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If You Don’t Know, Now You Know: Trophy Hunting | The Daily Show

November 16, 2019

For as long as white people
have been colonizing Africa, trophy hunting
has existed as a way for them to bring home
souvenirs. And you know, in a way, I feel like us Africans
are partly to blame. We should have had a gift shop. We should have had
a gift shop. But while these pictures
may have garnered praise in the 1900s, these days,
thanks to social media, the only thing
that they generate is outrage. TV REPORTER: In recent years
the hunting of big cats has sent shock waves
around the globe. TV REPORTER:
Outrage in this country over the killing
of a beloved lion in Zimbabwe by an American hunter. TV REPORTER: This photo
from an African trophy hunt has sparked outrage
across the country. TV REPORTER:
That same fire reignited when a trophy-hunting couple
posed kissing over the corpse of a lion
they had just slain. Like… I’m sorry, man. This is,
this is just disgusting. You killed an animal for fun and then you make out
next to its dead body? Is this,
is this like a fetish? No, I honestly wonder this. Like, like, is this like
a thing just for lions, or do they do this every time
there’s a dead animal? Like, every time they see
road kill on the highway, is this couple just like,
“Honey, pull over, I’m so turned on right now.” It’s also disrespectful. Like, imagine if it happened
the other way around. Yeah. Like, at a family funeral, all of a sudden, just like,
two lions popped out and started humping
at your dad’s coffin. Just like… Yeah, you wouldn’t
be happy with that. And what’s interesting
about trophy hunting is that we all assume
people do it because they don’t care
about the animals, but according to
the hunting community, they do this
because they care too much. I know it sounds contradictory,
but hunters love animals. Hunters are the ones
that are giving so much back to preserving
these wild species. A lot of people talk
about conservation but hunters are the real,
um, conservationists. Everybody thinks
that the easiest part is pulling the trigger,
and it’s not, that’s the hardest part. But you gain so much respect and so much appreciation
for that animal… Wow, that’s one hell of a way to show your appreciation
and respect. Imagine if your boss called you
into his office and was like, “Johnny, I want to let you know
how much I appreciate and respect your hard work, and that’s why
it’s my privilege… (laughter) And by the way,
did you notice how that other woman arranged
her lions? Like, did you see that? I don’t care if you hunt or not,
that-that’s just creepy. Like, look at that.
It looks like she shot the lions
and then said, “Make it look like they’re about
to have sex, and then make that deer look
like it’s watching.” (laughter) Now, oh, another argument
trophy hunters use is that they’re actually
getting rid of the slower, weaker animals who are holding
back the rest of the herd. But that might not be
the full story. TV REPORTER: Trophy hunters
kill some of the biggest, most magnificent animals, which is bad for the health
of the species, because genes may no longer be passed on
to future generations. SALMONI: By taking those guys
out of the gene pool, it weakens the genes
of the entire population. So over the last 30 years, the average size
of a male lion has dropped specifically because
of trophy hunting. That’s right.
Despite what they say, trophy hunters
actually like to target the strongest specimens,
which I don’t support, but, honestly,
I mean, I understand. It’s called “trophy hunting”
for a reason. Yeah. You want it to look like you battled an alpha male
to the death, not like you snuck
into its nursing home and then smothered one
of the lions with a pillow. Just like, “Shh! Go to sleep, Scar, go to sleep.” (laughter) Actually, if you think about it, this is the one time
in the animal kingdom where it pays
to be out of shape. Like, I wonder
if there’s one fat-ass lion who’s just like,
“Yeah, who’s laughing now? “No one asked me to the prom, “but at least I’m not
in the picture with Don Jr. Ha ha ha!” (cheering and applause) And one of the main arguments… One of the main arguments
trophy hunters give is that their hobby
helps local villages, but upon closer inspection,
that’s not necessarily true. NEWSMAN: Critics question
whether countries that promote trophy hunts
manage that money properly. NEWSWOMAN: The 2013 report
found that just… (reading): NEWSWOMAN 2:
In Zimbabwe, corruption
and bloated bureaucracy prevent much of the money
from helping those in need. How much money does
the community get at the moment? Yeah. See, the truth is,
unfortunately, the money from these hunts
doesn’t go to these communities. Oftentimes, it stays at the top with the people who run
the trophy hunting game. To be honest, most of these
claims don’t add up for me, you know, because another thing
hunters love to say is it’s not just the money. They say that their hunting
provides meat for the local villagers. Yeah, because apparently
before the white hunters came, all Africans could do
was just look at the animals. Yeah. Africans were just like, “Oh, look at the meat
inside that buffalo, huh? “If only there was a way
to get inside it. Aah! “I guess we’ll just have to wait
for the white man to show up. One day, huh? One day.” (laughter) So, that’s trophy hunting
in a nutshell. And as weak as the arguments
for it may seem, there will always be people
who are convinced that it’s actually a good thing. Which made us think, if it’s working so well
for Africa, maybe it’s only fair
that we let America enjoy some of those benefits. Dear America,
for the past few decades, you have come to Africa
to shoot our animals. And you say you do this
to help us. We are so grateful,
we want to return the favor. You see all these stray dogs
and cats that are running
across your country? -(gun clicks)
-I’m going to kill them! That’s right.
As part of a new program, rich Africans will pay to hunt stray dogs and cats
in America. And for every dog we shoot, a portion of the profits will go
to American communities! Up to three percent! And I know what you’re thinking. “What about my pets?” I’m going to kill them, too. Yes.
Pets that have reached old age will also be hunted
by rich Africans. No more watching Fluffles
struggle to climb the stairs. Instead, Fluffles will be shot
and mounted in a Nigerian’s man cave. And here’s the best part. After we shoot the dog,
we will donate the carcass so that no more
American children go without school lunch. It’s a win-win! Oh, what a cute dog. You get a head start. (dog barks) (gun clicks) Oh, I’m going to kill it. You’re welcome, America.

