International BBQ Taste Test (GAME)

August 29, 2019

– How well do you know
your international ‘cue? – Let’s talk about that. (playful theme music) Good mythical morning. – Happy Labor Day, the day devoted to all the expectant mothers out there. That is what Labor Day’s about, isn’t it? – Yeah I think so. – Okay, and you know what
expectant mothers love? – What?
– Barbecue. Now we’ve had an American BBQ taste test on this show before, but it’s time to stop thinking locally and
start acting globally, it’s time for, – [Together] Where in the World Does This International Bacrbecue Come From? – Okay, we are going to
be experiencing five, count ’em five, international barbecues. So today,
– I can smell it already. – Is a good day, great
breakfast of champions. And we have a world map right over here with Cartographer Chase
gingerly pointing at it with a shirt that’s a
little bit too small, but it has a map on it,
so that makes it okay. We are gonna be tasting each barbecue, and then choosing,
– Good job Chase. – Which of the 11 countries
we think this barbecue originated in and then
Stevie is gonna reveal. However far we are is how
far he’s gonna measure in centimeters, and then give us a score corresponding to that. So the goal is to have the
smallest score, like golf, at the end of this thing. There’s also gonna be a
round where we can throw four darts at once in order to mix it up and have a greater chance
of getting it right when we’re guessing. Let’s start. (chanting theme music) Wow, it’s a grill. – Oh, it’s ribs, and oh, they smell good. – This looks good.
– I was gonna go for that one. I was getting this one for you. – There’s a lot of ribs
to go around, that’s fine. – It looks like a normal rib. – It’s a pork rib.
– That’s a good rib. – But it’s really about the sauce, right, the clues come from the sauce. – I’m gonna put mine over
here on a paper towel so I can lick my finger
and think about it. Looking at the map here. – If somebody served these at the house, the house, their house, – I wouldn’t be like, oh, what country did you get these from? – Like oh, these are so exotic. – Yeah, I would just be
like, that’s a good sauce. – It’s got a little
something in it, though. – Got a little something
from another country, huh. Now you’re taller, so you get to go first. – Oh, once again, it’s an advantage. – Throw your dart at the
country that you think that this rib originated. – Now, I will clarify, you
talked about the four-dart round, that can happen in any
round, and it’s four darts, fart for short, you just call fart and you can do it at any time. – It is not a fart joke,
it’s just the only way that you can say four
darts in a catchy way. – Yeah, it’s the most logical way. – I’m not gonna fart in this round, I don’t wanna fart too early. Could you move out of
the way a little bit? – I would love to. – These are not Canadian,
Mexican, or Brazilian. But I also feel like there is some sort of African spice here, I
wanted to say it was Thailand, ’cause it was kind of a
sweet Asian thing going. What I’m gonna do is I’m going to aim for the Indian Ocean,
because I feel like that’s a safe bet, so I’m not
making a real guess, I’m not committing, I’m just
going for the Indian Ocean. Oh, and I hit the southern ocean. – That’s not one of the oceans. Southern ocean is not an ocean. – I think it might be,
isn’t the southern ocean, that’s an ocean?
– I know there’s all types of Brazilian meathouses,
and they’ll come around to your table with meat at
these Brazilian meathouses. I love it, churascaras, whatever. – Don’t believe, Okay, so you want for Brazil. – And I hit the west ocean. – I feel like Brazil would’ve been beef, but I don’t know, but you could be right. Let’s find out. – [Stevie] Okay guys, you just nibbled on some Sii Khrong Muu Yaang, which are grilled pork spareribs marinated in a sauce comprised of
garlic, ginger, soy sauce, fish sauce, sugar, salt, and pepper, and then grilled from
the country of Thailand. – Thailand, it wasn’t as sweet as you thought Thailand would be, but you’re still way closer than me. – And I would’ve been great
with the Indian Ocean. – Man, you are taking a big lead here. – Alright Rhett, you had 25,
and Link, you were at 65. – Early lead for the Rhettster. (chanting theme music) – I’m gonna try to win,
but I mean, everybody who’s eating this is a winner. – You gonna eat it with your hands? – Oh, this is goat. – Yeah, it’s goat or sheep. – It’s got that barnyard
overtone, but then it tastes really good once you get past that. – I think the reason that
barnyards smell like barnyards is because barnyards smell like sheep. – So where on Earth are barnyards? – Aim at a barnyard and
see if you can hit it. – If this is Mongolia, that could be yak. – It could be. – The thing about Mongolia
is it’s up in there in that upper right-hand
corner, so if I’m wrong, I’m not close to being
right about anything else. And I already made that
mistake with Brazil, I went lower left. – But you know this is not
Canadian, Mexican, or Brazilian. So I think you’re safe, on
the right side of the map. I’m not being deceitful here,
I’m being a good friend. – I really feel like this is Mongolian, I’m not gonna apologize about it. – Don’t apologize to anybody. Link, your aim is superb today. I just need you to back up.
