Insane Double Archery Coyote Hunting POV Head Cam – Solvid FIY
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Insane Double Archery Coyote Hunting POV Head Cam – Solvid FIY

August 11, 2019

This is spring time archery coyote hunting The wind is cranking up here, so I know I’m going to have to get down in the bottom to actually do any calling There’s 3 coyotes across the canyon, so I got into position There’s one coming in the brush right toward me. He’s coming in hot, so I draw back my bow! I gave it a little more time, then saw another coyote across the canyon; he did not want to come in. He saw me, or knew something was up, as he did not come any closer I drug the archery coyote back up to the road I had to go through brush and poison oak The deer and bird population is struggling The coyotes though are over abundant Now there are two less fawn killers, and I got my first archery coyote double while bow hunting coyotes

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  1. I use a air rifle with no recoil,at 70 yards I put pellet on pellet ,as long as you know your aim points and wind driftage it's easy.european rifles I find best.

  2. I have to tell this is very brutal, why dont you execute the animals after you hit them? what are you waiting for they are in fucking pain dude.

  3. and would the coyote be innocent and get a pass if it ate your dog or mauled a small child? didn't think so they are savage and useless fucking let em bleed out. wanna save an animal start with the owls or some shit. vicious 40 lb diseased dogs are not the place to waste your time.

  4. I checked out your channel and subbed. Please check my channel and sub back. My channel has Hunting, fishing and family videos. Thanks

  5. why dont u use gun instead of bow? just shoot gun on the sky..just scare them a bit..n they will leave the territory…damn ..

  6. The problem with POV in this video is too much head movement. POV is only good when a chick is giving you head.

  7. I am not against hunting what so ever, but just out of curiosity , Why are you hunting these coyotes? Are they edible

  8. Stopped hunting back in my 20's. Not sure why I lost the taste for it. But, if a coyote ever took one of my pets, it would be curtains for the local pack. Can't leave small animals even in a fenced yard here near Charlotte any longer. The law doesn't allow shooting even bows in town.

  9. Thats some fast action.
    How long where you set up on this for the action to begin?
    Two less bird killers and fawn killers too !

    Good Shooting.

  10. All you people who are doing this just for fun ill hope ur whole family will burn in the end , i would kill you and go into jail for my whole life for sick people like this

  11. I like how when it's someone killing a snake or a croc people are like "good" , minute it looks even slightly like a dog or a cat they're all like "omg this is so cruel" :/
    Says one guy. Actually this is not a very good point. There's a natural tendency to associate and empathize with creatures that are closer to oneself, closer from a phylogenetic PoV. So people empathizing with a coyote, which is also a mammal, more than with a croc is perfectly normal and expected.

  12. Não achei nada de legal nesse vídeo. Infelizmente não vou curtir essa situação… Triste isso cara, se fosse para consumo. Que bosta 💩

  13. Hijos de puta muéranse perros hijo de puta asesinos por eso este mundo está cómo está malditos

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  19. Absolutely awesome bow.>>> My 10 year old child thoroughly enjoyed it! It's the customary bow for their tournaments and so he was already using this in school. The added bonus of the other colors and items made it more fun for her.

  20. Just out of curiosity
    What exactly do people do with the Coyotes they hunt and killed???
    Do people eat them or just kill for sports

  21. Stupid hunter !
    Killing coyotes causes an overpopulation of its natural preys… They disrupt the chain food balance and then these hunters go kill the natural preys of coyotes… causing in return the overpopulation of its preys and so forth. The overall result is the extinction of species of the animal kingdom. Stupid hunters(how difficult is it now a day to hunt with all the gears at our disposal ?) the predators will have less options to eat and not starve….to death (this is where the eco-system is heading to faster each passing decade).
    What game is this of hunting when we all know before the game even starts who’s gonna win ? With all the gears these “bastard” of hunters carry with them, what is the probability that the hunter dies himself ? Compare that probability with the one that the hunter comes back home empty handed….And finally, compare that probability with that of the hunter coming back home with its prey dead….

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