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Innovations in Bow Hunting the GARMIN XERO

August 13, 2019

(wind blowing) (dramatic music) – Yamaha presents,
The Whitetail Diaries, chronicling hunting adventures
of the most plentiful and intelligent big game
animal in North America. Join top whitetail
hunters nationwide. Embark on the amazing adventure that is hunting
the whitetail deer. (dramatic music) (air whooshing) – This week, on the
Yamaha Whitetail Diaries, we’re taking an in depth
look at bow hunting’s newest innovation, the
Garmin Xero Bow Sight. We’ll show off its
incredible features, how to setup the
Xero specifically
to you and your bow, and we’ll go on the very
first whitetail hunt with the Garmin Xero. (gentle music) – Innovation is something that, is a word that a lot of people
toss around very easily. Something that’s a game changer, once again, something
that people talk about, and toss around very easily. But honestly, we all know
there’s very few things that are truly game changing, that truly evolve a
sport, or an application, or an entity, or any type
of services out there. Every now and then you
come across something that totally changes the game, that totally changes the
dynamic, raises the bar. Three and a half years
ago, I was in a meeting at SHOT Show, and a guy
brought up this concept to me. He said, “What if we could
do this, what do you think?”. I’m sitting there thinking
I don’t know how you’re gonna do it, but
if you could do it, my comment was to him it
would be revolutionary. Well, they did it, it’s called
the Xero, it’s a bow sight. It’s not a scope, you’re not
actually magnifying anything, you’re not sending a light down
range illuminating a target, but it’s a bow sight, that,
I’m telling you right now, it will change the game. I mean, if you’re
sitting here right now, and I can tell you as an archer, whether you’re a target
shooter, or a hunter, would you rather have a new bow, would you rather have
something on your existing bow that calibrates, and
works in conjunction with your existing bow that’s
gonna make you more accurate. I think everybody would say, “I’m gonna put that sight
on there and go with it”. When you look at the Xero, in a lot of ways it’s
a similar sight feature than what you’re gonna
have as far as shape of a traditional sight, whether it’s a 1-pin
or 5-pins or 6-pins, or there’s a circle there, there’s a box on the side of it that’s a little bit different, but you’ve got the horizontal, and you’ve got your
vertical movements on it. You’ve got all of those
to adjust your sight in a lot of ways, but
inside that box is magic as far as I’m concerned. You’ve got a laser range
finder right there. That tells you immediately,
through the push of a button, how far away your target is. Think about this, at your
fingertips, push that button, it tells exactly how
far you are away. Now, let me ask you
this question here. If you could push that button, and it says it’s 26
yards, and you let it off, and all of a sudden
a pin pops up that’s calibrated to you
to shoot at 26 yards, would you not
think that’s magic. Would you not think that’s
the most coolest thing, if you’re an archer or a bow
hunter, that you’ve ever seen, to be able to range find that. Let it go, and bam, there it is. Now, you fast forward this
to a hunting application. You spent the time calibrating
this piece of equipment. This isn’t something that
you just set on there and you go hunting. You follow directions,
you spend the time, you calibrate it, it’s tuned
to the speed of your bow. You as a shooter, you go out,
and you practice with it, and it’s all right there. The other cool
thing about it is, it’s almost got an
ethical mindset to it. It’s got a one yard
max window in there for whatever range
you calibrate it. Whatever way that you set
it up for, you and your bow, it’s not going past that. That’s an awesome,
ethical thing. Now, you as a hunter,
if you want to take longer shots than that, and
you can do that, set it up. You can calibrate
this thing out there a lot further than that
for big bull elk hunts. It’s an instantaneous
scanning device out there, so if the deer is walking,
you’re ranging it. If you want to range
some bushes out there, so you get a good feel of it, you know the deer is coming out, and you need to go to full draw, range the spot where you think
he’s coming, go to full draw. If he doesn’t come there,
and he’s still walking, move your hand over,
push the range finder, let it off, and there’s your
pin, you’re ready to go. (upbeat music) – The Yamaha Whitetail
Diaries is brought to you by Yamaha’s proven off road ATVs
and Side-by-Side vehicles. Bass Pro Shops, and Cabela’s,
your adventure starts here. Garmin Xero, leave
the guesswork behind. Welcome back to the
Yamaha Whitetail Diaries, with Wade Middleton. Well, today we’re showcasing
