find that? Someone’s drawing attention to something who has a like if they have a large audience and they tweet it out Does that help speed up the process in which it came a problem gets fixed or that something gets? Attention towards and whether it’s a new feature whether it’s this or is it just better to just handle it privately with you know? emailing YouTube through the help support program What would be the best proper way I guess to go about something like that? That’s a good name. That’s a really good question. I’ve kind of personal take on it is if people feel passionate about something they should be speaking up about it period right and so if they feel like What I what I think is important for us is make sure that we have all the communication Paths of whatever they want to take, right? So sometimes I feel creators feel like the only way that they can be heard is vocalizing and on Twitter and we do have you know, robust social media teams that are fielding like You know YouTube gaming and Team YouTube the drive to Twitter handle and look I think that can be a productive way of providing feedback I mean people messaging me. Anyway, we can get it. I think it’s fine However, like it doesn’t necessarily change the priority order right when things come in whether it’s issues product features things We need to fix improve upon or feel you know We have to think about it holistically with everything else we have to do and you have to make tough decisions On how you prioritize so if this content creator number one gets like 500,000 retweets on this feature that he really really wants That’s not gonna basically speed up the process in a sense It doesn’t I think it’s like I think it’s like it’s not that that speeds up the process but how I I think it is like well look this is obviously really important the creator community right and maybe we aren’t prioritizing it at the know the level that it should be based off of this feedback from the Creator community and so in that case sure maybe maybe Something will get expedited or changed from a priority order because we missed the mark on how important it was the creator communities Nothing’s gonna be better from a feedback perspective than coming from the users and how they interact with it And as well as the creators who are putting up all the contact. Okay? Yeah So with regards to you like live stream I know live stream is a big thing on YouTube and just in general lately people love that interactivity and everything. Yeah So with regards to like streaming and coding, um, will we see improved encoding on YouTube? So it’s more better quality and I guess another thing would would be see the live stream delay ever reduced even more Is that constantly being worked on to be you know to have that that one-to-one interaction where it’s instantaneous? Because I know that’s a big thing with screaming people love how you know, you send a message to a streamer and then BAM Right away, they’re responding to it. So yeah, look I think improving the video player is On the live streaming and that’ll be something that the team always wants to work on improving So the latency, you know for your channel is probably you know, when you do low latency like 8 to 10 seconds, right? Yeah so I think the one thing is like as we focus first and foremost on what we can do to continue to improve quality and Globally at scale, right? So, you know people are watching from all around the world in a lot of different markets a lot of the internet capability Yeah, and so making sure that everyone’s experience is as seamless as possible But improving on quality is important, you know the latency stuff too. I’ll be honest with you like dude Is that something you’d want to see more real-time Oh, what up with engage mode? Yeah, whatever’s like I would definitely like to see it, you know cut down maybe even to like five seconds four seconds I love being able to you know get a cool head shot and then look at the chat and right away see that reaction versus like 10 seconds later it almost like Takes you out of that moment in a sense. Well, we have a like a brilliant live infrastructure team I’m gonna say I’m gonna send over that go with them on both of those but I tell you like we care. I love that Maybe HD as well. Yeah, yeah Yeah, but it’s obviously something with like live streaming. Okay, all the feature sets we’re working on We want to continue to improve on live and building upon live and it’s it’s like a never-ending thing right because even when we get so the things that we have Planned we’re gonna want to continue to build on that too, right? So right we’re really committed to live streaming long-term for not just gaming but you know YouTube live in general Which is is this massive live streaming platform that are people using for a variety of reasons, right? So