Inside Anfield: Liverpool 2-0 Manchester United | Incredible scenes after Salah’s late strike
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Inside Anfield: Liverpool 2-0 Manchester United | Incredible scenes after Salah’s late strike

January 23, 2020

Next to the Super Cup or
the European Champions League… CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Hello. You OK, you good? Happy New Year. All right? Good to see you. Yes, just wave! Come on, lads, come on! Yes, Hendo, let’s go. BOOING CHEERING VIRGIL: Come on, boys, let’s go! ♫ Walk on, walk on… ♫ With hope in your heart ♫ And you’ll never walk alone ♫ You’ll never walk alone… ♫ ♫ We’re champions of the world,
we’re champions of the world! ♫ And now you’re gonna believe us,
and now you’re gonna believe us ♫ Now you’re gonna believe us… ♫ We’re champions of the world. ♫ CROWD ROARS VIRGIL: Come on, boys, eh! Sadio, Sadio is not here. FANS: Ohhh! THEY CHANT:
♫ Liverpool! Liverpool! Liverpool! ♫ Liverpool! Liverpool! Liverpool! ♫ ♫ We’re gonna win the league,
we’re gonna win the league ♫ And now you’re gonna believe us,
now you’re gonna believe us ♫ Now you’re gonna believe us… ♫ We’re gonna win the league ♫ We’re gonna win the league,
we’re gonna win the league ♫ And now you’re gonna believe us,
now you’re gonna believe us… ♫ ♫ We shall not, we shall not be moved ♫ We shall not, we shall not be moved ♫ Like a team that’s gonna win
the Football League – again! ♫ We shall not be moved. ♫ ♫ Liiiiverpool, Liiiiverpool ♫ Liiiiverpool, Liiiiverpool ♫ Liiiiverpool, Liiiiverpool ♫ Liiiiverpool, Liiiiverpool. ♫ OK? – Well done.
– Thank you. We’re alongside the man who was
pivotal to Liverpool’s win today, getting that first goal, the late defending, and I’ll just start with the first one,
the actual goal. I think, you see I’m being
marked by two guys, and we tried to find the near post. Congratulations. Thank you very much! It was not too bad. – I didn’t know…
– Surprise! Really nice. Send my regards to John. – He’s here.
– Oh! “Send my regards to John.” How are you? – Not too bad.
– Not too bad! – How are you?
– Wow, amazed. – This is so special.
– It is, incredible. What a great day. Bye-bye. Yes, guys, sorry. Jürgen, it was a game with everything,
most important of all three points, but your boys were immense today. Absolutely. Absolutely. Role models, huh?
Role models for… taking responsibility for…whatever,
the dreams of so many people, and then showing up like this, it’s incredible. The intensity we put into a game like this,
the concentration levels we keep obviously most of the time…
is just exceptional. The football we played, I love,
I really love. 2-0, late goal, Ali assist.
Mo – what a run, what a goal. Outstanding. Yeah, big relief,
and it feels good. A really good performance from us
and luckily Mo just topped it off at the end, we could relax for 20 seconds!

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  2. That "we're gonna win the league" chants at the end gives me goosebumps every time. I've been through nearly two decades of Liverpool since 2001 and witnessed many historic moments from the Alaves UEFA Cup win to Olympiacus and the Istanbul comeback, the Dortmund game in 2016 and Barcelona comeback last season. But throughout it all, I've yet to witness Liverpool win the league and it's an amazing feeling that we're getting closer and closer to realizing that dream!

  3. A dream to watch liverpool play at Anfield…been a fan since i 20 years…been to a match in sydney when ex lfc players took on sydney…winning the league wld be a motivation to be a part of the parade at least

  4. What’s a bigger shock:
    The fact that Liverpool are going to win the league unbeaten or the fact that most of their players have wired headphones

  5. Best bits for me.
    Robbo at the end talking about the second 'we got to relax for 20 seconds"
    The clip just after the second goal. As everyone runs towards mo to celebrate, Henderson is on his knees head on the floor. You can tell hes overcome with emotion. He gets up and looks at the sky. He knows what's coming and what's gone before. You see big virg shouting him but he is just in the zone.
    And my other favourite part…….."and now you're gonna believe us"

  6. Hi انا مصرى وهتكلم بالعربى بحبك يا صلاح وبحب الكورة اللى انت بتقدمها وبحب ليفربول مصرى و افتخر
    Mo Salah♥️😂
    I'm from Egypt

  7. Dude I feel bad for Mata and De agea they look totally loss ! They seemed like nice guys, wish they were at a better club rather than with the mancs.

  8. I love the shot near the end with the kid noticing the camera. Think he was the one clenching at Messi’s free kick in the 4-0 inside Anfield

  9. Becker running to celebrate with Salah reminds me of the Mean Machine 3-2 goal celebration hhhhhhhhh ! congrats Liverpool fans, U deserve to win everything . Inter Fan

  10. Dream Team seriously they would beat the Spanish champ in all history , only Diego Maradona in a good team could stop this group no one else .

  11. At 15:20 they were wheeling away Ole's soulless corpse but unfortunately for United he had managed to resurrect himself for the next scene.

  12. I'm a fan of Bayern but watching this atmosphere is really great and amazing, the fans, the stadium all of it, Perfect. I really hope Liverpool will win the league.

  13. Said it back then when Jürgen was introduced as the new headcoach and many doubted this step. Let the man work, he'll turn the club around, he did the same with Borussia Dortmund. I say it now, signing Jürgen was the smartest decision ever made at Anfield. Best coach in the world.

  14. 10:31

    Virgil and origi asking Alisson to hold up play for the few seconds remaining … But Salah was waving his hands for a scoring chance !!

  15. Lingard and messi are drawn on assists this season in the premier League

    Cut him some slack ffs
    He is just too young

  16. I dont support any team but since mo salah moved to liver i really wanted him to be good as a brother in religion and i keep falling in love with this team

  17. Thank god liverpool have an intelligent level headed board and owners,they have obviously had a large impact on where the club is now and long may it continue.

  18. Só eu fico me perguntando, o porque do Klopp sempre ir correndo pro vestiário no final do primeiro tempo de toda partida

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