Idle Wizard: NEW IDLE GAME ON STEAM! – Gameplay Walkthrough #1
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Idle Wizard: NEW IDLE GAME ON STEAM! – Gameplay Walkthrough #1

November 15, 2019

well hello there everyone we gameplay
vids 24/7 here welcome to the first part of my idle wizard gameplay walkthrough
series for the PC players and German idle wizard has just been released on
Steam to the best of my knowledge though it is an older title but I think it’s
just made its first appearance on Steam pretty much the game is about a wizard
trying to be as powerful as possible you can get some pets as well and also you
can get spells can’t wait to see what’s about to go down please remember of
course they hit that like and subscribe button if you enjoyed I will be posting
idle wizard every second day on my channel so if you want to see more be
sure to hit that subscribe button and yeah let’s kick it off now shall we so
all we need to do I think is tap that orb in the middle there we go we’re
kicking things off here I’m gonna purchase a manage em the manager gives
me 1 x of 15 okay so I’m assuming that’s going to give me that to man up
yes it is cool so we’re automatically generating mana right now which is great
we’re gonna continue to manually click here though until I can upgrade my
manage em cuz right now I think the items on the right side generate the
idle boost you know what I mean like the idle DPS there are 50 mana looks that
mana is the currency right now I can unlock DoubleClick’s right here the
upgrade increases a click profit by one just continue to click here as much as
we can generate that mana actually upgrade manage am quite a bit there if I
can manage em is now on level 8 I mean this game shouldn’t be too hard to
understand right nice 15 minutes unlocked ok else I’ll play DotA Whitsitt
for 15 minutes already sweet now you can’t actually get classes in this game
which is very very cool so right now I’m an apprentice right level 1 apprentice
but you can get multiple multiple classes man I can’t wait to show you
them all was this what did I should do 240 matter
oh yeah I’ll take that definitely so now as you can see in top left corner
we’re generating quite a bit of manner there straightaway off the bat we can
keep this up though we should be able to get quite a bit of upgrades as well
what’s the next operate gonna cost heavy clicks is 425 Manor we just upgrade that
grimoire again I just love it up all the way there as well level 2 on the
apprentice as you can see click on change class and
now you can pick your classes we have a draw a demonologist necromancer Arcanist
prodigy void mansur exorcist chrono man sir
amber answer is an alchemist EIN soul abhilasha shaman heretic Oni Archon
temporal list and Desolator so that’s for the classes and we don’t get that to
a level 15 I’m fairly sure I did just unlock heavy click step by the way guys
so now we’re doing 6 damage per click or maybe even generating 6 mana per click
as well could be if you want to base it on damage or clicks whatever you want to
do manner quartz increases amount of gems profit by 100% nice and what we’ll
do a level up manager and a bit more their mana gem is generating 52 point 38
percent of our total mana income which is pretty nice I’ll tell you that it’s
pretty good dude so you keep on clicking here obviously both it generates what is
this 20th level on the manage em there we do have a new item here spell
fountain the thing will level up spell fountain
in a second as I’m saying it idle idle ways it seems like a very cool game
those are there’s tons and tons of doing and I apparently spent in development
for like two years or so so yeah I’m very very interested in that I will show
you guys the pets here as well so let me just show you the pets so we have a
pixie zombie a monk ulis daemon or demon everyone do
I got a daemon but you know demon golem spell hound boyd fiend devourer
interrogator do it is up shadow stalker and risen giant simulacrum is it’s in
the camera pit L*** anemic instruct okay now warg void terror is a hunger oh the
problem is I can’t pronounce something his name is so good he f******* haha lay
keeper and the here we go Evanson behemoth charged all is the next
one here increases click profit by 17.7 excellent now we’re generating that
manager you ever just passed the k there I mean it’s up gray the grimoire again spare me as much as I can here
do I want to save up for the spell fountain everyone that’s the real
question right now I can buy in batches as well I just bought 25 batches of the
manor gem but this sure am i just really gonna help me about two right we’ll just
keep on spamming until we can upgrade maybe the grimoire again and I will
magical clicks here increases quick profit by 13 definitely gonna pinch that
straightaway I think it’d be quite silly not to upgrade it will focus on upgrades
straight away I mean my priority will probably will do upgrades first guys and
then we’ll do the items on the right side achieve unlocked all okay okay just
increase my mana profit again there sweet demeanor per sec there it’s
fourteen point sixty nine right now I can obviously click faster than that
