I’m a Smart Watch, Get Over It!
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I’m a Smart Watch, Get Over It!

August 14, 2019

Can you repair watches? What kind? Smart watches. That depends how smart. Very smart. I need you to wipe out its memory. Sure. Hey, give me a second. Umm… Employees only. Argh! [Indistinguishable yelling] A- Are you– Are you– Hey, Hey buddy, down here. Yeah, yeah. Yeah I’m a watch, get over it. Look, Michael Smith, I need your help. How do you know my name? ‘Cause I’m a smartwatch! Now look, we gotta get out of here. Milton stole me from the president! You know, the charming leader adorned by our nation? Oh, the president? Yeah! Why don’t you just call the secret service? They are the secret service. Although, I can’t make phone calls. We gotta get out of here! You gotta get me back to the White House How? By undertaking a dangerous act that very few might survive, and that, once you go down the path, there is no turning back! So are you ready? Yeah, I’m ready. Good! You’ve got to put me in a box. And mail me back. Right now. Oh, we can do that! Yeah, you think so? Yeah, well, uh, right away I’ll — Uh, yeah Bubble wrapped, and etcetera, you know. Yeah, like, oh, no no no, this, no that, yea– [Banging on door] If you open that door, They will kill us both. Umm… Just a minute! Oh my god, we’re gonna die! Hey, you gotta do something! Me!? You’re the smart one! Use your smarts to get us out of here. M-Michael? I- I lied to you, I’m not smart, I’m just a watch. That’s not true! Watch, you are smart! I mean, you’re talking right now. That proves you’re smart. Oh, okay, I’ll try! Okay. I can’t do it, I’m not smart enough! I can’t do this by myself. I’ll help you! Any ideas? No. Shit, me neither. Shit, yeah. Uh, what now? Uh– Clock ’em! Wake up, wake up! You’ll never take me alive, bitch! Quick, you gotta get out of here! What? No! Your battery! You’ll die if you do that! It’s the only way! Watch! Watch! No! Watch, No! No- Ha ha ha, yeah! Hey watch! You saved my life! Incredible! Anytime. So, it’s back to the ol’ White House, I suppose right? Hey– You got some top-secret files on you or something? I mean, those guys were trying to kill us. Uh, I guess you could say that, it’s some copyrighted Mp3s, that’s what I got stored in here. But, uh, it’s not really a big deal, right? Well, it’s only– well, It’s not illegal… Alright, whatever man. See you Michael! Here’s a sample– [Playing “Post Malone – Congratulations”] Okay, there’s a piece in the video where the watch falls, and then helicopters back up. Instead of like, doing a CG watch and spinning it, We thought it would be a really good idea to put it on a drill and spin it. Back, further away, further away, further away. Stop moving– spinning– let me focus, let me focus. What are we doing with our lives?

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  2. This video was pretty dumb at the end considering USPS doesn't allow you to put boxes in the mailbox policy.

  3. Whites house, slavery war destruction democide, racism white supremacy, Captors to which the world is Nuclear Hostages. DISTRACTING US ALL FROM THE PRODUCTION OF JUSTICE. SB-_-/ COiNTELPRO

  4. I thought it was gonna teach him about T I M E


    Time is a tool you can put on the wall or wear it on your wrizd

  5. I honestly thought it would turn out that the watch is actually the bad guy because he wanted to be sent to the president so he could kill him by exploding, while the secret service were the good guys who wanted to reset the watch to protect the president. A plot twist that never happened…

  6. What are we doing with our lives?
    Ans- you are making this boring world a better place , that's what you are doing .

  7. Glados references: Because im a smart watch! And Glados from portal 2 says in the fall part "because im a potato!"

  8. Okay, wtf youtube. Recently, you shown me like 3 or 4 ads about "Magnifying Pro" and that sorta bullshit. Hell even a file management apps uses a magnifying app vid.. utube why

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