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  1. When asians kill dogs and cat for meat it's called cruelty simple because cat and dogs are the chosen pets for the western. Meanwhile the west kill for fun and it's justified and should be respected.

  2. Haha how stupid trophy hunters are legal and they need to pay and that payment are used to protect the animals from mass killing by the hunters. It's quite sad that we need to do it this way. And if there is another way then we would take it but no…….

  3. Native Americans were doing this for centuries except they wore the skin and ate most of the meat. The hunters leave the meat for the animals of Africa who do not have to risk their lives to get a meal for a change, how horrible is that ? Not at all you racist POS ! Stuffing the animal and making it look as it was to show the beauty to others is not an act of evil.
    Eating a burger wearing a leather jacket while sitting on a leather car seat is OK.
    Risking your life and restoring the natural beauty of a wild creature and then displaying it in a room for others to see the beauty while providing a risk free meal to African animals is bad ?

  4. The hunters pay huge fees to hunt safari and that money goes to the tribe. All the meat goes to the tribe. Hunters kill surplus game animals. When species have too many animals in a certain area, the area cannot sustain them and they die from disease and lack of resources. Food water shelter. Killing the surplus game helps the ecosystem sustain a proper carrying capacity. Hunting is conservation.

  5. Trevor, you are so brainwashed. You should GO BACK and save all those animals. At least donate 3 % of your income. No? Hmm. Your narrative smell like…..bull$hit.

  6. I'm fine when someone has to kill an animal for survival, but for fun… that makes me mad. Don't sociopaths kill for pleasure? ??

  7. It’s game regulation the areas can only support so many wild animals if you animal stopped having so many babies maybe they would have more room

  8. Trophy hunting itself, I'm not a fan of, but like the giraffe shown, big game hunting is needed to kill off older bull/male animals who are now infertile from killing younger bull/male animals who are fertile in order to help the population grow (1 animal dead for 3-5 more animals to live and reproduce). This meat is then donated to locals for food. Dave Salmoni is wrong, the size of lions has fluctuated for many many years due to constant DNA changes, parasites, and disease. Taking a few Zoology classes teaches you more than Dave Salmoni will admit to you. And hunting in general is a much needed source of food; around 8 million Americans (stats fluctuate yearly) rely solely on or partially on hunted meat.