first experience grants a first spell scroll allowing to choose and cast
spells okay gem resonance or magic missle let’s do a
magic missile so if I click I generates a magic
missile here is it instantly owns one minute of production it seems like when
I click it helps boost that production there was a magic missile she currently
complain me there right from 6.5 or even past the elements at 10k mana right now
your shoe’s magic missiles straight away there now we’re on twelve point
something there again 2.44 came an hour sooner using
magic missile extra kick increases character critical profit by 70% sure
now I’m doing a hundred damage there per click if I do get it critical I’m now
level 3 as well I think level 15 I get a new class so can I now choose a pet yes
I can the pixie click the profit increase by 25% per level auto click one
times per second for each of the 20 pet levels click profit equals 2 character
click profit with critical chance of 50% and critical profit 100% of characters
critical chance and profit gains experience through her auto clicks ok
let’s go we now have a pixie pet everyone there you go let me just use
mana a Gates increases and manage n profits by 150% yes please definitely
take that up – you have to upgrade some spells – and I think just upgraded spell
fountain a bit their elite just to boost that mana per second just use the magic
missile there as well okay to spell fountain again now generating 135 mana
per second 154 mana per second beautiful staff
we’re actual doing pretty well right now everyone I’m just thinking don’t grab my
manager McGann soon though that’s the thing
spelled founders gonna cost one point zero eight million G says to get 25
batches of it it’s quite intense sorceress quick is increases click
profit by 43 that’s pretty sweet with 128 damage right now guys per quick
crits are pulling in over two hundred and fifty nine now at a wall of
increases click profit by two hundred and ten yes beautiful bra here dude look
at this now we’re picking up that speed so looks like you can actually have hot
keys here as well so hot key one activates magic missile
no worries we keep that in mind Wizarding clicks increases click profit
by eighty again I guess since I’m gonna be sitting in front of the computer
mostly to record this episode it’s like I might mainly spec into upgrades and
serve the idol damage perhaps but do you need like a solid mix of both I mean it
is an idol game so you probably need a solid mix of both their grimoire just
had an upgrade of 100 percent then by the way when Apple in 382 mana per
second ladies and gentlemen just passed a hundred K Manor in total powered
sources increases profits by fourteen point twenty three percent based on
amounts of grimoires doing very very nicely here but else we were exile
going into exile makes you lose progress in exchange for mysteries and
one-trillion manner to unlock exile current amount of mysteries is zero each
mystery increases profits by three percent right so we do have a whole
bunch of things we still have to unlock here let’s like we even have
achievements as well yeah we have to go into exile eventually
garlic s increases Auto bonus was 0.25 percent but now generating 437 matter
per second just try not great the manage em as soon
as possible here I reckon they go manage em upgraded beautiful I’m always level 5
here guys as the apprentice my pixie is almost level 3 I have to say I am liking
I’d always it quite a bit I’m gonna scam has some pretty fun potential dude for
sure once you get into the later stages especially about to pass 200k manner
right now very good not gonna get any upgrades for my items anytime soon
nobody looks of it if you guys can see here right now I can’t really upgrade in
batches anymore so I’m just gonna unlock the enchanted tree there well we’re just
picked up something then that was cool you guys see here just enter just picked
up something Carol one of these totems or whatever it is something else to pick
up around here no okay oh good all right sorry manage Act increases
managing profits by 200% rituals for beginners increases grimoire by 100%
peace and chanted tree increased spell fianc in there without pulling in 5k
manner almost per second and now it’s dropping manner per seconds dropping
quite a bit there wow that’s not you’re going down geez
keep upgrading chart that tree a bit quick 933 mana generated from the clicks Auto click so probably I’m water
clicking because of the pixie obviously that that does help us out having the
pixie person use my magic missle straightaway increase in child to treat
a level 10 if I can if I upgrade and try the tree to level tanning at that one
times one zero bonus so obviously leveling in batches does help quite a
bit sibel fans and just got a nice little
batch upgrade there birdbath increase spell fountains profit 100 percent nice
I’m just click it like a madman right now that’s okay enchanted tree is now
level 10 as well Jerry aim for point 75 K mana per seconds solid here level 6 as
well right now can I do anything else at this point
a mime 500k mana almost now though which is nice
wizardly quicks increases click profit 192 keep on spamming here trying to max