yeah, we’re pretty committed to it. And I’m gonna I’m gonna let them know about the we gotta get that delayed I’m sure everyone watching in my a team in my community. They’re gonna love to hear that. So, thank you. All right Yeah, the response of a team there was yeah, I like it. Okay another thing that people love actually is the Epic Games supporter creator program and you know Whether its creators, whether it’s just people watching people’s favorite creators and to be able to support them in such an easy way That doesn’t even cost them any money Essence so I guess like my question for you guys for you It’s like do you have anything like top maybe planned for YouTube Google stadia anything like that? You could touch on I guess flip the guard Yeah I mean there’s some stuff like can’t necessarily touch on that we’re working on but I’ll tell you what that program was one of the best most brilliant things that game publisher has ever done a support like a creator ecosystem and I can’t give Enough credit and I think we have a lot to learn from that feature. Okay Oh, yeah, leave it. I’ll leave it at but it’s on my radar. I think it’s a great feature I love how it is kind of celebrated both the community and the creator alike and There are some learnings from that that we could definitely be with YouTube. Awesome. I have 600 wood as well, too. So I’m ready Okay, sounds good. Yeah, we want to get in a gun. Yeah, I was gonna go back for the ATVs I totally just forgot no no in burning hood. I forgot as well. So we’ll let all those slide then. Yeah Oh, you see these skills. You see these on the desk right here. We got mini impulses right here. Look at that Hey YouTube, man You guys said they set this all up guys and they did an incredible job like the background everything they built this from scratch This is great. It’s insane and we got mini slurp juices here as well. What? So, I guess what the regards to like the YouTube algorithm and how it works and everything Are we gonna soon see on YouTube live streams being separate from videos? I guess like with regards to streaming in general. Are there any features coming to YouTube that you just like to talk about maybe or Yeah, yeah So for the first one, what do you want exactly eat me by like separating live streaming video So I guess like with my channel, so I tend to do a lot of live streams. Yeah Yeah, you know I still do some videos as well and I think the videos are a lot more quality You know, there’s editing involved in doing this I think I just don’t want my channel to be like my tagged nummies donkeys on I Hit him. I want you to know please cut to my footage by three seconds of glory So, yeah, so I guess like with regard to my channel I tend to I did a stream of law. So I don’t want my videos being overshadowed by all the streams No maybe not people will say like the YouTube algorithm in all that stuff will Affect the you know the videos, I guess because or the stream since the streams are they tend to be a lot longer? than videos so might decrease watch time which may you know decrease the video the likelihood of the video being recommended So I guess like would there be a way for the algorithm? Differentiating for the video innocence or maybe just have us up a table like life’s names in one app. You’re gonna go. Be careful I knocked one I’m gonna gas them so he’s gonna be should be panicking a little bit. I tagged them for 15 And his teammates down so he’s got pressure on him. I’m using a chug. Chug. Okay, you’re good I’m gonna I’m gonna I’m gonna get back to this question after this gun, okay We got to focus on the task at hand here. Oh You know, he’s hurt though Oh, buddy You got this mr. Ryan, yeah, I think his teammates still down so he might go for the rest. Oh Yeah working on the mattes. I like it Where’s this guy at I just heard you might even left you might even be able to get my robe he just okay Okay, that already could be reviving him. He could be reviving somewhere in those old bills like next to my card Yeah, I hear those that if I see him, I just saw Okay I’m thirsty I’m because I’m Riding a bike. Yeah, and you got my revive card You just got to kill. Yeah, let’s go. Oh my where’s this bus at? All right. I’ll mark the closest one The closest one is by dusty right on that mark. Yeah Man I thought I didn’t want to do push-ups Dude your aim is insane Oh my god that counts as a third kill he’s not getting down you literally Sorry, we didn’t get too far man. But that was good cuz we’re improving. I think we gotta do push-ups this time Hey, you know what? I think it’s a push-up set. So that’s what’s causing you to do so well, man We’ll take that question back into the next young. Ah, yeah, I’m just gonna get mine over with here Good I Gotta give you the p90s from now on. You’re right. I cross those guys. Oh, geez, you shouldn’t