INSIDE #ALGB19 : Anais Bescond
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INSIDE #ALGB19 : Anais Bescond

November 19, 2019

Anaïs, if you had to choose
one of these four photos from the 2017 IBU
World Cup Biathlon Annecy – Le Grand-Bornand
which one would you choose? I’m going to choose this
one with lots of little details. You can see the grandstand
in the background it’s small but
packed with spectators ! There are a couple of things I think next year there
will be a bigger grandstand, and that means
even more people. So that’s quite a
good omen because it creates a great atmosphere. It was really crazy that year. Plus, I have the
number 39 jersey which represents my
Jura Mountains ! So it’s not bad, I like it. I wanted to perform well there and it didn’t live up
to my expectations. But it’s not all about
the race results, it’s also about what you
learn from the race, and having a World Cup race
organised in France is also about sharing
my world, my personal world and that is quite nice. For me, Le Grand-Bornand
represents the IBU World Cup in France, because it’s not
my usualtraining ground. We had the
French Championships there when I was younger, when I was a junior, I think. But for me, the World Cup
stage is at Le Grand-Bornand.

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