– Feeling myself. – What?
– I’m feeling myself, man. – So I think Mongolia
is an excellent guess, but in an effort to mix things up, – You gonna try to out-dart me? – No, no, no, I think this
could also be Cameroon. – So you think this is a
water buffalo type situatIOn? – No, I think they can
have goat in Cameroon. – Yeah, I think this is a goat. No, if it were Cameroon,
it would be a goat. But I think this is
Mongolia, I think it’s a yak. – I’m going Cameroon. I think you might be right, but. – You trying to throw
it through the board? That’s a hard throw.
– I’m low today. You’re left and I’m low. – [Stevie] Okay guys, you
just ate barbacoa de borrego, translated to lamb barbecue,
which is a whole lamb that is traditionally
buried in the ground, covered in leaves and hot
coals, and found in Mexico. – Mexico, dang, you got lucky again just getting closer for no good reason. – Some call it luck, some call it skill. I didn’t think it was
yak, where do you think they’re gonna get yak,
you gonna get yak in town? – Yeah, this is Los Angeles. – Rhett you had 41, and Link you had 62. – Oh god, I’m gonna have to fart. – You are man. (chanting theme music) Link, you know your aim’s
off, I mean your aim is on, but your choices are bad, woah. – That’s a big sausage.
– Two wieners. – That’s not a wiener,
that’s a sausage, man. – They didn’t give us
anything to eat with. Not a lot of thought went into that. Just, every guy grab his wiener. Smells like Christmas. – Both ends small the same. Oh wow, it’s really got a strong spice. – Clove. – You’re throwing first this time. – Where do they put
clove in their sausage. – [Link] Aim for the North Pole. – It does feel like something
they’d do in Canada. Where do they love cloves? They love cloves in
Turkey, I’m gonna fart. – Ladies and gentlemen he is
going for the four-dart throw at once, known colloquially as the fart. It is not a far joke,
it’s just what it’s called when you throw four darts. Now, we’ve never done this before. – We have no idea what’s gonna happen. I don’t even know where I should aim. Where do you aim a fart? – Aim everywhere, the fart should spread. – You want it to spread
as much as possible. You want your fart to
spread throughout the world. I’m gonna throw at the middle of the map and see what happens. Everything sort of zeroed in on Brazil. – That didn’t really help you. – No, it’s horrible,
very tight, tight spread. – I’m not gonna use my fart, yet, because yours was so pathetic. This is my opportunity
to gain some ground. Didn’t taste like Turkey,
but it tasted like it was from Turkey. Cloves and hookahs. Maybe Mongolia.
– Maybe Mongolia. Hold on a minute, but if it is Mongolia, you’re in the country, and
we give you full credit if you’re in the red, that’d
be zero for this round. – [Stevie] Okay guys,
the sausage you just put in your mouth is called boerewors, which is made from a
coarsely minced mixture of lamb and pork and
seasoned with coriander seed, black pepper, nutmeg,
cloves, and allspice. Usually barbecued
outdoors in South Africa. – [Link] Oh you’re still closer. – Yeah, my fart paid off. – Your blind guessing is
leading you to sanctuary. – What?
– Alright Chase. – Link you’re at 37, and Rhett you had 18. – With four darts you
should have done better. You should have done better.
