Inside Cob/Stucco & Starting Homemade Stair Railing   | Shae’s Earthbag Bedroom Ep21 | Weekly Peek
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Inside Cob/Stucco & Starting Homemade Stair Railing | Shae’s Earthbag Bedroom Ep21 | Weekly Peek

August 17, 2019

last week we made a bottom step and posts
for the patio stairs, installed candy jars and the last three windows on
Shae’s earthbag bedroom for antsy to [music] we’re antsy to finish up this earthbag bedroom so let’s
get to work Ellie and Garen came out and they helped me to finish up the rest of
the stucco [music] we are all done now and ready for paint She is going to be so excited
when she sees it [music] alright it’s so complete just makes for the
funnest little room it has all the windows down that side and that downstairs this is fun [music] day one of the official cobbing of the inside we did a
batch here I’m just trying to smooth it out the best I can make sure everything
looks purdy [music] my planer broke ut oh so I was gonna do this by hand but it’s no fun that’s just plain unfortunate harr harr harr can we just get another one or is it not… running to town takes so long alright good luck Dad thanks [music] they’ve left us high and dry they didn’t feel at all guilty they walked by and I said Shae, come look at the mixture she says, oh Mom, it looks great and
then they just walked away they kept talking I want to see what they are up to do you guys know where they’re at? oh I think they might be in the studio just gonna leave mom and your mom out
there? what are they doing? working just showing art man it’s a bird rabbit with horns it’s a goat I’ll leave you guys to talk shop [music] they’re in there talking art shop oh no they’ll never come home again they’ve left the planet excuse me I’m here now I feel like I’m unwanted get back here pulling the old unwanted thing huh? where are the gloves? I don’t know we’re gonna have to find
extra gloves just use your bare hands put some lotion on afterwards no no no no no no no no I just got my nails done don’t say I don’t need them Mae, get gloves don’t cement your hands together it’d be hard to drive is this what I need? yeah what do I need what do you need slap it up there and boom it’s an interesting smell do I just slap it on the wall? I’ll come show you real quick okay yeah you start out with the creases creases first then when you want to connect them and that’s it it’s not sticking like yours oh gosh, oh gosh start with a small amount no, no, no, stay we need to up your game man ha ha ha Mae? this is every childs dream making mud pies I don’t think I dreamed of this as a child why does it look so easy when you do it it’s like oh! I’ll let everyone know that it wasn’t us who did this section that’s what we’re doing we’re mudding the ground your welcome you got a system, I’m not going to break your system I’ll only judge it this looks great me and the mud are one you guys are both now
mothers and mudders good one Bree [music] good work [music] gotta see their little lovebird,
Christmas hi Christmas hi Isn’t see cute? yes adorable wait ah all right you have fun Christmas [music] a new tool oh this has more buttons a little flipper thing it works for flipping
which side the exhaust is gonna go out on we can do that both ways it’s kind of
cool comes with tape and I’m not sure what that does keep away from your hands that’s an obvious one okay let’s see why do we have to know though before we can… fire it up and see what happens yeah okay should we use the nice little
dust thingy yeah Bree calls this the bloat because it bloats the more you fill it [music] all right dad how’d it turn out? great, we got a nice solid piece of lumber here and I’m happy with it has a little bit
of a curve so it’s got some personality to it and this will be a leg that will
actually fit here I have already pre-drilled the screw it’s all set to go it’s in now it’s time for another one just keep doing these and they’ll fill him up
with concrete when it’s time [music] looks good Dad nice work thanks this is the pizza crust mix gfmamas pizza crust my friend Margie, she has been putting these packets together and this is
original pizza crust her original recipe she puts together these mixes all gluten
free what’s it Margie? they’re gluten-free, grain free, sugar free, dairy free, nut free, soy free, corn free, GMO free we had had dessert-like cinnamon roll crepes
for breakfast and they were excellent they’re sugar free the way we make them she starting up this business she’s moving to Vegas where
she’ll be selling all of these products you got a website? Shel? good? it’s beautiful alright wow [music] it’s so cute ah Mom, that is so cute it’s going to be so cool when it’s all done [music] getting ready to trim Garen’s hair that’s a lot of hair I know he’s been… I grow it myself it’s like a lion’s mane [music] how’s it looking? I don’t know, you tell me go for a preliminary sweep don’t tell me about the back I don’t want to know it looks bad in the back I’m never gonna see the back but we will see the back it doesn’t
matter I feel like we want a preview of this back do you feel better? I feel no difference you need some water to style your hair you know
what Shae? my hair is always in style that’s some redhead pride right there oh man I can’t flick my hair I flip my hair back and …nope got cut my favorite part is
that giant bald spot in back [music] I’m turning the dirt in here right now then we’re gonna rotortill it real quick and then throw our cement down to create our soil cement floor I’m resting because this is hard work hey Marvin is gonna come just in time for the soil-cement floor again poor Marvin he was
here last time on the soil-cement floor Marvin if you’re listening it’s time for you to get here like now because I’m turning the floor [music] thanks for being here stay tuned for next Friday as we continue work on Shae’s earthbag bedroom [music] we hope you had a great Thanksgiving we’ll see you soon bye [music] this is the money maker right here I’m not not that good of an actor I know that I think you guys didn’t get much sleep
last night you can literally say like a word to me and I start laughing word no there’s a bee what should we do? we’ll have to beeeee careful our family
moved from the city to the country thanks for taking part in our adventure we have new videos every Friday evening if you would like to help us out you can
like this video, share it, subscribe or support us on patreon see the links in
the description we’re having a fashion trend it’s better than tinfoil hats exactly tin foil hair new trend oh yeah, that flip though so we’re dying the dog’s hair next? you don’t torture animals we’ll do that in a sec not completely I feel pretty oh so pretty I feel pretty and witty and fine so you like it so far? the two seconds you’ve had it? yes that is so descriptive I totally
get it I can relate on like every level wait, wait, ready? it’s gorgeous [music]