I need to learn how to build That born love to see it I put my phone there so it looks like I’m actually dropping close to the ground man Off camera, you don’t see is the easiest resting on this. We put like a green box down City Pacific This is a really good idea at like you’re streaming all day and you’re not yeah, you wouldn’t move like it’s a brilliant idea exactly Matt cuz like I mean you know as gamers and streamers you tend to stay a lot like sitting down and everything’s Innocent and not only that but you promote fitness to everyone watching as well. Everyone will start doing it with me on screen It’s a great idea. Yeah. Well, you don’t know that they’re doing that on stream, but they say they do When I watch I say I’m doing all the time. I’m really struggling. Okay? No, it’s a great idea. Yeah Yeah, and it motivates me to make sure we win. Hey I’m like sweat. My hands are sweating than those kids around. Oh my god. I do it every single time. I get eliminated I do 15s I there was a point where I did like 400 or 350 on some rough day. Oh my gosh, who’s wrong? So rough game Ryan, where are we dropping? We gotta get all our the first game for you Don’t even show his footage guys Just put my face cam over his game boy. I was terrible there’s only three kills I’m gonna get today We’ll go polar. Alright, I’ve never been okay, so we’re gonna go to the sleds feels like a state before something. Yeah Yeah, I was there was no snow here There was no mountain before so we’ll go to that brick building right there and we’ll be gated cool Um, yes I want to ask you so With the receipt of live-streaming will we ever see like a separation between live streams and videos? so with my I tend to you know swimmer law and I don’t want my live streams to overshadow my videos once I do work hard on them and once I do post a video every you know Every couple days or every week or so because I do two straight two streams every single day. Yeah Um, sorry, I guess my question is will we see that separation? Anytime soon or do you guys plan to keep maybe YouTube just everything together? Yeah, no, it’s a good question man, especially kind of coming from the live space where it’s you know There’s a lot going on there. There’s no plans to change it. I think we also learned a lot from YouTube gaming I’m trying to drive people to another destination to separate the content and it’s just that was all the reason why we were really excited to bring it back and you know make youtube gaming such a big part of YouTube as a whole so I think a lot Of what we want to do is learn how they can coexist Now that’s not to say like to your point There’s not things we can improve upon on on how you differentiating how you identify content library. And what’s that user behavior? Yeah, but there’s no plans to like Draw a hard wall in between these things and separate them. Yeah That’s why I do love like YouTube as a platform itself like everything is all together at once I got my screaming on my videos people don’t have to download this separate app to go to this stream and then to watch this Video, so I kind of like that Yeah and I think it like you know what I’m talking to the team and how we think of it is like it’s a We’re video platform, right? So like when you’re a video platform period you need you need to be able to offer The variety of suite of video content that people want to create so like you saw stories launched But that’s why we needed to do live streaming and when we launched all that like the reboot of it in 2015 you know it all came from the fact that We never want people to feel like they have to go to another platform in order to have some piece of content that you want To create right? Yeah So if you wanted to view do your long-form or highlights or stories or whatever it is? Right like you have this video platform where you kind of do everything so yeah, I so I guess like another question could be well, we’re pharma Nam and everything but um just with regards to I guess like how you know When most people are building up a channel or like whether the streaming or through videos? Um you know people tend to stick with one game versus going but you know doing variety streaming and then it’s not everyone but I guess my question is Do you do you plan to work with developers directly? With specific games to kind of help encourage that when people are trying to build communities are specific game Can you give me kind of like an example what you’re thinking about? Yeah, so maybe with regards to I think we might’ve touched on this earlier look at the accounting stuff Yeah, like, you know, it’s like, you know, maybe I support a creator with epic game So, you know if you want to support Nikkei 30, it’s directly integrated into YouTube itself Like maybe you just click a button and then BAM your account on Epic Games