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September 11, 2019

♪ (upbeat theme music) ♪ – (FBE) Today you’ll be playing this. – Injustice 2. Really? – Injustice? Two. This is cool. I’m so down. What is this? PS4. Oh my god, I’m so old. – YES! This just came out, and I’ve been
trying to find someone to play it with. I’ve been like,
“Do you have it yet? Do you have it?” I’ve been calling people. – I play Injustice 1
like nobody’s business. I played it on the Xbox.
I played it on my iPhone. And I would watch online tutorials
of other people playing it, ’cause I just couldn’t get enough. – (FBE) Injustice 2 is a fighting game
where you get to play as your favorite DC superhero or villain. And today, you’re gonna
be going head to head against another reactor.
– Ooh-ee! Okay, I got that. – No way! (laughs) Bring it! – I was actually in the first
Injustice tournament, had some epic hits. I beat Rachel, and then I went in. And I lost against my good friend Eric. – I’m the resident Injustice
winner on this channel. So it’s gonna be awkward
if I lose immediately. (boom!) – I’m feeling pretty
stressed out right now. – I would agree with that.
– Yeah. – Yeah. I’m sweating, and I don’t like it. – I’m gonna go with Catwoman
because I love her. – I’m gonna go with Swamp Thing
because I’m hearing great things. And also, I just re-watched
Justice League Dark, and I’m a fan. – (FBE) To give you some idea
of how to fight, we’re gonna let you look at the controls to see the special moves
for your characters. – Okay.
– Oh my god. – I notice you don’t have
a control for how to move. – This is very confusing. I’m not used to the PlayStation actually. The super move I get. – So this one’s environmental, okay. – I’m just not gonna pretend
that this means something to me. – (FBE) You guys ready? – Yeah!
– Yeah! – Golly gee wiz!
– We’re so ready. I’m a sore loser. I’m just
gonna say that for now. If I don’t win this, I’m gonna cry. – I’m not gonna lie.
I’m a sore everything. So regardless, you’re in for a bad time. – Oh, check me out. I look good. – Yeah, but can you photosynthesize?
– (laughs) This is why I chose something dark, ’cause I’m hoping that–
– This is great. Oh! Look at my whip! – Whoa!
– I have an elbow whip! – Okay, okay. (screams)
– Whoa! – (screaming)
– You just got logged! You just got logged again!
– Oh my god! How are you doing that? – Woo! Oh boy. No! Why are you so good at doing this? – No! Okay. – Oh boy.
– Woo! – Oh, am I far enough away?
– My super move! Oh my god, he blocked it!
– What’s up? – Damn, that–
– What’s up? That wasn’t even blocking!
I was just walking away. – Oh. – Yeah!
– Get up. Get up. – Victory gunfire! Come on, come on. Come on. Yes!
– No. – You’re trapped by my plant zombies!
– No! – Yeah, yeah! – How is that possible?
– Oh! I love you, Mother Earth. You’re the best wingman woman. – Aah!
– What’s your Final Wish 2? ‘Cause it’s now showing! Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. Oh boy. You about to get hit! Yes!
– Super moves and I can’t even– Aah!
– Didn’t even lose the first bar. Good game.
– Good game. – That was awesome. I’m so happy
we got to play that. (boom!) – Let’s see. – I’ma use Batman, you know,
fellow martial artist. We don’t need all these superpowers.
We got skill on our side. What happened to Aquaman? – What?
– What the heck? Since when did he get yoked up? – I’m gonna take this trident
and stick it up Batman’s, um, you know. (chuckles) – Damn. Damn. Feisty, okay. Where do you want to play? – Uh…
– I think you’re the one choosing. – Okay. Honestly, wherever you like,
man. We have Gorilla City. – Atlantis.
– Atlantis. That’s my home. – Let’s play at your home
so I can beat you there. – Okay. Okay. I like the confidence, man. Where’s the long hair, Aquaman?
– Oh, oh. Oh, oh, shit. Oh boy. What the heck was that? – I’m trying to– – You gotta chill with that, man. You’re being a little aggressive. Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh, let’s go. Let’s back up there. Slam. Kaboosh! Kaboosh! Oh, [bleep]. Was that one life? – I don’t know if Aquaman
is slow or what the [bleep]– – I don’t even know– Oh. Oh shit! – I feel like he can’t move. I’m gonna get you now.
I got some techniques over here. – Oh, oh. – It’s a little sweet.