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  1. WAIT! Isn't "GF" usually short for GIRLFRIEND?? So does that mean those mommas are somebody else's girlfriends? Oooooooo do the husbands know? lol

  2. If you plan to rototill the floor in a circular pattern, go from the center out so when you finish you cam step to the other level and you'll have a pretty floor ready for cement.

  3. You probably had this question 1000 times but I’ve never seen it and I’m finally going to ask it where are the bathrooms for these bedrooms

  4. Are you doing anything special to protect the bottom of the wood rails from the concrete? Unprotected the wood will rot right off at the ground, break off and no more support.

  5. After you finish that building you need to build a couple of new houses for people to come and visit and experience your way of life…. I'm pretty sure that will be in your plans anyway good luck look forward to watching

  6. Hey, I am wondering if the windows/candy jars a placed for aesthetics or passive solar
    or both? I am seeing some very neat ideas coming together in this build, congrats.

  7. I'm glad you filmed that part with Anna Mae. You've been doing it so long you make it seem effortless, and it's good to see that it takes some time and elbow grease to get the cobbing done.

  8. You guys have got this stuff down! This build seems to be going so quick! Keep up the good work guys da da da da daaaa I’m loving it!

  9. I love you guys everything about you all is inspirational. I enjoys your videos and one-day I hope to build my own earth room. Thank you for all you do.

  10. I love your videos and the beautiful buildings you guys make. But sometimes ur videos can be very shaky and make my eyes hurt if I watch a long one. Consider using a gimbal, checkout this one.

  11. WOW is this build ever coming along. Looking great! Those two levels are going to be so so cool. Hope you all had a super Thanksgiving.

  12. ??? you guy have waaaay too much fun ??!! Love it. It is going along beautifully. Thank for sharing! Hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving – but I am pretty sure you did. Take care and be safe, Blessings

  13. Love Shea’s design with the lower / earth-sheltered (cooler!) space; the project looks great! Curious: are you not worried about ground contact / rot on those stair legs? Is it a special wood, maybe?

  14. Lmao…your dad was putting the leg on the step, he just screwed it on. Stepped back & said all we need now is to fill the hole with concrete. Then the next scene is a mixer going & in my mind said NO, not with that kind of mixer…U don't mix concrete with a kitchenAid

  15. Your family is amazing. when we are out west we would love to stop by and help with a project if it is an option. Happy Thanksgiving.

