Inspiring pitch leaves Dragons in tears! | Dragons’ Den – BBC
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Inspiring pitch leaves Dragons in tears! | Dragons’ Den – BBC

February 18, 2020

# Long time ago # There was a mama’s boy # A little fat # Cos food brought him joy # His mama makes # The best chilli paste # When he left home # He missed all that taste # What taste? # Sweet chilli paste # Fire chilli paste # I’m so in love # With your exotic taste # You’ll understand # What’s all the cra-a-a-ze # It’s time to buy # And invest # In Mak Tok’s chilli paste. # OK. Well done, well done. OK. Hi, my name is Will, and
I’m the heart of Mak Tok. At Mak Tok, we make one of the best
Malaysian artisans in the UK and
possibly the world, based on a recipe
I nicked from my mum. So what makes our chilli
paste so interesting? Number one – it’s versatile. Have it as a dip, cook with it,
or turn it into a curry sauce. Two – it’s delicious. Try marinating with
some chicken thigh, grill it in the oven, squeeze
a tiny bit of lime over it
and there you have it – succulent chicken satay. And three – it’s irresistible. Just like yours truly. We started in May 2017, and we’ve
sold more than 8,000 units to date. We’ve recently launch into our
first supermarket, that’s Booths, and we’ll be exporting to the likes
of Germany, Austria and Switzerland in a couple of months. I’m asking for £50,000 in return
for 20% of my little company. And together let’s bring Mak Tok
to every kitchen and to every heart across the world. I know we’ll get there because my
name is Will, and when there’s a will, there’s a way. Well done. Well done.
That was great. Let me pass you something
for you guys to try. With a burning ambition to make
a success of his fledgling chilli paste company, it’s Will Chew. Mm, thank you. You’re welcome. It’s got a bit of a kick,
hasn’t it? Yep. It’s quite nice, actually.
It’s lovely. Peter Jones is no stranger
to propelling sauces to success. He’s the first to open
the lid on this cheeky chap’s condiment company. The last person that entered the Den
with a sauce and playing a guitar walked out with an investment. And today he’s a multi-millionaire. You’re looking to be
the second person. I don’t want to be a second person,
cos that will be a shadow of him. But I think I can be my own person. And with the help of you guys here,
I think we’ll do great things. So, in essence, then, you’ve got
a range of chilli pastes under the brand name of
Mak Tok. Yes. When I moved to the UK for my
studies, I was really homesick. I needed to make my mum’s
chilli paste, so she posted really good quality anchovies
all the way from Malaysia so that I could enjoy something
that my mum used to make. OK. Where are you selling
it at the moment? Local farm shops and delis
across Yorkshire, as well as at Booths supermarket. And where do you make them? So, at the moment we make them
in my friend’s factory. Why did you smile when you said
your friend’s factory? I think that I’m very lucky, cos without the support I’ve
received from friends, family, I wouldn’t get here, seriously. That’s a very reflective,
humble thing to say. My mum always taught me that… ..just be nice. Yeah. Yeah. I have exactly
the same ethos. I think that’s why I’m recognised
as the nicest Dragon. The happy-go-lucky entrepreneur’s positivity seems to be
having an effect in the Den. WHISPERED: I love him. Now Tej Lalvani wants a taste
of the company’s structure. You’ve got people working for you? So I have myself, my co-founder,
who works in this part-time. So did he get the listing at Booths? No, I did that, actually. How are the shares split, then? I hold 100% of the company. OK. And he has nothing? He’s my cousin. Probably in paper we should have
those percentage being drawn out, but in my culture, in my family,
blood is thicker than water. So the intention is to give him
half, is that right? Yes. I want to understand the sales
you had from May 2017 and then the whole of 2018
and then 2019. Right. I don’t actually have
that figure in my head, but… You don’t have that figure
in your head? Yeah, unfortunately.
I’m sorry about that. But… That’s a little bit disappointing. Tej Lalvani is no stranger to
the dynamics of a family business, but he’s not impressed by Will’s
lack of knowledge about his sales. And it looks as though Peter Jones
is taking a trip down memory lane to mistakes from the past. I’ve been involved in certain
similar type of products, and it was interesting,
because the product didn’t sell as well in this type of containment. Moving forward, yes, we’ve thought about increasing
the size of the jars. Another thing that we’re looking
into is we plan to actually license the product so that the big boys
could actually manufacture our products. Why would they want to do that