the Garmin Xero bow sight, and all its features. Let’s look at the first
thing one would do once they get their Garmin Xero. Once you get the
Garmin Xero sight, you’ll get it
mounted to your bow just like basically any
other sight you’ve ever had. You’ll set your trigger
up, where it’s comfortably on your fingers,
wherever you want it, on your grip right there, and that’s gonna allow
you to push the trigger to get the range to your target. Then, you’re gonna have
your mechanical adjustments. I like to do those
at about 15 yards. Left and right, and up and
down, basically like I would with any other bow, until I get everything
lined up and configured, and I’m shooting a good
group at about 15 yards. Once I get that
group all dialed in, and I’m really comfortable
with my mechanical setup, everything’s where I want it, everything’s
communicating in the bow, I begin to setup my pin
sights for the distances that I’m gonna be
wanting to shoot. These are gonna be
setup basically for you, so your distance
choices are up to you. What I like to do is a 25, a
35, and a 45 yard pin to site. Now granted, I can go out
a lot further than that, but that’s what I’m
initially gonna setup. When I begin to go
through this pin setup, I want to shoot at least
three arrows downrange. I wanna see my group, ’cause I wanna make
sure I’m consistent, because remember, this sight
is not doing it all for you, you’re still working with it. When I do get a group that
I like, I’m gonna agree, that, yes, that’s perfect. But when I get some
shots that I don’t like, say I was two inches too low,
I’m gonna say no on the menu. I’m gonna basically go in,
and then it’s gonna ask me how low or how high I was,
and I’m gonna tell it, based on the data from
the shots that I did. It’s gonna adjust
internally within that site, give me a new pin, and I’ll
begin the process again, until I’m comfortable,
and I like my groups, and then once I agree
yes, that pins set, saved inside my sight,
and ready for future uses. The Garmin Xero has so
many features in there. One that’s very key and very
important to a lot of hunters and archers out there, is the
ability to setup their pins, and their arrow profiles, to
match their specific needs. By that, say you’ve got
a big elk hunt planned, and you know you’re gonna go out and shoot a real heavy,
fixed blade broadhead. Then, you want to be able
to know that that broadhead, that arrow, that entire
setup, is gonna perform out to let’s just say 70 yards. You can go in, and calibrate
your pins, and your sight, and your bow, specifically
to you, in that setup, and you’ll be able
to save it for that. But then, during all that
time, you’re gonna go shoot your local 3D tournaments, or you’ve got a change to
go hunt the local farm, and you’re gonna be
whitetail hunting. Well, in those situations,
you may be shooting entirely different setups. You may be shooting a
lightweight mechanical on one, or you’re gonna be shooting
a target arrow on another, and they are way different. Well, you can go into
the arrow profiles, and your pins, and
save all that data, and you don’t have to
go reset, retarget, or realign any of
your pins out there. You basically have it all saved. You click the exact
arrow profile you want, and that set of pins,
that you’re gonna be using for that specific application
will be right there for you, matched and calibrated,
exactly to you. When it comes to a
hunting situation, you always are gonna
prepare mentally for what’s gonna
happen out there. How far is it gonna
be away from you. Is it gonna be a close
shot, a long shot. When it comes to the Garmin
Xero, it really allows you to be able to handle a
wide range of situations. A lot of people will
take the Garmin Xero, and they’ll go out,
and calibrate it at 20, 30, and 40 yards. That’s the basic setup
that most folks will need, and they’ll never think about
those high-angle, close-up, extreme shots that somebody
may be taking out there. Well, you don’t have
to worry about it when you’ve got a Garmin Xero. It’s automatically
gonna calibrate, and put that pin in a position
and place within your sight, that’s gonna allow
you to be successful without having to guess. So many people in those
types of hunting situations, where you’re at a
very high angle, and you’re shooting
very steeply down, or you’ve got something
really up close and wonder where to hold. The Garmin Xero, based on
that calibration effort that you’ve done prior to this, and all that practice to
get ready for the Xero, eliminates that worry,
’cause its gonna calibrate it exactly to where you need. Take this thought into mind,
you’ve got a game animal, say a turkey down
in front of you, and you’re at a high angle
shot, you go to full draw, it’s gonna calibrate it, and
not put that pin way at the top or way at the bottom
