If YouTube Held the Hunger Games | CLIP FROM BAD INTERNET EP 4
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If YouTube Held the Hunger Games | CLIP FROM BAD INTERNET EP 4

October 9, 2019

♪♪ MAN: Behind you! Listen. We were attacked by
a sketch comedy group. I think it’s College Humor,
there’s a ton of them. But don’t worry,
they’re all, like, 30 and out of shape. – Ow, my back!
– My knee! [groaning] Let’s go, let’s go. [gunfire] MAN: Fire, fire!
YouTube! Ah! I’m Lizzie Beth,
make-up and lifestyle, 10 million subs. What’s your channel? Oh, I don’t have a– I just opened my account
three years ago to comment on a video
of a goat talking. So, you’re not even
a YouTuber? What are you doing
on the showdown? [shoots] My sister is sick. I was hoping this would
raise money for her treatment. Didn’t think it would
be like…this. Cover my fire! How ’bout you? I signed up just like
everybody else. It’s not like I want
to be murdering my fellow YouTubers. [fires gun, hits] The exposure is amazing. Hey, guys, this is
a collab between me and my new
friend Amy. She helped me take out
College Humor. Now, besides us,
there’s three other YouTube channels left:Chef Sarah, cooking tutorials,Scootz, the annoying gamer,and JoCo comedy,they have over
50 million subscribers.
And they also won
the first showdown,
so I’m not sure
why they’re here.
Just as a reminder,
our third album and fourth book
are still on sale. And our new JoCo
Bro Jokes comedy tour is going on this fall. That’s right,
only 85 bucks. And guess what? There’s plenty
of tickets left. – Th–
– [crickets] There’s– – There’s a lot.
– There’s a lot
of tickets left. ♪♪ Hello, I’m Siobhan
from College Humor. Thanks for watching
that clip from “Bad Internet.” You can watch
the whole thing over on YouTube Red or you can wait
a couple of years until it’s rebooted
with a younger, hotter cast. I love showbiz. ♪♪

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