  16. Looking so cool! Great hairdressing skills Shae! You should think about becoming a hairdresser. I was a hairdresser for 24 yrs. I started when I was 17 professionally. I learnt my trade in high school, then I apprenticed for several years, and challenged my exams instead of going to college. I made lots of money doing something that I loved, and found easy. I was just like you, doing all of my friends hair, cutting, colouring, the whole deal. Know I'm retired in my 40's looking back, at my life of working straight out of school. I was so lucky to have found my career at such an early age. I actually started to cut my brother's hair when I was 10. And all started when my mom asked me to cut her own hair in the back, after giving her self an perm. It was awesome! Anyways! I just love your family, and love watching you guys build, it's just awesome! Godbless you all! Happy building!

  17. Awesome! Great job! Just one tip that might help you; When staining wood, you should lightly sand after the first coat because the grain gets raised, then continue as usual. This will help with absorption and give you a smooth, even finish (food for thought)…… Shae, you're a sweetheart and Bree is a trip. Keep up the good work guys!

  18. Great stuff! I like the playfulness of your building style and the unexpected inserts – like hair cutting and gluten-free pizza. Seems with your large amount of subs that you could sell a training course on building rammed earth dwellings and students would come and pay you to help build. Reynolds in New Mexico does that with the Earthships. Why not the Daniel family in Benson, Arizona with your favorite materials and unique building designs? Once all the kids have their own buildings, what's next – a two-story rammed earth dog house, or goat house or…? Inquiring minds want to know. I got it. 'Just answered my own question. The next thing you could build is a bunkhouse for the visiting paying students. And then after that, of course, you'll need a schoolhouse, separate bathrooms and showers building, and a chow hall/cafeteria. Do it in the right order and the students will build it all and pay for all of the materials. You've got a gold mine there. Just keep up the good attitudes and loving family frolicking.

  19. you kids need to build ur Dad a sauna or something, a place to relax that he doesnt have to work for. hes the hardest working guy in television… im still blown away how fast he and Garin knocked out that very complicated roof. you guys are getting goood

  20. My daughter and I enjoy your videos/ Shae's bedroom.   We are ever curious about what you are going to use for the roof.  I bet it will be unique, perhaps a tin roof……maybe shakes.  We can't wait to see the kind of furniture Shae puts in her new bedroom.

  21. Been watching the stuccoing….I experimented with a few mix additives.
    One of those was very good stuff…WeldBond white glue.
    I was making the coating by the 5-gal bucket at a time, so, maybe about 2 to 4 Tablespoons of the WeldBond white glue, was added to the stucco mix's water, before adding some of the water…then add the rest, mixing well. It has made that batch more durable in our wettish climate [Pacific NW]. It's said to make the mix stronger, more durable, by somehow cross-linking molecules together? [IDK..something like that].
    Pozzolanic ash has a long history of making concrete better. It helps sequester more CO2 in the stucco [good], and makes concrete mixes more fire-resistant and durable, too [really a bonus]. I kinda gilded the lily by adding both Pozzolanic ash and WeldBond, to a few batches…and it's done nicely, too.
    Adding alkaline additives, of course, does better than the acidic additive one person suggested to us…that batch totally failed…like, went-powdery-failed.

  22. Everything free usually means flavor free…my wife and i will have to try it. Don’t care about gluten grain etc…we just want to lose weight together

  23. To help you out with your stucco, take a scrap piece of wood screw dow in the middle of it. Put your stucco on it, and go to your wall with it. This should SPEED UP your stuccoing.

  24. I was looking at your YouTube video and I came up with an idea for your next project. Try on your diving the next one up into 8 straight walls over lapping the corners like bricks and use rods also, instead of a circle.
    For the roof: After you get your 8 rafters in cut 8 – 2×6 – 22.5° / 46.5" on the long end. This will cut down on time and the cuts and wood wast.

  25. Wait. Why Roto till the floor b4 laying cement? I thought you just like smoothed the dirt over and laid cement over it.

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