INSIDE #ALGB19 : Vincent Vittoz
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INSIDE #ALGB19 : Vincent Vittoz

November 17, 2019

Vincent, how does the photo in
front of you make you feel ? Honestly, it’s how we always
imagine winter sports fun, with plenty of snow
and beautiful landscapes which make us want to go out
to practice and enjoy the day. It’s a sport
with lots of advantages. Of course the sport is popular
with television audiences as it shows both the
athletic aspect of the sport but also
the suspenseful shooting that can turn any race
on its head. Above all,
what I’ve really discovered is exactly what makes
a successful athlete. Of course you need
rigorous training, but also a strong character behind the rifle. A dynamic ski resort, with a great feel
and a beautiful atmosphere. The people
of Grand-Bornand know what they’re doing when they
organise events !

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