Internet connected gaming chair DX racer – part 1

August 31, 2019

This is the DX racer gaming chair A few weeks ago I saw this on amazon special deals and being in the need of a brand new gaming chair I instantly bought the item The best part about the chair, is the LED settings Yes, this version of the chair has LED’s integrated all over it but little did I know, the one I bought from Amazon did not have LED’s inside nor the controller or the battery pack. It was exactly the same chair even had the power button the back of the chair but completely empty of all electronics. No wonder it was that cheap SoI decided to retro-fit the entire chair into an Internet of things device. This is my Wifi enabled, Sound reactive, own interface and pulse in the dark gaming chair And this is how I built it I began by designing the board in eagle cad The board is actually quite simple It uses the ESP8266 as the main microcontroller and wifi-stack Three mosfets which control RED, BLUE and GREEN A step-up voltage regulator to turn my battery pack of 5 volts into 12 volts for the LED strip to work. and finally a sound detection module for that sound reactive LED feature I would like to add At the heart of this project is this RGB LED strip and the purpose of all these components boils down to controlling the LED strip over the internet. So im gonna be designing the PCB for the next couple of minutes If you’d like to skip to the part where I get the board printed and fabricated you can click here now that I have the board printed I’m gonna carefully apply soldering paste to the pads and place the components on it, then I will bake the board if you’d like to skip to the baking part click here So one of my favorite things in board design is baking the board Usually in a professional scenario you’d have an actual oven for these things but im just gonna go ahead and use a medium quality heat blower I absolutely love seeing the components melt and align perfectly and thats mainly due to the soldering paste pulling them back the copper pad Ahh yea look it melt, look at it melt yeah~ YEAH!!!!!!!! Nothing feels better than turning own your own printed circuit board for the very first time And that was it for the first part of the project in the next video I’ll be showing you how I built the web application and the firmware for the microcontroller So stay tuned and subscribe!

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