  9. If trophy hunting is done RIGHT, then it is very good for the population of the species. It comes down to how well the program is run. This isn't the fault of white people, it's the corruption of the African nations that push for trophy hunting that is causing the issues.

  10. Amazing you care about these animals & not the babies the democraps are fine with killing every day! O'ya your a Soros funded propagandist!

  11. YouTube has been trying to get me to watch this for weeks. I finally gave in.
    This is par for the course and not unexpected. Why you make me watch this google and friends?

  12. since every one hear has there panties in a bunch, I want to explain the one truth. I my self enjoy hunting, how ever to kill a lion or any other preditoral or an indangered  speciese is WRONG. Why kill any animal if you can not eat it? Why kill one if its almost gone? Why not hunt grazing animals? I personally don't have a problem with the jeraf, as long as the permit is so expensive that they can breed 5 – 10 from the permit money. Also fuck the English language with the sounds one way but is written a different way.

  13. We need to let the populations increase of those animals so they don't go extinct. After that I support the hunting of them by Americans (Fine print: Using their bare hands or maybe a self made spear)

  14. If you want to know just how sad the situation is look who is to blame: https://cites.org/eng/news/Background_issuance_CITES_permits_export_of_rhinoceros_horn_15032017 while Rhine horns are basically the same as horse hoofs or finger nail clippings for that matter, meaning they grow at the rate of about one kilogram per year. CITES continues to make the sale of legally harvested rhino horn from happy healthy living Rhinos illegal!!! The only legal way to come to Africa and buy a Rhino horn is by killing the Rhino you take it from??? Conservation strategy: get big money to kill a percentage of the Rhinos each year White and Black? Just imagine for a moment that Rhino horn could be sold legally from Rhino that are not being murdered for their horn… If you had houses, and people wanted the hoofs, would you kill your hours and cut off the hoofs, or just sell the clippings from the hoof when it gets a new shoes… This situation is really sad! So many people have lost their lives trying to make a quick buck poaching Rhino to supply the illegal trade while there are literally tons of rhino horns being stored in government and private vaults because it is illegal to sell it? There is still demand, the supply can easily meat the demand in a way that funds the conservation of Rhinos internationally, but CITES prefers trophy hunting and an illegal market with a war and hundreds of human deaths. Who benefits from this?

  15. Those lion's can "SMACK" THE "MEAT" OUTTA THE "FACE" LIKE "WOLVERINE" if that was really a so called "$PORT" =???

  16. I'm not a Hunter but I'd hunt some big ass cat capable of killing me….let's not forget the Africans that poach and harm these same animals everyday. Like would you rather be shot and killed on the spot or get snared and struggle to live for days, maybe weeks just so someone can saw the tusks off that elephant

  17. Trophy hinting is awesome. Poor little sad trevor… dont be a pussy.

    Trevor and all of his viewers are bitches.. ? on my way to kill a rino..

  18. Call me a traditionalist. But I'll never got impressed to people who hunted and killed endangered animals by pulling a trigger to their gun. If you want to 'show' how oh-so-powerful you are, go up there and wrestle that lion, I'll let you bring two daggers because lions have claws and canines, we'll see who won from that. If you can survive, you're THE man. You're a pussy if you only dared to pull a trigger. A fucking whiny pussy.

  19. I love Trever Noah because he is funny but this video just isn't showing the full complexity of the issue. A random out of context clip of an African guy saying the money does't reach the community isn't an economic analyses. What I have heard is that the hunters generally pay large sums of money to hunt aggressive males which are past their reproductive stage and the money is used by the parks.

