[INDO SUB] NCT 127_Sijeuni Would Like This Too (시즈니가 이런 거 또 좋아하지 127) Ep 8
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[INDO SUB] NCT 127_Sijeuni Would Like This Too (시즈니가 이런 거 또 좋아하지 127) Ep 8

August 17, 2019

TY: Hello everyone. NCTzens like this~ NCTzens would like this too I’m Tae Yong and I’ll be the MC for today So the new year is just around the corner New.. new year.. Best wishes for the new year everyone~! Before we get into it, I just wanted to talk about how its a big day for us today We have a special schedule today! A schedule for our NCTzens! Hi Touch! Hi Touch! HC: Hi (Touch) Hi (Touch)
And that’s why its called Hi Touch.. TY: Well I’ll get onto reading the TMIs ID: Joa-bot (‘joah’ [like/happy] + robot) TY: I finally purchased a bulb for the light in my room I love it I also purchased a wooden doll and a pillow I’m really happy I received the customised in-ear headphones I’m really really happy The design was just the way I wanted it to be so I’m happy about that too JH: Hello everyone
It’s your boy Jae Hyun again as the ‘joah-bot’ for this week’s episode I like you ♥ TY: You said last time that you weren’t able to fine one JH: Everyone, I finally got my hands on one (Finally) JH: The standard bulb is never in stock Because its like completely sold out So I bought the bulb that you can control with a remote You can adjust it to be incandescent.. and there are also many other options (my bulb)
You can even adjust the brightness ML: Hey that’s great TY: Yesterday I went into his room and the lighting in the room was really nice JH: Ah, thank you TY: And you also mentioned that you bought a wooden doll and pillow? JH: Yes that’s right You know how when you go to an overseas hotel, there’s always 2 pillows So there’s a pillow that you lay your head on And then behind that, there’s a really fluffy pillow that you can hug I really wanted to get one of those and i finally found one So I’ve been hugging it to sleep TY: You also said that you received your
customised in-ear headphones (long awaited)
JH: It’s been nearly 2, 3 months since.. I ordered customised in-ear headphones with Hae Chan We finally received them a couple days ago I was kind of going for a subtle mix of gold and silver design And they designed it exactly the way I had imagined So I’ve been really happy using them Look forward to seeing my in-ear headphones on stage! YT: Since were going to Thailand tomorrow, it’d be good JH: That was my TMI ID: ‘Kuririn No Kotoka!!!’
(You mean Krillin?) (?)
JH: What’s this? DY: Krillin is saying YT: Do you know who Krillin is? It’s a line from Dragon Ball Z that I really like so I just wrote it down TY: Ah right. So how am I supposed to say it? YT: Kuririn No Kotoka!!!
(copy) (paste 1)
J: Kuririn No Kotoka!!!
(paste 2)
TY: Kuririn No Kotoka!!! (paste 3)
JH: Kuririn No Kotoka!!! ML: His nickname wasn’t English this time… TY: There was a lot of time left over while we were on stand by for the music program So I bought a new book and game They’re both so much fun!! There’s a bakery right next to the dermatologist and the bread is so good YT: Yeah so the title of the Book is ‘How to win Friends and Influence People’ I’ve been reading the book and if you get time, I think you should have a read It’s really fun JH: Yuta, do you have any tips on how to influence people? YT: Thank you.. ^^ Thanks Jae Hyun (For going along with it)
Thanks man YT: The most interesting part I read was If there’s a girl that you’re interested in There’s options of what you’d say to her And it was about how you’d say it How would you say it? (×2) Like you don’t know if she’s interested in you JH: I wouldn’t drag it on I would just say ‘dai suki ♥’ (Like you a lot) YT: Yeah so that’s how everyone would do it TY: Wouldn’t you have to know what that person likes? YT: Nicee
Yeah, that’s correct. JH: But if you both really liked each other I don’t think it would really matter what you said YT: Yeah that’s true but you still don’t know.. You have to think about what that person wants and what they’d like more So if you want to be loved, you need to approach and take interest first. YT: The next one is related to my ID ‘Kuririn No Kotoka’ I bought a new Dragon Ball Z game J: Turns out Krillin is his teacher I was trying to make a combo move but I kept failing and what did Krillin say again? YT: Krilling was like ‘Have a think about what the problem is right now’ (lol)
J: Every time I fail a combo YT: Anyways I’m having a lot of fun in the waiting room these days TY: So what’s your favourite bread? DY: The Rolling Pin bakery? YT: Nah nah TY: Nah not there.