out that magic missile get activated as soon as possible that was 7 now sweet
breezes click profit by 1% of your mana per second nice second help manage M is
now sitting at level 15 grimoire sitting at 25 spell found sits at 10 and chai
the trees at 10 I’m gonna try and unlock the alchemy desk if I can 3.1 3k mana
per second let’s bump this up to eight point 14k per second beautiful stuff
indeed I just can’t really upgrade anything else at this point can I I’ll
just keep using the magic missile I know there we go spell fountain up by 25
there on what’s that 10k solid mana per second just remember this game is 100%
free now what does that doing down there’s shards in the pool when I
generate shards cool pretty sweet dude so now if I let it expand down as I mean
I click I get all those shards spell shards maybe I suppose chars every spell
shots gain passively per second three I don’t know what the h*** to do with
spell shots I don’t yeah anyway interesting
maybe they’ll come in handy later on everyone spell shard the Martha look up
like what that means I’ll demote off to increase the production by 50% okay so
you can’t heavily go idle mode if you just don’t touch anything at all
50% production will be pretty nice so me as an athlete but I keep spamming just
wanna see how good this goes bullet MK there guys generated mana per second
wonderful extra sprinklers British spell fountain profit 100% awesome now pulling
off 17 K nice that’s all because idle mode is on there very helpful for us so
max out in charge the tree 18 point 56 K it’s level 13 no the tree right now I do
want to actually try and unlock the manage M a little bit more maybe 275 if
I can but a 6 point 25 million that’s any problem increases spells charge
generation from clicks by one I’m just keep on spamming here miles
let’s go back into dealing out the quick damage here but that will act now guys
little ways apprentice wonderful as I said I’m not too sure exactly what’s
going on with the the spell shards just yet as I said I will look it up once I’m
off the the part of this episode guys okay market I guess you spend real-life
money maybe even relics I’m assuming they made the most sense 101 million
mana right now two million matter right now thinks that magic missile we can
keep generating a magic missile early fantastic would spell shards have to do
with this or not I reckon it dreams spell shards has to do with generating
magic missiles and stuff I mean that would make the most sense right shards
and spell shards so I reckon it all has to do with think of us like I mean ish
in maybe that’s what I’m gonna go with right now I think got feeling that’s
what it is dude achievement few books brim wise at 50 now
they will fifty grimoire guys very nice I definitely recommend you all try out
idle wizard though like play along with me maybe if you want to we don’t make
the most sense to it we can all play together
I’ve started a whole new game here see might as well just smash out the clicks
right now trying to get that magic missle up it’s in about 5 million right
now trying me an enjoying at six point twenty five million just for that manage
em increase I really do want to do it anime assistants increases Idol bonus by
0.20 and an additional by ten percent sure I spent all my money on that might
as well no harm in that dude keep on buying upgrades as much as I can here
yeah we will get the manager as soon as possible here and we’ll save up again
I’ll control my spending urges guys don’t you worry but I’m just pumping out
the click damage right now there were nine now sweet we just hit
level nine very good for us about four points 50 million almost okay
4.15 gonna use another spell great stuff I’m gonna get that manage em now guys
get ready for just an trying crit there we go manage
em nice 75 that’s almost like we’re now almost at a solid 20k mana per second
dude which is great for us no strike right here
my single file alchemy desk 22.4 that 2258 k there on the alchemy desk Road
Suite let’s push us all the way up there 8.17
Kapus they can just buy the alchemy desk wonderful stuff they say do it bro I
won’t even say up for the alchemy desk just again almost at level 10 as well
Pixies at level 6 things are going pretty smoothly there 3.30 8k mana per
second right now ladies and gentlemen there you have it
don’t try and get in charted tree 225 like an thinking and then you get 225 of
that same problem chu man was following the path level 10 upgrade the alchemy –
yet again here guys let’s generate more mana
orion chanted trees now at 25 ladies and gentlemen sweet bro so what I want to do
now guys is wrap it up here thank you so much for tuning in to the first episode
of idle wizard brutal preacher and hopefully you guys want to see more on
the channel be sure to show your support if you do buy here know like stripe on
checking back every two days or so for the next idle wizard episodes or you can
check back every day to watch all my content I really would appreciate it
social media links are in description below I’ll catch y’all then see you
around guys cheers again for watching

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