Instinctive archery  | wood vs metal – Hoyt Tiburon vs Bodnik Mohawk accuracy
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Instinctive archery | wood vs metal – Hoyt Tiburon vs Bodnik Mohawk accuracy

August 9, 2019

Thanks for waiting Is it set up now? I think so O.k. So we’ll shoot 9 arrows.. Will it see them together Yes both targets are being filmed Hh.. Hi are you…posting videos for a youtube channel? or Facebook and such? A lot of vieuws? Ah no no, i just posted my first video so it just started And we are just playing around right now Doing some testing inside You know.. Also its winter now so its dark outside Yeah Maybe you should post the link on the wall somewhere so clubmembers can take a look you know what i mean Ah yeah sure, if it takes off thanx I really like doing this with the first person vieuw and all.. Yeah thats a cool concept indeed But like i said we have a lot of people here, if they all go to your youtube channel and take a look.. Yeah exactly Yeah Cool, ill do that for sure I think it would be fantastic to see Well f you search for Boemtie on youtube you can see my first upload How? Boemtie. B-O-E-M-T-I-E. B-O-E-M-T-I-E? Yeah Yeah just regular Boemtie, if you search for that you will see my uploads Thats the name of my channel Ill show you later So will you guys shoot on this one later? Yeah in a moment we are going to play Darts O cool its Darts, thats fun. So wich one of you is Barney? Well whatever happens its not going to be me you know Well you might be better of being Barney because he was the first real winner Yeah thanks but no thanks I hope what you guys are doing will be a regular thing. darts and archery all you need now is a name for it Lets go for it Boemtie! Boemtie the 3D hunter We shot 9 arrows to warm up, shall we begin darts? Lets start with 201 poinst, 501 will take to long Look, the arrows dont look straight but its because the target boss is done for. its almost gone Its the same for this one. The stuff just falls out But the arrows do fly straight So you know the rules? Actually no..i don’t Lets hang it here, in the middle Then the camera will catch it better Lets remove this one.. Friend, exactly in the middle please Ok that should be good You go first You must hit the 20 and not the middle right Ok whats that a double 20? The other one i shot is also in the 20 and its a triple OK, ill just shoot in the same round So wait, thats a triple and the one above is a double? Yes and eventually you must end it with a double O.k. So for example if you have 20 points left you must shoot a double 10 Just a moment, just a moment.. I dont exactly get it completely, so the aim is to shoot for the 20s No this is the triple so i allready have 60 plus 20 plus 20 thats 100 You got 3 single 20s so thats 60 Ah o.k. so that means one is…..o.k….get it.. So you are are almost there allready then after 1 round? Yeah lets make it 301 instead of 201 Is this some sort of tactic? yeah eventually you have to move away from the 20 otherwise you wont be able to shoot out the last round Oh well i do the calculations later So i need to shoot triple 20… did you shoot 25 in total? Yes And me, this is a triple so 15, 60, 20 is 95 Yeah i am counting myself as 1, but you count yours as a triple.. know this is being filmed right 😉 it was 95 / 25. So…. Cant do the math? Well i suck at this.. 176 And 156 What 156? Ok i believe you … Wait my camera is in the way Its a nice challenge You can finish it 2x triple 20 and finish it with a double 3 O.k. ill do that then 😉 So we both shot a triple so i got 100 Yeah and i have 77 So i got 26 points left So i shoot a 6 and then a double 10? No you can just shoot double 13 But if you miss the double 13, you have to shoot another 2 arrows to…. Yeah but i wont miss, ill just shoot it in the double 13 and thats that. ok and i have 72 left so triple 20 and double 12.. Thats a 5… Looks like it.. 67 points left Hahaah 7 and double 30 😛 16 left so double 8 He’s going for to it with his Tiburon…damn you do wear a bearpaw glove so maybe… So i have to shoot this double 13, because i know you and if i dont you will finish it so ill just do it The pressure is real Boem! No its in the single 13, look It hit man No look again you missed For real? o.k. we will take a look later for now ill carry on. so 1 and double 6? 1 I think i allready won i mean cmon. Friend i hit that double 13 man , yes i did hahaha No normally there would be an iron edge here on a real dartbord and it would have deflected it so you missed Sighhh…you know its allright you are right, i am wrong So now i have 6 points left and you have 8? so you have another chance with that Tiburon Yes you see if its a clean hit then i would be happy to count it, but the iron edge… Yes of course you are right, so now i have to shoot the double 3 right. So dont forget your arrow, i know you are upset because i gave you this extra round but make use of it ok. So this is your chance what do you need double 8? You know this is going on Youtube..uncut 🙂 I think you nailed it!

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  1. you have a very strong death grip on the bow. It might not be obvious because you're shooting close, but you'll probably see your arrows fly slightly to the left of the target over a longer distance…say 30 yards.

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