– You’re right. (chanting theme music) – I’m sorry Link, I’m not even
trying, it’s just happening. – [Link] It’s luck, ooh, we have a hen. – That’s a full half chicken. Just in the name of conservation, we should just split one. – We’ll save the other one for later. I mean, this piece of a leg here, I want, – You gotta get the skin.
– Gotta get some skin. – That gives you info. I know exactly what this is. – You know exactly what this is? All I know is that it’s very good. This is tough, ’cause I mean it’s like, I don’t know how anything could be Canada. Do they barbecue stuff in Canada? – How could anything be Canada, period? – No offense, I love Canada, but I don’t know it for its barbecue. – They’re so nice up there. – Australia is in the corner. Who am I kidding, I just have to fart right at the middle of the board. – Everyone’s clearing out back there. They didn’t do that when I was farting. – I thought this was like a peri peri, but I can’t remember where
peri peri comes from. – Well just fart at the
board and see what happens. – I got a decent spread, but, the board needs to be farther away. – Yeah, that’s it, could
you move back a little bit. Link, you’re 100 percent
right, it’s peri peri. – [Link] Where’s peri peri from? – Africa man.
– I’ll be dang. – I don’t know if it’s
Cameroon or South Africa, but I’m going for Cameroon. – Ooh that’s close. Alright, let us have it Stevie. – [Stevie] Okay, so you’re kind of right, because it is peri peri chicken. – Peer-y peer-y, I say peri peri. – [Stevie] But it’s from Portugal. – Oh Link, look at you man. – I won this round. – Peri peri, thought it was
African, wrong, Portuguese. – Alright Rhett, you were
at 19 away, and Link, eight. – Hey look at you. You feeling yourself again? – I’m feeling myself. (chanting theme music) – And bring her in. Now Link, oh wait, that’s
not our job, oh gosh. – Oh what is that?
– That’s a squid. – That’s a skate. – That’s a squid man, you seen, – That’s the tail of a, ew. – [Rhett] Of a squid, man. – What is that, that’s the flap part, and what is this, the
face part, oh my goodness. – Is that all from one? – Smells good, though. – What part should you eat? – The limbs.
– Oh, that’s a spicy squid. Whoa, that’s super spicy. – Whoa, it builds. The spice is like a, it’s
a black pepper spice, it’s not like a, it’s a spice spice, it’s not like a pepper spice. – I don’t understand. But I feel like this is South Korean. – It’s a spiciness from
spice, not from a pepper. – I need my space. – Like a black pepper. – This has gotta be a place
where they’ve got access to squids, so Link I’m going
to say it’s not Mongolia. You’ve tried to do that
twice, going South Korea. And I could miss the
board, if I miss the board, I get the maximum score of 50, so hey, you could make
a big comeback here. – Thailand huh? Or as my dad calls it, Thigh-land. – Link, because you’re down
so far, and I’m a good friend, I’m gonna give you the super fart. That’s double fart. – Oh so this is like the walking farts, where they just keep coming. – Yeah, you get eight,
you have to throw ’em all at once, though. – Three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine. – Okay, yeah, go for it, nine darts. – Chase, don’t you wanna
get a good look at this? – Yeah, from over here. – I mean this is crazy man. I think this is probably Korean barbecue. But I have to like swath. – No, you can sidearm it. – I’m just trying to get the whole board. – [Rhett] Just let go at the
right time, don’t let go, oh wow. – Look at that guys, I hit
every single fart on the board. Nine darts at once, all dangling on there, None of ’em close to what I was guessing. – If it’s South Korea,
I still win this round. Well, let’s just see what it was. – [Stevie] Okay guys, that
spice you were tasting comes from a sauce called gochujang sauce, which is a type of
fermented red chili paste. And these are ojinguh gui,
squid marinated in that sauce, and then grilled over charcoal or gas, it’s from South Korea. – I was guessing that,
and all nine of my darts didn’t come anywhere close. – You had a double fart,
and a little extra fart, and I still beat ya. – You lucky devil. – Alright Rhett you had
15, and Link, you had 17. – Oooh I almost won the last round. So Rhett, you won fair and square. – Thank you.
– You get an amazing sandwich in More, that is the
international barbecue sandwich, with all of these combined. – That’s gonna be tasty. – It’s gonna be awesome,
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