The rice-based bread bakery. YT: Yess that’s the place I like the rice-based bread and also the egg tarts from there Do you know the egg tart?
It’s really nice I recommend it to you guys too ID: ‘Jin-jjohny? Ga-jjohny?’ (Is it real? Or Fake?) DY: Jin-johnny? Ga-johnny? (More properly)
Can you do it as ‘jjohnny’ please TY: Jin Jjjohny? Ga Jjohny? 1. I bought a new pillow (my pillow)
Yeah I went and bought it with Jae Hyun TY: Oh with Jae Hyun?
So you guys went altogether? 2. Do Young bought me a drawer DY: That’s right (×2) J: Thanks man. It’s coming to good use. 3. I learnt a new word, ‘sunban’ (shelf/rack) J: Yeah so there were a lot of attempts and fails (?) But I have added the term ‘sunban’ to my dictionary TY: This is a shelf too right? (not sure)
… or is not? (???)
… this is a ‘takja’ (table)? The people helping me were a little frustrated but now I truly understand what it means sun! ban! I also wanted to thank again the members who always answer my questions ID: ‘Gwajeupmi bboom bboom’ (Fresh as Fruit) JH: This sounds like Tae Il hyung.. YT: Definitely Tae Il hyung vibes.. TY: What fruit juice are you? (even his shirt is green)
TI: I’ll be a green grape TY: I have a succulent plant that I bought ages ago I bought a stand and also a display for the plants JH: Oh what, it’s not Tae Il hyung? TY: If I get to use a room alone in the future I plan to fill the room with plants JH: Oh this is Do Young hyung (×2) (?)
TI: So the plant..
So what I did with the plant was.. DY: This is my TMI TI wasn’t even startled and went along with it so smoothly (oh…)
TY: Are you ‘Fresh as Fruit’? DY: Yeah it’s me… But.. you don’t have any..
fruitiness..? DY: Press me
The fruitiness will come out YT: You’re not really a fresh fruit
You’re a dried fruit (whisper)
DY: Yuta hyung.. Stay back later yeah? ^^ (scared~) DY: So I bought 2 succulents about 6 months ago But 1 of them didn’t have a stand I couldn’t just water it as is so I bought a stand for it I also wanted to put them on display nicely So I bought a display stand and hung it The picture of it is! Do Young’s special succulents J: You seem to add something to your room every week DY: I have this dream Later on when I get to use a room alone or have my own house I want to place a lot of plants inside, almost like a forest ML: It’s good for you air too JH: Yeah, designing your interior with plants is really in these days TY: So the next story is from ID: Quesa-TY TI: Ah~~ This is just Tae Yong 100% TY: Quesa-TY sent this one in I finally tried Quesadilla out.
It was really good. I also tried out a fruit called Shine Muscat It was really nice.
It was the best. Lately, I’ve been really into chin chillas. I watch the video of chin chillas bathing in the sand at least twice a day It’s been getting very cold lately.
I want Johnny’s gloves. Johnny bought a new drawer.
It looks good. That was TY’s TMI J: Show them the quesadilla thing TY: Do Young has to do it DY: Quesadilla today? There’s a behind story to this.
