INSIDE #ALGB19 : Simon Desthieux
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INSIDE #ALGB19 : Simon Desthieux

November 29, 2019

If you had to choose one
of these four photos, which one would
you choose ? I think that I would
choose this one from the start of the chase,
following a great team sprint with Antonin and Martin. It’s not the best photo
of me because I’m going through my
pre-departure ritual. It’s a way for me to concentrate
before the race. We had a really good
sprint that day; we hit the gas,
you could say. We really
enjoyed ourselves and we got a good
result in the end, so it’s much more satisfying
when it works out like that. I’ve also seen how
this very unusua site has evolved. It’s a site
which is not permanent like the rest of the stadiums, so it has
a different atmosphere to it, which brings something
else to the table that other World Cups don’t have. think it’s a really
great World Cup, and we’re really lucky because it’s unusual,
atypical, tailored to us and that’s
really neat.

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