– I got a technique, too, boy. I got a technique, too, boy. Power, baby. Oh shit, you [bleep] it up. Okay, uppercut. Uppercut, baby. (grunting and clanging) Oh, damn. Button-mashing for real. Oh no. No! No! Oh man. – Ha!
– Aw man. – Yeah!
– Damn. I got whupped on. – All right, bro. It’s all good, man. It’s all good.
– That was good. (boom!) – I’m very nervous. I mean… – It’s going down.
– The last time I played Injustice was the first one. – I don’t know who I want to be. – I’ll just go ahead and pick my all-time favorite.
– You’re gonna be Batman? – I’ll be Batman. – I’m gonna pick Catwoman. – You got the matching
colors and everything. All you need is just the–
– I’m totally gonna be her. – (game announcer) Begin. – Wait. Ooh. No. Wait. Can I live? (both mumble) – Whoa! Wait. Okay. Can you– Whoa, wait. What are you doing?
– Wait, I did my special move. Yes, I did my special move.
– (gasps) – Okay. Is this gonna–
– Wait. That’s so– where am I going? Bye. (giggles) – Okay. I don’t know– Wait. I didn’t see how you block.
Or you just walk back. – Oh. I’m just dying.
– Okay. – If I don’t– oh. – I think you almost got me. You got me. I died. – Oh. You didn’t die. – Well, that first part.
– I’m about to die. Oh no.
– That first part, I didn’t– – No! – Yeah.
– Yes, you just killed me. – Okay. Now we’re back. (boom!) Ooh. Yes, get it, girl. – Oh. How do you block? – Bye, little bat. (chuckles) – They’re just crazy. This is– ugh. – Ooh.
(boom!) Shit. – I got it? I got it!
– Oh no! – Yes. I was very surprised. You did really good. – I was very proud that I was able
to get that super move. – I was so nervous that
she was going to beat me. ♪ (dramatic music) ♪ (boom!) – All right, you know? I think–
– No, I’m gonna go with my girl. I’m gonna go with my girl, Canary, ’cause I’m just so thrilled
that she’s in this game. – Oh, I’m sorry. Well, then
we’re just gonna go with Bane. Jesus Christ.
– Okay. No. No, that is– oh well. – Ohhh, look at this guy. (imitates growl) Oh, lookit. Who is that? I don’t even know who that is.
– That is Black Canary, sir. – About to be a dead Canary.
– (laughs) – Oh snap, oh snap. Oh sh– What kind of punches are these, my man? – So good! No, no, no! (Black Canary shouts)
– That’s right. Oh!
– Oh! – Oh!
– That’s an ultimate punch. Ultima– – (both) Ohh!
– Shoot! – Yeah! Oh!
– Oh, that hurt! – Oh snap. Oh!
– Oh! No! That is so not okay!
– What? What? What? Uh-oh, uh-oh. I don’t like this. I don’t like this. Oh shit. Did I just die? Okay, but hit me with that
guard button again real quick. – Eat this!!! Oh, I missed! How did I miss that? No!!
– Oh!! (both shouting) What? What? Oh, this is kind of whacked.
This is getting a little whacked. – Just die already!!! No! – Oh, what’s going on
with that three-hit com– Oh, and I got it down. All right. So we back in this. I don’t want to jump yet. Oh.
– No, shoot. – Yeah, hit me there one more time.
– Gosh darn son of a biscuit eater. No! That’s not the power I want to do!
– Oh! I’m sorry. – You are not no gentleman nor scholar. Oh! You just–
– [Inaudible] ’cause I’ma whoop that ass! All day!
– Oh yeah! That’s right. – Okay, what’s kind of dumb is that circle is a power move. But, like, he doesn’t have
any powers other than– – That’s what you get for not
being amazing like the Canary. – Did I just die? – Oh!!! Oh, the Canary wins! Oh! It’s not about brawn. It’s about skill! It was a good start, loser. – Fighting games aren’t my thing
anyways. It’s all right. (boom!) – May the best person wins, I guess. – (mouths) (chuckles) – Well, for that, I’m gonna win then.
– Ah. I’m gonna choose the Flash this time.
– Cool. – That way, if I lose, then
Barry Allen [bleep] up again. – I’m still gonna go with Aquaman
just because I stay true. (fighters grunting) – Okay. That was not– okay. What am I doing? What are you doing, Barry? Come on. I’m just jumping, doing nothing. Man. – Oh, you think you’re smart, huh? Mm. That’s– aw. I love when my little
octopus comes to help. (Flash shouts) – Here we go. No. – I blocked it.
