If Couples On House Hunters Were Honest
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If Couples On House Hunters Were Honest

November 16, 2019

– [Voiceover] Sarah recently moved from Minneapolis to Los Angeles in
hopes of becoming an actress. She just moved in with her
boyfriend of two years, Ian, who is also an actor. But Ian’s Korea Town studio apartment is too close for comfort for Sarah and she needs more space. Also, Ian is pretty disgusting. – [Sarah] Uh, I honestly don’t know if our relationship is ready for this. But the cameras are here
so it’s too late now. (laughing) – [Ian] Here we are. – [Voiceover] With a little
help from Sarah’s parents, the struggling actors
are looking at a $400,000 condo in West Hollywood. – Oh, this place is gorgeous and it looked like such
a dump from outside. I like this, I love all the big windows and the natural lighting. But, I don’t know. I like
to walk around naked. That’s gonna be an issue. – Oh, formal dining room. I’ve always wanted a formal dining room that nobody ever uses. My mom always had one like that. – Uh, its a little small. I feel like I need granite counter tops, – Yes. – I don’t even know what granite means but I feel like I know I
need granite counter tops. – [Voiceover] Upstairs,
there are two bedrooms. – This is a good little
guest room for when our friends come to stay
once every five years. – [Voiceover] The couple
is keeping an open mind about what to do with their spare room. – Maybe its an office I can set up to make it look like
I’m busy and important. – Realistically though, this would be a great place
for us to throw random junk in and clean only when absolutely necessary. I love double sinks, especially cause your toothpaste stains are really disgusting. – Yours gross me out too. I know we can paint the
walls but let’s be serious, that’s not gonna happen. – I really, really, really hate these popcorn ceilings. Even though I know I’m never gonna look at them ever again. – This place kinda feels like somebody died in here, doesn’t it? I just feel like, if we
could change everything about this house, it would be perfect. – Oh, it is such a good fixer-upper. Oh, kinda like you. (laughing) – That really hurts my feelings. – Aww, no. (laughing)

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  1. A guy in the store on his cell said:
    "Susan, babe, I'm in my car on my way,"
    so I yelled "NO HE'S NOT!"
    Because nobody lies to Susan in front of me.

  2. Fun fact: The people on the show already bought their house before they started filming. A good way to tell which house they are going to pick is to look for the house with no furniture in it. I've watched too many episodes.

  3. You forgot:

    "I want a late 19th century/ early 20th century home because I love old houses and the character they bring!"


    "These rooms are too small! How am I going o fit my king size bed and giant television in a house built during a time when people were thinking of necessities and weren't thinking about technology?"

  4. Hahaha here I thought I was the only 21 year old watching House Hunter, Property brothers, and the cooking shows. Yes Im not a weirdo 🙂

  5. Before they film the show they look at several houses and pick the one they'll buy then choose two other houses to look at. I like that show, but it's sooooooo fakeeee!

  6. This is absolutely true.. Just need to break the truth to my grandparents who are OBSESSED with house hunters ?

  7. I got annoyed when he said he didn't know what granite was, even though I know it's like a jokey sketch. I'm from a place known as the granite city

  8. LOL I would watch this! I would watch this so hard. "We could paint the walls. But let's be serious, that's not going to happen."

  9. "This is a good little guest room for when our friends come every five years." So true…lol. I also laugh when the actors on these shows are told to say "this will be perfect for when we entertain!" …what?

  10. 'I'm going to give you a list of everything I want that cost a lot but make sure to give you a small budget and get pissed when you go over or don't give me everything I want.'

  11. What about the "you only gave me three house options and I hate them all but we're on TV and we need to pick one"

  12. Buzzfeed should do : if REAL ESTATE AGENTS were honest…my moms in real estate and some of the things she tells me that the clients say are ridiculous! she says the pickiest ones always have the lowest budget too -___-

  13. I watch house hunters and sometimes people are frustrating examples
    "I want a house over 5000 sq. Ft." You're a single mother of one child…why on earth do you want or need this?
    Or when they look at really cool old houses and you just know they are going to ruin it, property brothers is REALLY bad about that they completely removed everything original in this rowhouse that was built in the 1900's even the hardwood because "it was too loud" not to mention I despise open floor plans and they feel the need to remove every single wall in every house they do…

  14. LOOOOOOLLLLLLL This is soooo spot on! I have spent the last 2 days watching House Hunters and it's like they all follow the same script.. GRANIT countetops, former dining room, crown moulding LOL This is so funny and accurate!

  15. The granite comment was so spot on, and the office one. I'm always thinking "what do these people do that they NEED an office space at home?" However, they forgot to mention "open concept!"

  16. The apt. would be perfect if it had a 50-year-old couch with the original yellowed plastic covering.
    The couch that no one ever got to sit on…… LMAO

  17. Why do Yankee women all sound like screech owls. This show is so fake, I thought I hated Escape to the Country but this makes it look enjoyable. Horrible people and hosts. Enough said in a word HORRIBLE>

  18. I was supposed to be on house hunters! But then a work thing came up for my dad..
    Anyway, the show is FAKE!
    The house was pre-picked and then you go and tour your friends house.
    It was so weird.

  19. Asking Price of ONLY $400,000.00 The 'DOLLAR' IS DEAD!! My neighborhood in Houston has ''starting prices'' ''in the $5- 600,000.00'' and _''Comes with'' NO Yard, No Parking, Shared Driveway Shabby Construction, View of Neighbors Fence and Wall Your neighbor will be a recent College Grad With a BMW AND $800,000.00+ OF DEBT!!! P.S.THE DOLLAR IS DEAD!

  20. I once watched an episode and this guy seriously said, "I don't know if I like this couch right here."


  21. Needs lake space a walsk to town

    Hosue one:meets all reqimernets but.is 1 mil and has one room and is in a war torn country

    Hosue 2 a nice rural home for very cheap with 3 storys only meetsome. requirements
    Hosue : a very big very chos hosuen yhat onky meets one requirement

    Of course they pick hosue 1

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