gets linked through just a button Press on the sidebar of YouTube or in the description or something It’s the two things somebody’s over here. Okay The other thing is yeah, I think the one area that like we got to continue to build on that We haven’t done a lot of is how we connect the publishers on YouTube to the Creator ecosystem right so account linking is like definitely a big step there and we’re gonna be able to build off of that and do a lot of Cool stuff, so I think that’s kind of the first That’s like the the product that will first get our foot in the door to start Addressing some of the features and things that you wanna wait for it. Yeah. Yeah, and so he ran away from the hamster ball That coward. Yeah, I’m with you though if he comes back, I think there’s another one I honestly write to the east I’m pretty sure he dropped down somewhere So, I don’t know if he’s inside or on the outside, but I heard a drop. He’s right below us Or maybe even a ball about no, he’s above yeah. Yeah Second for them. There’s two We tag me real good Put a drop on the sky fire Oh Wow, he got me. He’s really hurting I Did I did I did so much damage? 970 wife he was almost done now take it back from this. We’re skipping or skipping this time add that to the queue Yeah, we can’t not these games that are like five minutes man. We gotta stop honestly like this is not acceptable you have work We’ll do a hundred and twenty push-ups at the end So, yeah, I think we really got to work on building Products specifically with publishers in mind that bridge the Creator user and publisher together on YouTube, right? And so like you gotta bring all three those communities together. I feel like you know creators have worked with publishers closely users Are you know have a lot of different ways to interact with creators whether it’s fan meetups whether it’s channel memberships But what we haven’t done is something that brings all three of them together I think stadia is really cool because the games right like you be able to play and then I think we can do stuff with Account linking that brings these kind of I can’t wait And we can keep iterating No, but we’re working on it working on it, yeah, you stay tuned yeah Man you guys are killing it. We got some You guys thank you. We appreciate it. I love having you we just need you to get a little bit more intense So, yeah, so I want to ask you Ryan with regards to YouTube live streaming it’s relatively young Yeah, how do you see the service evolving over time? I guess like next year the year after three years from now five years That’s a great question. Yeah, it’s come a long way and we still have a long way to go So like I think about back in the day like 2011 or 12 We had the Olympics there was like the presidential election A lot of different live broadcasts we had but we were live-streaming those on YouTube Yeah, but they were good wasn’t different creators. It was like you got to be really technically savvy to live, right? It’s just cuz it wasn’t like YouTube’s core business by any stretch of the imagination And so 2015 we had like we had to overhaul live-streaming make it easier for like a creator to go live rebuild the chat system You know add channel memberships and super chat and all these different things So, you know, it’s it’s a it’s a great product now, but we still have a lot of stuff we need to do And so we’re continuing to dedicate time features product energy Towards it it’s an important part of our business because we’re a video platform. You can’t really be a video without it But even that’s a video platform you guys are stepping it up as a screw Bye for now – man. I tell you I’m proud to be known as a YouTube livestream err Thank You Man I really do. I really appreciate that you guys put into it and like with regards to everything new features just tech support all Items You build on I’ll break them down Will be the best duo ever. There it is Ya know that needs a lot man and we have a we have a lot more that we’re still gonna keep doing so know that it’s uh, We’re in it for the long haul with live streaming. So I’m glad to hear that myself, you know so that I ate I have so much confidence to you guys and I’m gonna keep on Keep on supporting and keep on screaming. I love a man’s ain’t nothing Thanks, cuz it’s the truth and I’m just grateful to be on this whole and your feedback is really helpful It gets us to where we need to be – man, right? Like I mean, that’s the that’s the thing We need to hear from people that are using this product every single day in order for us to continue to iterate We can observe what’s happening in the space But there’s a lot we want to innovate and do specifically for YouTube for YouTube creators and losers. So write your feedback is helpful Okay. Yeah, so I guess Ryan I Guess like from your guys a standpoint What