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December 3, 2019

October 31st, 2019, it was more than just a typical Halloween for Kuro’s Gang. They were exposed to the internet for conducting numerous Cybercrimes. Terrified by the consequences of their own actions yet still stubbornly clinging onto the community that they have wronged and abused, Kuro’s Gang found themselves forsaken by the very people that once looked up to them. But this is not the end of their stories, this is only just the beginning. Hello again, dear viewers and welcome back to my channel. After taking a short break, I’m now ready to finish what I started. If you’re watching this video right now, then It’s no doubt that you’ve seen my first Inspection video I made about Kuro’s Gang. Few weeks have passed since then as well as many things have also happened along the way. So for today’s video, I’ll be informing you about what has happened after I published my Inspection video, clearing up a few details I might have glossed over in it and giving you a little input about Episode 2. Without further ado, let’s get started. What happened was Kuro’s Gang attempted to retaliate on my video by messing around in the comment section. Thank god, Youtube had moderation features. The tactic Kuro’s Gang used were not very effective as far as I can tell. They consisted of mostly of spreading misinformation and then straight up doxxing people. I’ll explain the full context of this in the next episode since this piece of evidence played quite a big role. As for Kuro himself, he didn’t take me seriously until a week later. Kuro didn’t even try to say anything publicly on social media to defend himself or promote some sort of backlash against me but instead he proceeded to change the ID’s of both his Steam and Discord accounts and also removed every traces of him taking port commission in the description of his Workshop Addons. You can use the Wayback Machine to confirm this. Kuro also mass deleted every single art post and model showcase on his Twitter and Steam Art Gallery as well. He also nuked his own Paypal. Yeah, totally sounds like something an innocent person would do in this kind of situation. As the shitshow unfolding itself, a friend of mine named Muthix made a bold move without me knowing had decided to contact Kuro to hear his side of the story, except Kuro wasn’t being very cooperative and started suspecting Muthix to be someone’s Agent and have him blocked. Oh no! Jackie is taking everything I said out of context. What do I do now?! Yeah, let’s ignore the fact that I spent more than 40 minutes exposing you for scamming and lying to your customers in full details. If Kuro was truly innocent, he would have had nothing to fear and would have tried to refute all of my claims and stood up for himself by now instead of trying to change his identity and suspecting everyone to be a spy. To be fair, that doesn’t look too good when you’re on the defense. RPG was instantly banned from OSFM server after the video started to gain traction. Little does Kuro know I have many contacts in that server and shocking, I found out Kuro is a moderator of it. That means this little shit has free reign of censorship in that server. Some tasty corruption we have right here. Gibus also had his Twitter ID changed. He and Sauce Chicken didn’t seem to realize the gravity of their situation right now. I have a few surprises coming up for you guys really soon. So don’t even get cocky just yet. The first thing I forgot to mention in the previous video was that Kuro is a Clout Chaser. If you paid attention to all of his addons on his workshop you can easily conclude his pattern. If there’s something trendy and there are obtainable materials lying around, then he’ll immediately jump shark to rush those stuff to SFM. Goblin Slayer, Panzer Cops, Llenn, Zelda, Link, Sans, Luigi, IO, Clone Commando and even a fucking Monster Energy drink can because Norman Reedus drank it in Death Stranding. Also lookie here, it’s Terry Bogard who was recently added to Super Smash Bros. Funny how it took him very little time just to port all of these to SFM for free, except for his commissions. Let’s not forget how many times Kuro had intercepted other people’s ports by stalking their progress in their Discord servers and Twitters. This is even more apparent right after Megalo posted that vent tweet he was instantly banned from OSFM server. And not even long after that, you approached Megalo making it sounds like you’re not an entitled clout chasing dipshit when It’s clear as hell that you were stalking him the whole time. If you proclaim you’re not a clout chaser, my friend. Where are the other characters from those series? Oh, wait. I forgot, silly me. Limited upload space on Workshop. Limited Upload Space My Ass! Get a fucking life you stalking creep! After dicking around in the Wayback Machine, I’ve found out that Kuro also uploaded a bunch of Battlefront EA models to SFM workshop back in September 2017 and also had them taken down shortly afterward. From what I heard, these models were DMCA claimed by no one else but EA. Hmm, strong in this one, the clout is. You just love being the center of everything so much, don’t you? Well, you got your wish. Okay, so the two other things that I had glossed over in the first Inspection video were the scam cases of Gibus and RTB. Gibus’ part was rather short due to not having enough sufficient evidence as Gibus’ confession to RPG was taking place in the Steam chat that dated all the way back to August 2018, and Steam will automatically remove chatlogs once in a while. Thanks, Gaben. So for that part, you can take it with a grain of salt. But let me tell you one thing, It’s just only the tip of Gibus’ Iceberg As for RTB’s case, at first I thought his testimony alone would have been enough to cover his part which was pretty idiotic of me. So RPG and I contacted RTB once again to solve this case throughoutly. Apparently, Sundown’s commission was dated all the way back in January 2017, Kuro didn’t even come into the picture yet until much later. RTB had planned to rip models from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven all the way back in 2016 and that caught the attention of Sundown, so he came to RTB to commission him to rip those models and nothing was paid yet. Bear in mind, the deal was taking place in Steam Chat so there’s no way to recover the chat logs. January 20th 2017, RTB sent Sundown some model files ripped from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven and a compiler script for Sundown to compile the models in 3DS Max. Sundown made a bunch of SFM posters with these models not long afterwards and he was being a bit too tight lipped when it comes to telling people where he even got them from, so that’s our first clue. RTB also provided me the download link to the scripts and the ripped files which he made public in August 23rd 2019. If you take a look at the dates of those files on the modified and created tabs, you can easily put two and two together, and that’s the 2nd clue. April 18th 2017, that was when RTB created the Nier Automata script and had it sent to Sundown. However, there is no evidence of Sundown using this script for anything so I can’t draw any conclusion here. So up until this point, Sundown had a total of 46 models from ripped files, and a compiler script to work with for only 25$. That was quite a very good and cheap deal. June 21st 2017, Kuro came into the picture and commissioned RTB to make the Persona script for him and also paid RTB 50$ in advance for both of his and Sundown’s commissions. So this transaction history is another clue. RTB later was forced to refund a complete 50$ simply because it was taking too long despite how Sundown had the Jojo models and the script. August 5th 2017, RTB made a vent post about the whole situation in his brother’s server with the chat logs taken from Steam, so that’s another clue. You can also add his brother’s testimony which he left in the comment of the 1st Inspection video into the equation. August 12th 2017, RTB refunded Kuro 50$ and that was the end of it. It truly sickens me to learn that there is room for immoral shit like this in the SFM community and it can happen to anyone. The worst part here isn’t the lack of awareness about these problems, but the fact that there are many people who chose to ignore them as long as they benefit from them or they just don’t care as long as they aren’t directly involved. Sure, maybe there are many people out there doesn’t want to get involved in Dramas and would rather stay out of it. But at what cost? No action is of no consequences. Apathy is the acceptance of the unacceptable. And these actions only further encourage vice. How do you think people like Kuro will ever mature If they can’t even tell the difference between right and wrong, that these actions have severe consequences? That doesn’t help at all when Kuro committed fraud when he was only 16, and he’s been doing it for nearly 3 years up to this moment. Do you think Kuro can even feel any remorse for his actions? And If I hadn’t called him out, what kind of person would he become in the next decade? Now Imagine if you’re his parents or his sibblings, can you bare the shame of knowing your child your fellow brother whom has been a big part in your entire life to this very moment turn out to be a disgraceful Cyber Criminal right under your care the entire time? After a lot of reconsideration, I don’t actually believe Sundown is as bad as Kuro. But, is he innocent? No. Not when there are so much clues pointing towards him. But since this commission was all the way back in 2017, It’s pretty much water under the bridge at this point. And Sundown isn’t the main focus of this investigation and there are also no recent reports of this kind of behavior from him, so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. Whether Sundown is currently a different person trying to make up for his past or not, I’ll let his own actions speak for himself. As for Kuro, So now we learnt that Kuro’s scam activity started all the way back in 2017. Quite an impressive criminal record right there, don’t you think, Kuro? You fucking piece of dog shit. I don’t have a precise release date for it so I’m not entirely sure myself either as the project itself is a very stressful workload. From gathering evidence to researching new information in order to come up with any conclusions. All I can say is I’ll get it done as soon as I can. I’ve also heard from quite a few people telling me the first Inspection video was a bit too long for their taste, which is understandable. Now, truth be told, I’m mainly an Animator on this channel and never in my entire career had I ever gone to the point of making videos exposing a certain group of people for something so I’m still quite inexperienced in this field of work. At first, I’ve tried to reach out to other content creators whom I am acquainted with like PickSurprise but due to him knowing next to nothing about the SFM community and was also being busy with his Discord Predator Hunting Series so I didn’t have much of a choice and had to do it myself. He did give me some useful advice to help me dealing with this Investigation and also commented on the video. Maybe he will have his say once he gets the full picture of the situation. And as for Episode 2, It will be turned into a mini series and each episode will be dumped down into a reasonable watch length so you don’t have to sit on your tight butts for another 2 hours just to see the end of this shitshow. I appreciate all of your inputs for the video and I’ll do my best to improve my work from here. And I’ll see you guys in the next Inspection video. But until then… Kuro will continue changing his identity… living a quiet life… hoping that the police and the outraged people of the internet… will never find him. And returning only when the Drama has ended… to repeat this vicious cycle once more. Whether Kuro and his entire gang will get away scot-free or finally get the punishment they all deserve… Only time will tell.