I’ll sum it up shortly. We were in the practice room, deciding what to eat Everyone was calling out different ideas Tae Yong hyung was insisting on quesadillas but no one was up for it but I was like ‘Hey quesadillas sounds nice~’ and then he was like ‘Quesadilla?’ DY: The thing is, sometimes Tae Yong hyung is super energetic He keeps going around like this Quesadilla? TY: While we were on stand by in the waiting room, we recently tried a fruit called shine muscat and it was really nice It was like the thing we were hooked on It looks like really big green grapes ML: Kyoho grapes? HC: Ah yeah~ I had them too! J: It tasted like a mix of apples and grapes TY: I really like chin chillas I also want Johnny’s gloves J: Do you want them? (×2) (anticipating)
TY: Oh? Are you going to give them to me? (nup)
J: I’ll send you the link (oh…)
TY: Ok.. nice.. ID: Moon Tae Il’s morning bed hair (that hair)
YT: Isn’t it just a pineapple? TY: Before our pre-recording for ‘Show Champion’,
Do Young hyung styled Tae Yong hyung’s hair himself The next ‘Lipstick Prince’? (Korean beauty show) lol He actually took the effort to do it I’m looking forward going to Thailand It seems like it’s been a while since we’ve gone to Thailand See you guys at Thailand~ ^^ Jae Hyun hyung and Hae Chan’s in-ear headphones finally came It took forever but I’m glad that they’re both really happy with them Lately the breathing noises on stage have disappeared (sure)
YT: This is Jung Woo! JW: Ah.. yes.. (not sure) TY: Ah right, I’ll ask you the questions! (nervous)
Um.. so.. (rushed)
ML: Nah wait
This is.. me ML: It’s me (???)
TY: Oh really??? ML: Well for a start I love Moon Tae Il’s morning bed hair JH: Well, let’s take a look at the picture of that
ML: Show us the photo! (only in the morning)
Moon Tae Il (24, Owner of the pineapple shop) ML: I heard everyone can see this now but I wrote it cause I thought they couldn’t. Tae Yong hyung needed to get his hair done so Do Young hyung styled it for him I thought that was fun so I wrote it I’m also looking forward to going to Thailand Jae Hyun hyung and Hae Chan’s wait for their headphones was so long It took nearly 2, 3 months
but it came and I’m glad they like them And lastly I think the breathing noises on stage have disappeared lately It’s actually gone now
YT: It’s Mark though TI: Let’s reveal it now The culprit can give themselves up YT: It’s Mark (…)
ML: I think it was me.. TY: I’m sure everyone’s done it at least once ID: Let’s be happy~ (joh-?)
(singing Zion T’s song) TI: ‘haengbokha-john’? DY: I feel like whenever there’s a ‘joh’ sound, it’s always Johnny hyung’s story (Is it real? Or fake?)
I’ve already done mine! After finishing the day’s schedules, I was contemplating what to eat I ended up ordering sushi.
It was really good! My body has been feeling really tight lately so I think I should stretch it out often (stretching?)
Tae Il hyung? But sushi…? It’s Jung Woo!! JW: Yes this one’s mine~ Lately I’ve been always contemplating what to eat After finishing our schedules when I come back to the dorm I was like ‘What should I eat?’
and then once I ordered sushi I really enjoyed it
I’ve always liked sushi So I had a lot! And my body lately has been really strained Because I’ve been sleeping wrong and stuff J: It’s cause you have a long neck man~ JW: Yeah I have a long neck also.. So I’ve been stretching it out often And I’ve also started doing new exercises recently So.. look forward to my lean body (good body)
Ayyyyyy J: look forward to my lean body~
That’s swag (You heard right?)
YT: Look forward to his lean body~ (You saw right?)
Look forward to his lean body~ he said JW: Well.. I don’t know when I’ll be able to reveal TY: But to be honest, Jung Woo’s body is really nice right now too YT: Hae Chan, you’ve been exercising to right? (…?)
HC: Yes I’ve been starting to exercise too… Look forward to mine too! ID: NCTzens are cute We placed weather strips on our windows Ever since I cut my hair, my back hair lifts up a lot P.S. Mark loves my new hair ML: Tae Il a~ J: Tae Il a~ (connecting Tae ‘Il’)
‘Il I O No Ra’ (Olden day way of saying come here) Now that it’s winter, we all placed shields on our windows All the rooms have it right? J: No HC: We haven’t TY: We haven’t either J: Only your room has it.. (huh..?) TI: Okay so only our room~ Thanks to that, it blocks the cold wind from coming through So our room is really warm You know I cut my hair short this time If I shampoo before I sleep and lie down..it.. J: Doesn’t that mean you still have foam in your hair? (foam galore)
If you literally lie down after putting shampoo in your hair? TI: I wash and dry!