do you want to see from us streamers us content creators people who are posting videos And I guess that’s kind of a two-part question in a sense of like, you know to help your guys’s kamini What can we do to to help and then also? Like what does youtube I guess we want to see with regards to you know, we’re gonna be doing well Like what is the the best kind of video the best kind of swimming or is that just too broad of a question? It’s like it’s a broad question. Like I think of success from our perspective when creators are happy, right? And so I think that’s what we need to focus on and I’ll be honest It’s like that’s not always the case right and there’s things that we need to do better and we need to work on and we need to develop and so I think it’s less about like uh need for content creation I just want people when they come to YouTube you like I can use this product for whatever video creation I want. Right, right So if I want to live stream if I want to use stories if I want to upload video, you know Whatever I want to do I can do it on YouTube and I think like that success from our perspective and people feeling empowered and able to do so so I got Anything specific, you know, like we love that people are using live streaming more and more every day I think if anything gets more about validating what we’re building than anything else, so yeah That’s kind of I guess with regards to family-friendly content and non family-friendly content. Um Do you guys have any stats or anything in particular that shows that maybe family-friendly channels do better than non family-friendly channels? Maybe they do the same. Is there anything like from like a big like an overall standpoint like watch time minutes wash? There are more minutes being watched of family-friendly content versus non family-friendly content cuz I know a lot of people here tend to associate Family-friendly content with like being a lot more like I got successful or more brand When you mean family-friendly you mean like not using profanity Yeah, I guess like not swearing and making it so kids can watch and not you know, got it. Yeah got it Now that not like like content around education or learning Yeah, I don’t like I mean, I guess you could still be playing for tonight But just as long as the streamer itself is where in a sense Yeah You know absolutely like nothing from like when I think about it like a performance of what does better than either not at all I mean look, if now 200 million people that have come one coming and watching gaming every day So there’s something for everybody in that regard But what it does is around, you know brand suitability with advertising it helps with monetization. That’s for sure There’s no doubt. Like if you’re using excessive profanity, uh Advertisers aren’t gonna want to necessarily put ads behind that content, right? Cuz I they too are seeking to to put their ads in front of people that are you know Maybe not swearing so much in life Those videos don’t perform works It’s just it’s all about what people want to see in a sense a lot of people tend to associate like, you know, if you swear then you know your videos gonna get hit by be Algorithm and then you know it performs worse, but that’s definitely not the case It’s just more or less like what people want to watch Yeah, you want to give advertisers optionality of what type of content they’re putting their ads behind paying for it, right? Oh, I’m on my way for that. So yeah, that’s that’s how we kind of look at it Yeah, I don’t think there’s any kind of unique advantage you have by being a you know a channel that doesn’t use profanity But I think it’s amazing that there are gaming channels that are out there that are using profanity, right? like it’s really important that we break the stigma around gaming that that’s what that’s So right I love I love that you do it and I’m gonna get you a kill to show you my appreciation right now Third party the solo. Yeah, and then there’s more to the right just inside up til did it? don’t forget about that big shield – Ryan and this store is Also, the other thing is I definitely keep forgetting the farm Yeah, I know It is it’s it’s not ideal for me Somebody’s up here. All you got to do shoot you rap and you proved that you have some beastly aims, so I’m not even worried Down with a headshot. Let’s go. Oh I’m coming over coming over. That’s alright swag better Avenge me, don’t you worry. I’m not down my brother And I’m coming for your for your banner and I’m gonna get you minis Let’s do what a savage so I try to do every single top tier gameplay every I knew was coming out Your just said you’re warmed up Dude, you could go do a thousand push-ups I know man, we teaming up a walk I’m sending up an email that I’m leaving youtube to pursue my career as a youtuber with you So yeah, man, I think