  20. You said this as a joke, but turn about is fair play. I do love our animals and I can only imagine how I would feel to see them DESTROYED AND MOUNTED. So please give that same consideration to Africans and their animals .

  21. It's a sad what these people who are so rich but have so little class do. Majestic animals gunned down just so they can have something to brag about.
    My wish for these hunters are found and jailed for a very long time. Name and shame them.

  22. Ironic how everyone in the crowd goes like "Awwwwwww" at the end when its about the the dogs.
    I didnt hear one "Awwwwww" when it was about the lions.
    Hypocrisy at its best. Lmao.

  23. I saw an interesting point that, when kids torture and kill animals we consider it a sign of psychopathy but when grown men kill animals with a gun we call it a "sport".

  24. It's not just that they kill them for fun, take a picture next to their dead body and post it on social media…. it's the ridiculous BS they say to justify it. "I respect you therefore I am going to kill you" WTF?! That sounds an awful lot like an abusive spouse who says they hit you BECAUSE they love you so much. "If a boy is mean to you that means he likes you." Do you see the pattern here? I don't know if they're stupid enough to think that people will buy it and be like "Oh I get it now!" or if they actually believe it. Either way, they're SADISTIC PSYCHOPATHS who belong behind bars.

  25. I only hunt what I can eat. Deer and hog hunting is necessary in preventing overpopulation. Plus hogs are a nuisance in Texas. I dont agree with trophy hunting either.

  26. Look, the reality is that non-hunters also have the option to buy hunting permits or quota and then refuse to use them as intended. If rare species don't generate revenue they will be unprotected from poaching due to a lack of funding or be rationally replaced with livestock or by farming. Noah is smart enough to know this and conveniently excludes any discussion of the reality. An easy solution is to auction the licenses and open the bidding to non-hunters who will also have to pay a fee for relocation of the animal as necessary. Don't like hunting? Open your wallet and bid.

  27. Trophy hunting in Africa has serious management and corruption issues. However, it is sad how ill informed this video is. I understand it's comedy, but well managed hunting is essential for income to agencies that protect public land and its biodiversity.

  28. Hey Trevor. It would superfly if you could cover the work & effort this group is doing, Slave Wrecks Project.
    website – https://global.si.edu/projects/slave-wrecks-project
    video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2l_EugvRw8
    I just watched the video and thought you often have guests on The Daily Show, who pack an impact. The stories the persons in this video begin to tell, are mighty impactful, plus it's great to get a break from trump-shenanigans.

  29. A tag witch you buy from the government is $100,000 for one leopard it’s the governments fault for not giving it to the poor villagers not the hunters.

  30. Fuck hunters that’s why it’s a blessing when one of them gets killed by an animal that they are hunting. Karma is nice

  31. Whether you are targeting the strongest or the the weakest you can still mess up the timeline the week is today maybe the strongest tomorrow but it will never get afforded that effort it's kind of synonymous with taking out Michael Jackson and Jimi Hendrix and James Brown some say that would be no big deal most would say it is a very big deal indeed just think how many opportunities have never existed because of a 3 cents bullet how much knowledge with the world lose if it's 3 cent bullet took you out just to make it simple

  32. 1:40 Its Sound Like "ISIS Justifying Their Killing By Say That We Are Controlling Over-Population Of This World"-:We Are Giving Back To Humanity.!You Can't Justify Every Wrong For Every Right.

  33. They are rich, spoiled cowards and I wish they would all be mauled to death by a young, untrained lion that hasnt yet mastered how to deliver a killing blow.

  34. This is beyond despicable. I hope for every lion and wild animals killed another ten hunters die from the claws and teeth of one

  35. Its trophy hunting not runt hunting. If you're hunting for sport use the same weapons the hunt uses. Shooting an animal from a quater of a mile away isnt hunting.

  36. stop calling them hunters, they just kill animals. they've always got actual professionals with them to track down the animals and than just pull the trigger from afar. there is no respect or appreciation what so ever. without their guns they're just weaklings with too much money who wouldn't last one week in the wild.

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