Indian Heroes of PUBG S2 | EP 02: HydraFlick | Rohan Ledwani
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Indian Heroes of PUBG S2 | EP 02: HydraFlick | Rohan Ledwani

September 9, 2019

Dad used to tell me Son, start using emulator Dad used to tell me, ‘You must play emulator’ I asked him why? He said I will get more views Friends, they are the best things that happen in school They are ones you spend most of your time with and studies are secondary You just chill with friends I used to get scolded every day. I used to have long hair, I was didn’t study much I will share one memory from my childhood. There used to be pop-ups which we used to burst in Diwali on the road And it creates a small sound. I used to throw it at my teachers And I got caught once they scolded me and took me to the principal It was a bad time for me They suspended me for one month from school When Mom & Dad used to ask me What’s your dream? I told them I want to be a police officer At that time I was really young Then, I stopped thinking and started enjoying life. Then I thought of opening a cafe So that I can start a restaurant business but.. it didn’t work out. So, YouTube was my thing because seven years, I kept playing games. I never thought of a profession in gaming or that I want to pursue a good career in gaming. But I used to game the whole time HydraFlick Well.. When I used to play counter strike when you kill.. so one voice ‘Monster kill’ so monster I was very young at that time. I wanted to keep my name ‘Monster kill’ But if I keep ‘Monster kill’ it will be basic, I googled Monster I saw Hydra, Now Hydra is a sea monster There’s a game called God of War The first villain which was a three-headed monster that’s ‘Hydra’, so I kept my name as Hydra And flick I added recently, around 10 months ago Flick basically when you aim flick or snap from point A to point B When you snap it quickly and get one kill that’s a flick shot and I used to do that in counter strike So i felt just Hydra is very simple So we created Hydraflick I want to point out one thing which was a big hate that ‘You are not from Hydra clan then why do you have Hydra in your name?’ because of this, I get a lot of hate But definitely, I try to make them understand. that my actual name is Hydra for the last six, seven years. This is my name But, it’s okay that hate will be converted into support. This guy is good He has no problem. He’s not stealing anything. Streaming and Pro gaming. I will say pro-gaming is a very good industry professional gaming is a very big industry. It feels good to face the challenges But I like streaming better I tried out both professional gaming And played for organisations and I do streaming According to me for a guy like me streaming is better because you can keep enjoying life the professional scene has pressure about performance. Pressure in the sense you have to improve each and every day. and in streaming you can just have fun, do anything just enjoy your game. I think streaming is better than professional gaming You won’t get anything at Vadodara I don’t want to die so quick in this game. Hello hello… Big fan Big fan.. yo yo What’s your name? My name is HydraFlick Nice, hello HydraFlick, what I love about streaming is, it’s fun You’re enjoying it, you are playing game you are interacting with the audience Yeah, that’s it. What else is there to do in streaming? Now, this match okay. Alright, 100 rupees per kill okay. Thanks for the party I’m on 20th… sorry Hydra Wins When I reached 100k my exact thought was finally, I can say that I’m a YOUTUBER Now let’s go to the live count And wait till I reach 100k Don’t Unsubscribe don’t do this guys come on, NO… I just completed the stream I saw the 100k. I started chatting Please send my verified tick Dude trust me I never imagined I will be crossing 100k Because It’s really tough for a PC gamer to grow these days It was I was not expecting it. So I was really happy No, I won’t do that because I can’t downgrade the quality I don’t compromise with the quality If I like one game and I’m playing it pretty well then, there’s no point going down. One advice to Dynamo I will ask him to promote PC games rather than, promoting a mobile game on emulators right now If Western brands right now If they come to our Indian YouTube section And they see who’s the biggest streamer they see Dynamo And what they see is a mobile game being played on an emulator. I don’t think any Western brand will invest in India after seeing this that’s my point. Shroud in short ‘GOD’ He took his time in gaming He took time in improving. He is a professional player now he does streaming but, the back end story which most of the people don’t know that he played 8 hours every day to get perfect at aiming Dedication See, 8 hours a day, even I get tired after playing for 5-6 hours And I give up I’m done with this game right now, I played for the last 5 hours They show the same level of dedication everyday they are working hard So, that they can reach a certain level to win the tournament Hold on Dad gave me six months Dad told me if you want to do streaming, do it. But you have six months to prove yourself So I thought I have enough time, at least 6 months So, I worked very hard from the beginning as in I had to prove to my Dad that I can do something in gaming. I started playing in tournaments And there was one tournament In which we got second place. My team received Rs 1,50,000 as winning prize Then, Dad told me it’s fine He saw my photo when you see your son’s photo with the crowd. Then it’s a proud feeling. Then, he told me to continue He’s been giving me 100 per cent support He actually watches my stream and tells me he’s my fan So, now it’s all chill with Dad basically with my parents me… Dad… I have told you Dad, he watches Sikh Warrior, gtx preet Dad watches Raka’s streams All the best points… he even watches Dynamo and dad Dad told me start the emulator Dad told me to start playing emulator. I asked him why? He said I will get more views So, Dad does not know much about gaming . He is trying to understand how YouTube works So, he’s always like son play PUBG on mobile, so many people will watch yo he keeps doing that. But also what he does is He collects best points from other streams And tells me to implement those points in my stream One guy spoke in a different way, even you can try that. And I like it so much. Gaming… I was fond of games since childhood and I never thought it will go this far When you go to school and if you fail. All those small things happen any time you fail… Then you get an impression that you are done. Now, you cannot do anything, you have failed. You will get a fail tag. In gaming you can learn to retry Do something again and again and again till you get perfect with that which was not taught in school but it was taught in gaming Now, I can say this is the line We have tournaments and it’s a big career It’s a big option and you can live your life in a different way through gaming So, earlier I didn’t have much to say but now things have changed I hope you guys enjoyed the interview I did some other challenges too. You can find it on the Tech2 channel. So don’t forget to watch that as well. And don’t leave a like This happens to me every time When I prepare and say, things have gone wrong