when they can actually make the same product and create
something themselves? The thing is, they don’t have me. I can put a smile on anyone’s face. Will. Yeah, hi. What have you come here today for? Your expertise and your contacts. Cos I suffer from social anxiety, so I’m not the best person to go up there and talk to people, and I’m not great at phoning up people. I get really, really scared to do that, but what I can do is stand in front of people and tell
people about my products and my little story. And you’re doing really well,
considering, if that’s what you struggle from,
you wouldn’t know. There’s nothing but admiration
in the Den for Will’s honesty, and his own special blend
of charm hasn’t gone unnoticed by Deborah Meaden. Will, you ooze joy,
goodness, fun and pleasure, and that’s fantastic. But, of course, a product has to be
able to convey that message and stand on its own. Describe you to me. How do I say this? I’m a person who loves
to smile for whatever reason. Does that say that to you? Eh… Well, it’s quite simple and fun,
in a way, the colours. It’s simple, but I’m not
sure it’s that much fun. If you don’t find a way of getting
people to pick your personality off the shelf, they’re going to pick
somebody else’s personality
off the shelf. This, to me, looks quite similar to
quite a lot of products out there. I’ve really enjoyed your pitch. It has led me to what you said –
a little bit of joy. But, unfortunately,
I won’t be investing. I’m out. Deborah Meaden may be the first
Dragon to go out, but Will’s smile shows
no sign of wavering. But is his paste to
Tej Lalvani’s taste? For me… ..if you believed
in yourself a lot more… ..a lot more people
will believe in you. And I actually think
you can achieve it and do it. I mean, YOU got that
listing in Booths, but I think this area
is a bit too niche for me. I think if you keep pushing at it, there’s a will, there’s a way. All right? Unfortunately, I’m out,
but good luck. Thank you. Will. Yeah. I think you’ve got the makings… ..of being a real entrepreneur. Thank you. I have one problem. This is an area that I’m
not too familiar with. There are better Dragons that could
help you a lot more than I can. I’m not going to invest today,
and I’m out. More sorrow for
the sauce entrepreneur, as two more bow out of the deal. Is the Dragon with the most
experience in this market ready to dish out his verdict? This is very, very early stage
in what you’ve created. A big investment into your business
right now, with your experience, is very risky for an investor, unless they’re willing to jump into almost bed with you and run that whole project. So that’s not something that
I can go on that journey with. But I say carry on, but it’s not for me, and I’m out. It’s not looking good for Will, as Peter Jones becomes
the fourth Dragon out… ..leaving just Sara Davies. Will she be willing to take a risk
on this young entrepreneur? I’m sat here and I’m thinking… ..there’s a guy up there
who’s been there and done this, who’s seen an entrepreneur walk
into here full of personality, a bit of a product there, and has
made it into a worldwide global brand worth millions. And he said no to this. Which tells me,
if I say yes, surely… I mean, I don’t know more
than that guy knows. When I came into the Den, I set myself some clear parameters. And… ..this is everything that I said
that I wouldn’t do. There’s loads of chilli pastes,
but there’s only one Will, and I think you are great. And I just, I love you and I really
want to make this work with you. Thank you. I do. And I just think someone
needs to give you that break. Sorry. Here’s what I think we should do. I’ll make you an offer. I’ll give you all of the money. Me, you and your cousin,
I think we should have a third each. Can I talk to the wall? Go talk to the wall.
Yeah, go talk to the wall! THEY LAUGH
I always wanted to say that. Oh, that’s sweet. I don’t know what
I’m talking to the wall for. Sara Davies lets her
heart rule her head as she offers the full £50,000, but for 13% more equity than Will
originally wanted to give away. I started my business because of my mum, and she’s always been behind me all the way. And without her support and everyone else that’s behind me, I wouldn’t be here today
talking to you guys. Thank you all for your time, and… ..I will accept your offer. Well done. Wow! She’s going to be so proud
of you, isn’t she? Thank you. But it’s you. That’s what
I’ve invested in. It’s you. Thank you very much. Well done.
Well done, Will. Will leaves behind an unusually
emotional Den and heads back to Sheffield with an investment
from seasoned business builder Sara Davies. I’m feeling confident and I think our future will be filled with joy, laughter and a bit
of chilli in between. How hot is that?