of your sight, where you’re gonna
be out of position. It’s gonna drop that pin
perfectly where you need it, where you can put it
exactly where you need to be able to pull off
a lethal, harvest shot and find success. – Now, we’ve only shown
some of the features that the Garmin Xero
Bow Sight has to offer. If you want to learn more,
visit, or head over to
our YouTube page, and watch more videos about
the Xero Bow Sight there. (upbeat music) When the Yamaha Whitetail
Diaries returns, Wade takes the Garmin
Xero on its maiden voyage in search of a whitetail. The Yamaha Whitetail
Diaries is brought to you by TenPoint Crossbows,
perfection lives here. Conquest Scents, hunting
scents and dog training scents. HiViz Shooting Systems, see
what you’ve been missing. Thompson/Center, America’s
master gun maker. Welcome back to the
Yamaha Whitetail Diaries, with Wade Middleton. Now, in this episode,
we’ve shown exactly what the Garmin Xero
Bow Sight can do, and how game
changing this can be to the sport of bow hunting. Now, let’s take it out into
the field for its first hunt, and put it through its paces. The real test of any
product is field usage. You’ve gotta get out and try it. While we’re practicing with
this prototype out here, we’ve learned a couple of things that we’ve already called back, and they’re already
calling the factory to make those updates and
changes to it, that’s cool. You gotta get out and
test it in the field. You’ve got new
electronics for your boat, you gotta get out and try ’em. You’ve got a new fishing
lure, you gotta go try it. You could look at these
things in the drawing room, and you can look at
’em on the range, and you’ve gotta go try
’em in the field though to make sure
they’re gonna apply. So, as you look at a hunting
situation, in this case here, we’ve got a full moon,
we’ve got no wind, really a tough, tough
hunting conditions. We’ve got a stand that I’ve
had success on in the past, in similar conditions, where deer are gonna
come up this mountain, to kinda feed, and then
go to a bedding area, and it seemed like
the best option. (insects chirping) (suspenseful music) Some deer are milling around, there’s some deer
coming through. We’ve already been
busted a couple of times. I’ve got the Xero turned
on, hanging to my left, and just waiting
for an opportunity. We’ve got some young
bucks out there. I’m tempted right
now to shoot a doe, and eat some venison anyway, I
love venison, but it’s early. (insects chirping) And, we’ve got some shots
of this 12-pointer in velvet that calls this area home. Big chocolate, pretty deer, and that’s kinda
the one I’m hoping. I don’t know if the hunting
gods or what are shining on me, but lo and behold,
coming from the right, here comes that 12-point. (suspenseful music) (insects chirping) The deer kinda comes in, and
he’s doing his deer thing, he’s milling around out there, and I’ve got my hand on
it, I’m sitting right here. I’m popping a couple of ranges,
not even at full draw yet, as he’s going along, kinda
learning different things, and I’m just watching this deer. We’ve got some does over
here that are kinda stamping, and they’re a
little bit nervous, and he kinda pays
them some attention, and he circles around
the brush there, and he’s slowly working
his way from right to left. I’m just in position. I’ve been in position many,
many times, and nothing happens, and I’ve been in
position other times, where it comes down perfect. When you get in that position, I talk about visualizing
what’s gonna happen, preparing in your mind, being
prepared for that moment, and in my mind, I’m
seeing what he’s gonna do. I’m going through a
new pre-shot routine, because there’s one extra step. I’ve actually thrown
a couple of steps out that I use in my
own traditional bow. I’ve got one new step in here, which is the laser range finder,
to drop the pin out there, and in my mind I’m
preparing for that. (suspenseful music) – The Yamaha Whitetail
Diaries is brought to you by Bradley Smoker, food
smoking made easy. Smith & Wesson
Performance Center, performance when
it matters most. Stealth Cam Digital
Scouting Cameras, proven. Welcome back to the
Yamaha Whitetail Diaries, with Wade Middleton. – Now, we’ve
ratcheted things up. We’re testing the bow
sight, the very first time ever it’s gonna be
used in the field in a true hunting situation
for a whitetail deer. As he’s slowly stepping out, and I’m kinda getting
ready to go to draw. In my mind, I’ve got my
finger on that little trigger to do my range finding. I’ve already ranged that
area a couple of times. I’m not guessing
anymore, I’m at 26 yards. How many people out
there that bow hunt have a 20-yard pin,
and a 30-yard pin. Well, in between
them, they gap shoot. I can’t tell you how many
times I’ve heard people go, “Well, I just held it
in between my 20 and 30”, and we end up with