it’s great I love that you’re doing this in you’re creating content for people that love and appreciate it Dude, I think it’s really it’s an awesome thing. I appreciate that. Yes So I’ll go get you with that. We got beacon real quick and tilted you’re not gonna have any weapons But I’m sure there’s some I can give you this one, right but there’s one you saw him, right? Okay, is that kind of cool we can just kind of peek on each other’s screens. Yeah, love it I feel like coche. Hey now. Yeah, we changed roles here Yeah, I will right here they are they are right there I dropped half my ammo I’m in it I’m in it Let’s go. Okay. Ambos right there – Ryan. I kind of marked it. Yeah, they’re sorry. I think I run from this Okay. Now I owe a little hamster ball Shotgun amuse Freya Righto and what we got we got our strategy down now. I got a campfire for you to hear. You’re gonna come right here I’ll place it down right in this little one ball Pam and I got you with the meetings as well. This is great news Yeah, look at all this so much camaraderie, man. I love this. I love this to the committee. Oh dude here I can take some wood not too much at 100. So it’s not there 225 right there. There we go This is my gun where you got the scoped revolver, isn’t that what I use last night, I mean, I don’t know No, you’re using the what do you call it? Oh, no, this thing sucks. Yeah, you reckon the flintlock. I mean You’re gonna block that out anyway Oh we getting shot from the north the exoteric Right. How good are you asking? That’s not my strong suit, but I’m gonna do it Okay, so I got a question for you while we’re getting shot here and we got the storm They’ll run actually know what maybe it’s not a good idea. Maybe we asked out there. Okay. All right Well, then all the question down, but I’m in I’m in the circle, okay? Boat number just rang once hardscoping with a sniper do not peek just be extra careful If you do use the left side down over the head shot. He peaked too long Let’s go get him 41 boo 41 flu again all you Ryan get her done This is amazing crashing they we’re winning this game. I tell you these guys had guys Come on these two people and I definitely was pushing Nice oh he sniped me, but that’s alright. I’m gonna get this guy and then I wanna come picture your beacon. Hopefully there’s a Whoa, he was quick. Hey, he wants Well, this guy’s a little feisty one Oh Where’s your beacon, right It’s right there you got time. Oh, here you go Hey, dude, 55 seconds, man. Take your time. Got him. Oh, oh, there’s another one too Oh, that’s why you got hit that one time. Yeah, and I don’t know which ones my builds are not it’s scary to be honest Oh, no, don’t worry Ryan, I’m not gonna let you die, dude Nikki got me so worried you got him You got okay your beacon. I gotta find that There you go nice night I just dip and then I go for it yep harder percent You get out of there. There’s actually there’s no beacon. I think there’s no beacon in zone. I not going storm and I die No, all right finish out the win for us, dude. Okay, okay. Oh my goodness This is it – I think we’ve asked I think you’ve asked the question He’s yeah, I know so this is like you gotta end just like the grave. I we got to do 30 push-ups Yeah, that’s fine. You’re gonna have to give me a break in between the two. There’s two players left. You got one team left Oh Nick Better than the Storm he’s are we taking a lot of damage He is he is a squirmy little one yeah. Oh No. Oh no You have to put that up I’m not doing push-ups you definitely always thirty I Don’t know man. That was a bad not drop the storm. Got to me, honestly You know what though? It was still good games a great game Nine kills no one’s gonna take that from you. You have more kills than I had I think all three games four games combined. So yeah, I can’t I can’t, you know threw mine to judge. We work together We were dominant Matt something to say about that All right, we’re gonna have to get some practice that next time together I love it I love it I love it Well, thanks for having me on jail and I really appreciate ya. Alright pleasure. Good luck with the World Cup. Thank you so much I’ll see you in July. I guess. I’ll be there in New York So guys I guess it’s gonna wrap up the video Hope you guys enjoyed that if there’s any questions you guys wanted me to ask Ryan that you thought would be better Or maybe the questions that you really enjoyed hearing the answers You definitely know in the comments Ryan any no and you know What if there’s some questions in the comments and they get like bumped up to the top or if you want Holly I’ll go in And answer them. All right. There you go. No answer after after the video is posted. So check it out guys Alright, leave your comments. Thanks for having me everyone. So 3 2 1 AYYYYYY

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