Inside Training: Players take the dreaded lactate test on day one of pre-season
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Inside Training: Players take the dreaded lactate test on day one of pre-season

November 15, 2019

BIRDSONG Kenny! All right, boss! HE LAUGHS Wahey! Pepinho! Gaffer, the gaffer… Almost 53 and still get birthday presents. All right, boss? Good morning. Good to see you. Yeah, very good. Short and sweet. You OK? Oh-ho-ho-ho! How are you? Have you been on holiday? Yeah, have a look, I’m nearly
the same colour as you now. Morning, boss. How are you? Good to see you, man. – How was your time off?
– Yeah, all right. I was in at five to, I was ahead of time,
and if there’s anyone you wanna blame, then Joe Gomez, because he was in the
wrong thing and I was delayed for him. If you just follow Joe, mate,
he’ll take you to where you need to go. Nice to meet you,
Matt McCann from the press office. I’m Paul, nice to meet you, mate. Good to see you, you good? – Yeah, you?
– Good, thank you. Sepp! Nice to meet you. My God, you’re tall. Yeah, that’s impressive,
it’s different when you see all the images. – Nice to have you here.
– Yeah. How are you? Yeah, good. All exciting, or now a little bit
after the big thing…? Yeah, I’m excited, but also a little bit nervous. OK, that’s normal, but you don’t have to be. You don’t. You see, I’m smaller obviously
than you see on television. So, let’s get started. So you put your right foot at the front,
left foot at the zero. – Here we’ll do a 17.
– What, that? Nice one, mate. And then head touching the pole,
glutes stay touching the pole. And again? Jürgen, welcome back. How was
your summer as a European champion? Actually better than I expected, to be honest,
because it’s long ago that I won something, so I didn’t know exactly how it feels anymore,
but it was good. A big difference to last year, when I met
people and they wanted to have a picture it was always like, “Sorry, unlucky,”
all that sort of stuff, this year it was different obviously, there was
no open wound which we carried around, it was all good. A holiday is always good
after a long, intense season, I think everybody understands that you need
a couple of days off and that’s what we had, but it was long enough to be really full of
energy and ready to go again. Yes, boys, welcome back.
We’ve obviously got the lactate test now, you’ve all done it before
so I’ll keep it quite brief. The first two levels are obviously quite slow
so we’ll use that as a warm-up, we’ll start with two laps
then it builds up to three as we get quicker and quicker,
and then the last few laps, four laps. So if you guys want to grab
someone here from John Moores, they’ll take your sample
then we’ll get going. Andreas, happy? OK, gents. Three, two, one… Off you go, nice and slow to start. 10km now. Well done, boys. Four laps. If you could do that, that would be fantastic. JÜRGEN: Come on, now it gets interesting. Three more laps, boys, keep going, well done! ANDREAS: Come on, come on,
come on, come on! Ox is done. Keep going, boys. Two more. Keep the speed, come on, come on. Very good. Very good. Ready? Come on, Joe, keep with it. Come on, Joe! Boys, keep going. APPLAUSE Well done, Millie! Nice one, Millie. Don’t know why I’m giving you that,
I meant to give you this. Smashed it, didn’t he? All right, yeah. Stiff upper lip. Chambo’s like… First session of many this pre-season. – Yes.
– Ease us in. Well done, boys. Why are you out there?
You just want to see pain, don’t you? You caned me for my shoes,
so I thought, “I’ll see how he does…”

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  2. can someone please please please break down the exact details (distance, speed, number of laps, rest time etc) so that I can recreate this test & do myself.

  3. Read somewhere that milner used to excel at cross country and the 100 meter dash during his schoolboy years, this man is a complete athlete among the best

  4. James milner is so fit and strong even in 33 this guy is absolute machine, he has at least 3 years more in top form as it seen right now, a true professional and underated player

  5. Legend has it that milner has no car and doesn't like to fly by air, he prefers a long jog arriving before whole team (who travel by vehicle) to whatever destination. They say he even slow walked to madrid because he had "all the time in the world".

  6. milner is really great but salah and mane are even more impressive runners. they aren’t back yet but last year mane doesn’t even appear tired after finishing the 20kmh and Salah wanted to try again. lol

  7. not sure why they even test Milner, everybody who clicked on the video already knew Millsy is as fit as a butchers dog.

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