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  1. I actually did watch the entire video, normally I hate videos of this length but you did such a good job that you held my attention the entire time.

  2. I understood everything except one thing

    What does SFM stand for?

    Also this looking like like some high-class weaseling if he's willing to change all of his accounts. I would say the reason why that made him look even more incriminating, but I'm here to cheer you on, not give that lesser scum ideas.

  3. I suggest u get someone else to voice the video. your voice cant be taken serious, you sound like some squeaky goblin

  4. I undoubtebly enjoyed the first Inspection video, even though its long running time.
    Even though you stated your accent being very unique, i was able to understand it even without subtitles (though still needed them to make sure i heard things right).
    I was drawn in to that episode by a friend, who didnt exactly like Mirabeau Studios and pointed me towards your vid about Kuro, least to say, made me re-think of
    continuing support of that channel. My only gripes abit were the elongated laughter moments, wich sadly abit rung my ears, but yeah good work lad.

  5. You didn't take the advice on remaining professional. That's all. I'm not super deep into this community, and don't know a lot about it, but if you plan on continuing this style of content, do take the advice instead. Be professional. It gets a bit grating to hear you become more agitated and emotional to the point of bringing up points, just saying 'fuck it,' and then abandoning them after little to no description. A bit more detail on your 'new proof' would be lovely, but sadly, just like this drama, the 'evidence' was only surface level. Good job, Gumshoe. This gets the official Hamburger Tea Spilling Rating of ~6/10.

    I will continue to watch your content, because I want to see you grow and develop the quality of your commentary. I hope it actually does, as you may have potential once you get a little more focused on your work.

    Have a wonderful day, I guess.


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