I dry my hair too! If I sleep like that, when I wake up, my hair is all lifted at the back (is that styled hair..?)
Tae Il hyung.. you’re not styling it like that right..? ID: Who can talk against me, who~ (singing ‘Simon Says’ lyrics) My new headphones came.
I lost 2 of them last time so I bought new ones but it took 2 months to come. The wait was so long I really liked them but Mark Lee said they weren’t that great so I got cut Hmph
Doesn’t even watch the movie with me.. (No fun)
HC: Bye my story… (wrap up)
Thanks everyone.. JH: Cut~!! TY: Wait wait wait.. (re-reading the story energetically) (almost rapping at this point) (satisfied) HC: It took just over 2 months since we placed the order I don’t really call up after I order things but it took way longer than I had expected So I literally called them about 5 times and I found out that there were some bumps on the way so that’s why it got delayed TY: But at least, you said that when you put them in they felt better than the old ones? HC: They’re very light and I was worried that it wouldn’t fit well after that 2 month wait but it fit in really nicely I was so happy after receiving them but Mark hyung was like I asked him ‘Hyung, what do you think? Thye’re nice right?’ (cut)
He was like ‘they’re not that great’ (my heart..) ML: Ah that was.. HC: Do you even have an explanation for that? ML: It’s not really an explanation but I did say they weren’t that great J: Were you being honest? ML: To be honest I said they weren’t great because he showed me the design online when he first picked it out and compared to that photo it was.. it wasn’t that great cause when I saw the photo I was like ‘wow~’ so I was kind of looking forward to them too but I was a little disappointed myself but I’m glad Hae Chan really likes them TY: What I want to say is please stop losing them (worried)
TY: You lose them so often
HC: Yeah, I’ve lost so many.. HC: So when are you planning to watch that movie with me? ML: Well.. we.. Why’d you write it like this bro Okay fine.. I’ll watch it with you (×2) (..?)
HC: Are you being salty? TI: He’s cut right now lol ML: He wrote his story so weirdly~ TY: So that was the TMI of NCT127 for this week We need to pick the next MC (only DY and TI left)
YT: There’s only these two left HC: What about a fun game of Korean wrestling? JW: Nah chicken fight (×2) (how about)
TI: Who can plank longest YT: What about this? (×2) (balance)
Close your eyes and do this! The game to pick the next MC
Balancing with your eyes closed
HC: Make sure you have one of your feet off the floor ML: So the winner is MC right? TY: Yeah that’s right.
The winner is the MC. 1, 2, 3! ML: Don’t open your eyes~ JH: You’re both doing great. Nice work.
Both doing well~ (×2) J: Oh~ looking a bit risky there~
JH: Tae Il hyung is at risk right now (acting real hard) (something’s not right) TY: Tae ll hyung is hanging in well YT: Do Young is also doing well
TY: Do Young is shaking a lot DY: I know you’ve put your foot down right now But I’ll let it pass JH: He hasn’t
What are you talking about~ HC: Risky~ J: Okay, we’ll try sitting down and getting up TY: On the count of 3, you guys need to sit and then stand TY: 1, 2, 3! (having too much fun)
JH: Jump (×2) TY: Next we’ll jump
1, 2, 3! DY: I bet you’re not doing it right now!! He’s doing it~ DY: If he’s not, you better all come out and do it yourselves too (Does not care)
TY: Let’s turn a circle (A bit fishy but still does it anyway) TY: Too easy man (did the whole thing)
Next MC>>Do Young DY: I’ll be well prepared as next week’s MC! J: How about picking a theme for next week? DY: Next week.. TI: How about eating king crab while we film next week? DY: Next week let’s have a food special! You have to write a TMI about food Well then, hope you guys look forward to next week’s TMI NCTzens would like this too~ HC: Okay, cut~!!

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