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Il meraviglioso mondo di Peter Fill | FISI Official

November 18, 2019

For me, my home is the most beautiful place in the world. I’m so happy here It really gives me a lift and my family is here. There are also splendid views. It’s a place to recharge my batteries I learned to ski here too. During the winter I would go everywhere: the fields, the woodsů I had such fun as a kid He really struggled when he first started to learn to ski at three years old. We resorted to sending him to lessons with a private instructor But from then on he got to grips with it all and the results are there to see! He was very young when he first joined the team and he found it tough with his team-mates and the coaches at first However, his attitude has improved a great deal. Now, he understands what he has to do and how to conduct himself I always had a lot of confidence in my abilities, despite having a few tough seasons which was not easy I remained confident however I could achieve something special and even make history Winning the World Cup this season has been a massive boost. I hope I can keep it up in the coming seasons He appears a lot more relaxed and composed. He is in a good place and he has reached his goals outside of the sport He has a family and a nice home I met him when he was in the B team. In the early days, he was focused solely on skiing. That was all that mattered He wasn’t ready to settle down. Maybe his new outlook on life has helped him perform better With a family to think about you don’t stress as much over skiing and so you are more relaxed. This could be the secret to going faster The mental approach is vital in skiing. Being too focused does not do you any good He has changed a lot since becoming a father The kids really help me. After our second child, I’ve become even faster! I feel even more competitive than before He has a good character and is a generous guy. He will always pass on tips and advice to others But a skier that wants to win and be the best should also be a bit more selfish It was a very demanding summer for me. I was always on the road. There were a lot of events and award ceremonies I was also invited to Holland by Audi to have a go on their racetrack. Now that was a dream to be a racer for the day! I also met the Prime Minister Matteo Renzi Despite all that I still managed to train well. I’m in peak shape I’ve been using my skis a lot to make them faster while I’ve also been focusing a lot on my technique There are a few areas I can improve on to make me faster As a skier I am not always streamlined enough and I have my arms too wide I’ve been trying to bring them in closer and make sure I hold that position even during the moments at high speed. It all makes a huge difference I’ve also worked hard to improve my balance with my knees. I’m not always keeping them in the ideal position and at times it slows me down When we built our new home I didn’t think about a place for the World Cup I didn’t know I would win. Now is not the time to think about that though Who knows I may win more. I hope so because very few skiers have defended their crown and I am going to try For the moment the cup is on the table out of reach of the children! It is safe there! I see it and go pass it every day. It reminds me of how well I performed last season and how well I can perform That is the greatest aspect of this success as it gives you so much confidence in your abilities

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