Iniesta and Casillas asking people for autographs – Liga BBVA
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Iniesta and Casillas asking people for autographs – Liga BBVA

November 18, 2019

Wait wait wait, please But you are Iker, I can’t believe it Hello I’m pretty well, and you? Oh my God…! Really? Can you give me your autograph? Me? But you are famous, not me! It would be possible to take a photo? This is a hidden camera or something? Please sign it, really. I will sign it. I admire you a lot. Can I take a picture with you? Oh sure! Come here Thanks you. Bye I cant believe it, You are… would you do me a favor? Yes, whatever you want. An autograph It’s a joke, right? Come on man, this is a TV joke. No no, really, is not. Everything ok? I can’t give you an autograph… I’ll keep it as a treasure. The famous are you! I’m you fan Yeah… Can I give you two kisses? Really? I kneel before you I can make obeisance But you are Iniesta! I will never give you back 35% of what you have given me The last campaign of La Liga

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  1. Boss: Why were you late to work?
    Me: Iniesta wanted my autograph on my way to work
    Boss: that's the biggest bullshit ever!

  2. What a marvellously original idea from two of the best loved footballers today. It is priceless to see the initial surprise and then the pure joy on the faces of those who were approached for their autographs. Wonder if the two planned this ahead or if it was a spontaneous idea they hit on.
    Spanish footballers are a unique lot. Love them all.

  3. 0:37 ha ha that man's face when he saw Cas , then when Cas hug him 😀 great idea to do this with two greatest players

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