Inside World Cup’s Sticker Collecting Craze
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Inside World Cup’s Sticker Collecting Craze

October 8, 2019

(crowds cheering) – [Narrator] Soccer is the most
popular sport in the world. And for soccer fans
there’s a collectible item that’s taking their world by storm, the Panini Soccer Sticker Album that comes out every four years. We’ll let this guy explain how it works. Because, well, he wrote an
entire book about stickers. – My name is Greg Lansdowne, and I’m the author of “Stuck on You,” the story of football stickers. (whistling and cheering)
(upbeat music) – [Narrator] OK, Greg, so,
what’s this all about? – Well it’s a very simple concept. You start off with the album. And from there, you need to
collect packets of stickers. For the World Cup, there’s
five stickers in every packet. In this particular World Cup album, there’s 682 spaces to fill. And the idea, or the name of the game, is to fill up the sticker album. Once you start to getting
doubles of stickers that’s when the real fun element comes in and you start swapping with people. Panini’s first album
Mexico ’70 started off with the album being distributed in just a few European countries. That’s now grown and you
can get Panini Stickers in over 100 countries worldwide, and that’s growing
every single tournament. I’m sure they will leave no stone unturned to make sure that you
get stickers in the hands of everyone around the world, ultimately. – [Narrator] Who is the
biggest collector in the world? – Well there is a gentleman in Italy, the home of Panini Stickers. His name is Gianni Bellini,
and his sticker collection needs to be seen to be believed. – [Narrator] Introducing Gianni. (speaking Italian) – [Narrator] Gianni lives
in a small town in Italy, which happens to be only 20
miles from the Panini factory. (speaking Italian) – [Narrator] So, there you have it; if you didn’t know about soccer stickers, now you can kick your own
collection into high gear.

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  1. I'm Italian and I'm so happu
    y about this, panini stickers is part of Italian culture, of course!😍❤️🇮🇹

  2. In our school you dont yust swap stickers, you chicken with the stickers

    You place two stickers one yours and the other from the other player on top of each other, than you place your hand like a cup ant you hit the stickers the sticker you turn on the other side you get to keep

    I still dont know why its called chickening

  3. I used to collect stickers of cricketers in a similar way in my childhood…
    You made me nostalgic today…

  4. I live in panama for half the year and in the US the other half. Last time I was in panama I bought a pack of stickers. After opening them and being very disappointed I gave them to a little kid who lived across the street from me. The End

  5. I want to take all the stickers not to complete the album, but to stick them on people's foreheads 😬

  6. I know I own more than 2 sticker albums, but I lost them. So The only ones I have is the Club Penguin sticker album and the UEFA Euro 2016 sticker album.

  7. Its called, futbol. smh, America didn't even make the world cup. So step the fuck down, and let the ones who made it take the throne of the debate. For now America is in the shadows.

  8. In about twenty four packs that I have opened I got about ten repeats,and in my latest few packs I got two to repeats per pack, and most were good players, Harry Kane, Gabriel Mercado Radamel Falcao, and a few others.

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