INSIDE #ALGB19 : Johannes Thingnes Bø / Boe
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INSIDE #ALGB19 : Johannes Thingnes Bø / Boe

November 29, 2019

For the picture
of the last event in Le Grand-Bornand,
if you had to choose one, which one would
you choose? Yeah, all the photos are nice. I have always good memories
from Le Grand-Bornand, since it was the first
victory in my career, there. I think I have to take the
photo with me and Martin. It’s always a great duel
to race against him, and I think because he has been
so good in the biathlon, finally there’s a
World Cup in France and I think he was very happy
that he got his win. I think the slopes are fine. I think, it’s not so hard tracks
you have to have high speed for whole loop.
The altitude is around 44 m from the bottom to the top
of the track, so that means that in 3.3 kilometers
you stay almost on the same line and
that fits me really well. Always nice to be
in Le Grand-Bornand I feel at home there.
I like the tracks. I really like that,
I think that for the future it will be almost only
city biathlons even in summer but also in winter.

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