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  1. It was an amazing experience shooting the interview with tech 2 and also the other challenges that we've done, dont miss out boys! Also DO.. leave a like 😛

  2. 6:03 ye wala part suno, Jo log bolte ho na ki Indian gaming community aage le jao Indian Gaming Community aage Le jao fahllana Dhimkhana ye wo.

  3. Hydra flick Love you I watch your stream it is just amazing (ONE REASON WHY I LOVE YOU IS YOU PLAY PUBG PC ) ❤️

  4. Sabse best interview tha..har ek point sahi tarike se bola..all the best bro…just subscribed your channel

  5. The way he describing Shroud's improvement sounds like Shroud worked so hard to reach that level but it's not exactly.The reason he used to spend 8hrs on gaming is because he enjoy playing games whole day not just because he wants to improve his aiming. He born a good gamer and along with time he improved more

  6. Things i love about streaming is :
    1: Having fun
    2: Interaction with audience
    3: Playing game
    That's it ~
    What about "MONEY"? sigh

  7. Dad: beta emulator pe khel
    Hydraflick: kyu??
    Dad : beta views aaenge
    Hydraflick: nai mujhe nhi karna ye

    Meanwhile on youtube
    (Read in his voice)
    GtxPreet: hum to bhaiya pro hai bade waale…
    Gets outplayed by a good player
    GtxPreet: bhadwa hacker sala..hack kar rha h chutiya

  8. the real gamer hydra flick….inko support karoooo…emulators ko nai.. ye apni gaming community ko aage leke jayege

  9. bhai tera name dekh k mene kbi b tera channel open hi ni krke dekha muje lga hydra clan se h aur emulator pe khelta hoga.Ab to mene subscribe b kr diya.Emulator wale chutiye h.Keep it up

  10. best moment is when Emulator Players play "PUBG MOBILE" i repeat "PUBBG MOBBBIIIIILE" on "MOBILE"which was actually meant to played on MOBILE, then see their gaming skills… all 4,5,6,7….. million fans will be like.. "Unsubscribe Button Kaha he"

  11. Pc gaming in India 🇮🇳 is not possible without our heroes like Hydra Flick and all Indian PC gamers

  12. i wonder where were all the self claimed gamers of India before the invention of the game PUBG ? If they are gamers, ask them to play other games and compete across the globe. Cheap internet and PUBG mobile, people have started calling themselves as GAMERS and now many wish to pursue this as a career option, because they feel play game and stream, and you become gamer and earn name and fame. why dont they play other games and compete.

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