– How did you block it? – She was coming, running
really fast. But I prepared. I knew that she was coming.
– I can’t even get him– – Bam. Bangin’ it out.
On the floor. Take that. – Damn it, Barry.
I should’ve jinxed it either. – Yes.
– I should’ve just kept it as Batman. At least that would’ve had a chance. (boom!) – I don’t even need to win.
I’m just happy to be here, Pat. – Well, I just came off of a match
with a lot of shit-talk. So now I feel bad.
Now I want to shit-talk. – Man, you’re gonna have
such an adequate game! – I hope you do too! – You are pleasant, and it was
lovely to meet you then! – Likewise! – (Black Canary) Why didn’t
you fight the regime? – See that crocodile?
– Oh, jeez. – That’s you. Alligator maybe.
– I think it’s an alligator. – (snorts)
– Well, I guess it depends on where it– – It’s a “killer” crocodile. – Is it a killer croc?
– In a DC comic. Wah-yo!
– Ohf! – You got bushed! – Oh shit.
– He can jump. No. Whoa!
– Listen here. – I am a giant tree. You should
not be able to do that. – You are– Oh! Oh, no, no, no, no!
– Oh, I have two of me! Tag team! I like that the noises alternate
between screaming and us just furiously tapping buttons. – (Swamp Thing) You reap
what you have sown. – No! No!
– Wings! Wings! – No!
– Wingsies! – Get your–
– You’re about to get– no! – Eat it!
– You knew! (both shouting) How did you know? – Oh!
– Oh my god! That’s awesome!
– Black Canary! – That’s so cool! – And down you go!
– Ooh! Hey, I’m still alive. Nice. Oh, never mind. That changed quickly. No, no, no! Yeah!
– No! – Come on. Oh, this is
so much closer to last time. – I hate your shadow jutsu!
– It does nothing! It just pushes you!
– Stop it! – No, no, come on.
– You need to just die, all right? – We can still come back.
– No! You, you cannot! (overlapping speech) No!
– Please! No! No! No! No! No! No! I missed!
– Woo! Yes!
– How did I miss?! – And you opened the game menu! (laughs victoriously) – God… (growls internally) – You played a lovely game,
and I have a great time!!! – I did to!! Thank you that lovely match! (boom!) – Let’s do this, right?
– I’m so stressed out. I’m the reigning channel
Injustice champion. I won a tournament for
the first one a few years back. – Really. Okay. – Yeah.
– Cool. Cool, cool. This is gonna be fun, man. It’s gonna be fun.
– Yeah. – We’re gonna kick some ass.
We will have some fun. You’re a pro, so you will
show me how to play this. And it’s so good, man. – I came out here to have
a good time and kick some ass. And I’m all out of good times. – Ha. Oh, why are you so tall? Huh? – Why are you so tattooed? – You’re making me walk.
I don’t like that. – You’re walking so slow
and royal. It’s great. – Because that’s Aquaman. He doesn’t– Hold on. We’re not gonna do this. – Whoa! You have a Cthulhu? That’s not fair! See, I’m great with Swamp Thing. But I only know, like, two moves. You’re just doing so many
things. I can’t keep up. – Oh. – Come on, come on. – What are you talking about?
– Oh! – You got this. – I like that you’re encouraging me.
I needed that actually. – (Swamp Thing) The creed is power. – Okay, he’s flapping his wings now
like he’s got this on lock. – It’s just a tease,
though, ’cause I can’t fly. Nyah, nyah. Aha! Super move! – Oh. [Bleep]. – You know what’s not underground? A good source of water
for you at the moment. You know what IS underground? Your death! My hands are so– like, I’m so sweaty. The controller’s about to fall out. – We’re, like, hopping
across the screen now. – We’re just– (grunts) – You gotta be kidding me. – REIGNING CHAMPION!!! I’m sorry. Reigning champion!!! – Oh man. – I’m gonna call my parents
and tell them about this. And you think that’s a joke, but it’s not. I would like to thank my parents
and the Fine Brothers and my buddy Sergio here.
– Hi. – And just all of the fans. – Thanks for watching us
battle it out on the React channel. – Subscribe for new Gaming
episodes every week. – See you guys later. – (sighs) Ow. Ouchy, ouchy. Hey. Hey, guys, Zach,
producer at the React channel. Thank you so much for watching. And please let us know what
other games we should play in the comments. (crashing, growling)
No. You know what? No. I’m fighting back this time!

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