If Videogames Were 11% More Realistic
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If Videogames Were 11% More Realistic

September 16, 2019

– Caught this guy trying to cross the border into World 3-1 without a work visa or passport. What’s your name again, sir? – Mario Mario. – Yeah, sounds ethnic. Run it past immigration. – Wait, he was eating those? They’re made of lead. I just used gold plating to make them look nice! – Sonic? Oh, God!
(Beeeeeeep) – Did you honestly think I could afford infinite pure gold rings? That’s dumb! You two are dumb! (Beeeeeeep) – Huh, neat, guess I win. – NOOOOOO!!!! – Oh, uh, sorry, man, I tried to get him fixed, but he flame blasted the vet. It’s probably gonna be a minute. – He’s on fire! – Ahh! Ahh! Ahh! – Fight! (farting) – Oh, God… Did you just poop? In the middle of this death tournament? – Oh, come on! I’m half-horse! It’s gonna happen. – Hey Motaro, need a diaper change? (laughter) – The horse-man shat himself! – Oh, ha-ha! That’s real manure, guys-I mean, that’s real mature! (laughing) (Ding)

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  1. Hey everyone, we got a podcast now! Check it out IF YOU DARE:

  2. What this ACTUALLY does is remind me of how machinima deleted their channel and how Morty Kombat is gone 🙁

  3. So if Sonic is eating those rings, does that mean he's vommiting every time he gets hit and loses them? And then eating the regurgitated rings right after if you grab them before they disappear?


  4. If you wanna test someones dorky level… See if they laugh at these videos…. I 100% laughed 😂😂

  5. See you all when this video gets blocked due to Houndoom going doggy style on Herdier… I mean why are there sound effects for this?

  6. Aren’t all the worlds in Mario in the Mushroom Kingdom? So there won’t be any immigration at all even if it was more realistic

  7. 0:22 Ok Eggman, hate to break it to you but….the production of each of your egg robots would have cost you thousands, and taking the fact that you have a whole army of them into account, it would cost you millions of dollars, not to mention your vehicles and your air fleets…Also the rings are not infinite…..

  8. 0:31

    You can even see the thingy

    And pretty sure someone already made a hentai version of it

    But the thing is that it got monetized

    And you can see the thingy


  9. 1. Are the rings canonically produced by Eggman?
    2. Sonic ate them cuz he thought they were made of gold? That's still dumb

  10. The Pokémon part was super inappropriate that I think people are gonna flag this channel because of it :/

  11. MKPD?! Where you guys found that? Thats a german communist party "Marxistisch Kommunistische Partei Deutschlands"

  12. 0:30
    How is this not age ristriced cause for som bloody reason this channel sometimes does too much sexual vibes in the videos

  13. I honestly thought the thumbnail was gonna be pointing out that a hedgehogs lifespan is 5 years and that since Sonic is canonically 16 he should really be dead.

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