a wounded deer. We end up chasing a deer,
we end up with a miss. Well, imagine now,
there’s no more of that, because that’s what
I’ve got right here. Probably couldn’t have been
a better scenario for me to test it, because
it’s in the middle of what most people
do, 26 yards. That’s what he’s showing up. Let it off, I’m at full draw, leg goes forward,
let the arrow fly. (arrow shooting) (insects chirping) Whoo, more like it’s a dance
when you get several of them coming through like that. It always shakes me
up for a few minutes after I get a shot like that. That’s a great, 12-point,
chocolate antlers, he eased out there pretty good. Shot felt great,
shooting the new Garmin Xero Laser Bow Sight. I mean, literally, you
don’t have a whole lot of extra motion of raising
and lowering your bow. I’m still shook up right now. You don’t have all the other
times of trying to range, I mean, you just push the button
and basically it tells you, that was a 26-yard
shot right there, on him when he turned broadside, shot felt great, looked good. It’s just amazing what
you can do when you have the equipment to be
able to line things up in that type of manner, and
really take advantage of it. So many sights out there
today, you’re kinda guessing. There’s no guessing in that
type of situation right there. You, as the human,
may make mistake, but when your equipment tells
you exactly where to hold, and where to aim, you
just gotta do the rest. I think I hit about
an inch different to where I was aiming at. The Xero, from
Garmin, put the dot right where it’s supposed to. I’m thinking, I’m
watching this deer, and he takes off running,
and he’s going over there, and I hear crashing going on, and I’m thinking I
smoked this deer, but I see all this arrow
hanging out, but I hear a crash. It sounds like a Mack truck
ran into a tree down there, and it’s thrashing around. I’m thinking, well that’s the
sound of a deer going down. It’s time to come and
get down outta the stand. I love to give
’em a lot of time. We go down there. I didn’t expect to
see a lot of blood, based on the shot
placement and everything, and we’re kinda working around,
and we ease down the drain, we ease down the draw,
gave it a lot of time. He’s piled up, and I’m stoked. I always get excited
when I find one. Yeah buddy, right
there, piled up. That’s what we heard,
that’s what we heard, that’s the stand right there. He came running down that hill,
and just crashed right here. (laughing) Look at this buck,
look at this buck. Oh man, that’s a great
12-point right there. Look at all that, oh man. That is the most agonizing time, if you’re a bow hunter, ever,
is after you take a shot, waiting to get your hands on
’em, you always get nervous. I’ve done it so many times,
but I’m always nervous, even if I know I just
center-punched the heart. On that deer there, I
could see the arrow. I didn’t feel like I
got great penetration. Shot hit exactly where
I was aiming, 26 yards. It’s always a moment of
you just kinda waiting. Up in that stand,
it was dead calm. This guy came in,
look at these tines. Look at the colors,
he’s just chocolate. I love those chocolate
antler deer like that. Mainframe six by
sixes are something, they’re just,
always enamored me. You just don’t see a lot of ’em, and this is a perfect
mainframe six here, each side for a total of 12. He didn’t go probably 12 total,
I mean probably 100 yards from where I got
him right there. Out field-testing that new
Garmin Xero sight right there, and being able to just
change and check the distance the whole time I
was in that stand. It just makes it total,
it’s a total game changer, all the way around, from the point of being
able to watch a deer, the walking and ranging, there’s
no guesstimation anymore. It pops that pin, that dot
up right there for you. You put the dot, and bang,
you’re done, you got ’em. Wow, thank you big buck. That’s gonna fill the freezer, gonna taste good all year long. That’s a great hunt right
there, man what a 12-point. First time ever,
out field-testing the new Garmin bow
sight, and as advertised. We spent probably about
two hours yesterday learning and practicing, we
had no experience with it. There were several
of us in camp, we had Michael and
Clark out learning, and playing with it, and
going through the paces, and then once we
got it dialed in, you could just see
the confidence getting
higher and higher. Sitting up in the
stand this morning, I was just praying and hoping
to get a chance at a shooter, and to get a deer like this,
that’s just icing on the cake, because I wanted to see
if this was what I thought it was gonna be, it’s that
and more, it’s that and more. – Congratulations Wade,
on the first of many Garmin Xero entries, into
the Yamaha Whitetail Diaries. (exciting music) (air whooshing)

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