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  1. Ordered some maktok and I'm in love! Recommending it to everyone I know! Makes cooking so much easier as the taste is all you need

  2. This guy is a treasure. Passionate, humble yet prideful, bursting with charisma and an honest person to boot. I hope he smashes this. So many corporations dominate the food product market and it would be nice to see a real lad and his dream take it by storm. I'm a Rotherham lad (Sheffield my neighbouring city) so I am in your corner mate <3

  3. This is one of the best episodes ever! Love Will and Sara they are both amazing!

    Just went on the Mak Tok website and brought the "International Trial Box" Can not wait to taste this!

  4. As soon as he said social anxiety all the guys were out, he looked quite confident, and happy person he shouldn't have said about his anxiety, in the buisness world and attraction that's like the worst thing you can say, everyone is faking it so you have to do the same, but at least it shows he's a genuine guy, most men will not open about their insecurities to defend themselves.

  5. Nice guys finish last? Not in your case. You're a nice guy, you're genuine and you'll be a winner 100%. I've watched you for 10 mins and I believe in you already. I've subbed to your channel, I don't like Chilli but I'll spread the word the best I can to prove you don't have to stand on people to get ahead in this world. Genuinely wishing you all the luck and happiness in the world.

  6. Mak Tok, I live in the U.S., and I'm going to make it a point to buy some of your chili paste. I'll be sure to put it to good use, but I only want to buy it from you.

  7. Polish guy here living in USA watching UK Dragon’s Den and I want to try that product so bad!!! Greetings and good luck!👍

  8. Am going on next..selling my grannies old porridge recipe, take my trusty bagpipes and have a good cry whilst playing next a photo of gran and wait for my 50 k! 😂

  9. Also available on Amazon; find it there by typing in his product's name: Mak Tok

  10. Me: gets a haircut from jenny….
    *looks at my hair*
    Me: sees crooked hairline and beaten up head

    Jenny: that will be $100 and here’s a tylenol

  11. 6:02 I suffer from social anxity" rght after he enters playing a guitar singing.
    But,can't talk on the phone.
    That why,I'm out…

  12. Sara you are a brilliant and beautiful human being wow it pulled the heart strings Sara you are a dragon but a dragonfly well done sweetheart love you

  13. Will needs to change his branding..with his smiling face on the jar!
    Really hope he is mega successful because he is just adorable 😍

  14. Will is literally the most adorable human being I have ever seen on this show. I genuinely hope he is living his best life and selling all the chilli paste!! What an absolute breath of fresh air

  15. Sarah… what a honey you are!

    The measure you measure out… will be measured back… shaken down… over-flowing…

    Godspeed Will – lovely inspiring young man…

  16. @Mak Tok UK
    I don’t like chilli. Makes me hiccup. But I wanna buy your product dude. You in any of the supermarkets?

  17. God bless Sara. That ended up with one absolutely beautiful moment, and one product that is bound and determined to be successful, if not for its taste, price, or anything, but because of the amazing individual behind it.

  18. Sarah has a big heart! I think he’s a highly investable guy! I bought some chili and it was BOMB. He’s gonna be successful! And already has been doing great from what I can see. So cool. Sometimes using your heart and your head actually pays off! American shark tank has several examples of investing in the person not as much the product and the product working out tremendously well.

  19. got to say this one got me tear up for sure. Where there's a will, there's a way for sure. Love you Sara for giving this young man a chance. blessing to you.

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