Insane Coyote Hunting overpopulation ATN Thor 4 Unboxing & Coyote Hunting
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Insane Coyote Hunting overpopulation ATN Thor 4 Unboxing & Coyote Hunting

November 20, 2019

All right, you got my scope said you got my scope There’s a scope in there common let’s go open it Why you got a scope? So I can shoot hogs….. At night And in the morning…. Yeah in the morning till shot them then too Alright pull that off Let’s take a look at it So, this is a ATN thermal scope here Looks pretty cool. Yeah, that’s for your eye Yeah, can you see through it See, anything? See chewy? Yea haha Got the new Atn thermal scope right here. I’m gonna take off my old one. This is a ATN 4 k Pro This is my mounted ATN Thor 4 Thermal Scope Brother-in-law and tomorrow we’re gonna go test it out on some coyotes Alright I’m at my brother in law’s house and it’s about the calfing season He’s been having a little bit of a coyote problem, so we’re gonna see if we can’t take care of it Yeah, three of them Yeah, probably about 50 yards In that video actually miss the coyote At last second I kind of shook a little bit and shot underneath it and missed it I’m kind of frustrated at myself, it was a clean shot easy shot and I just completely missed it Got a call from my brother in law this morning And he has some other land that has a hog problem on it and he invited me out there tonight So hopefully I can get my first kill with the thermal scope I’m gonna try to get it all on camera and take y’all with me, please Don’t forget to hit the subscribe and like button down below And I’ll see y’all this evening. Hopefully post another video of a hog kill

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