ICI Radio Canada reportage about Biathlon Mania
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ICI Radio Canada reportage about Biathlon Mania

November 30, 2019

From Slovakia Dusan Simocko… Dusan Simocko didn’t go unnoticed
during his visit to Quebec last March. He won the first biatlhon
of winter on the Plaines. Here he is again, but this time
as part of a video game. Biathlon Mania is the new creation
from the company PowerPlay. And their spokesman, their inspiration
is the Olympian Slovak. My idea was to bring real
biathletes into the game. His idea was to bring real
biathletes into the game, those that are part of
the World Cup circuit. Up to now, 58 of them accepted,
some athletes being from Quebec. The number of athletes from
the World Cup participating is
quite impressive, and that are then helping
Dusan promote the website. Claude Godbout and Marc-André Bédard
from Val-Bélair are part of this. This means they accept to see their
sport’s history published on Facebook. Because it will be the main platform
used to play Biathlon Mania. His biography and his results… The players will see the biography,
the results and the photo of
biathletes from a notebook. The goal of players will be to
compete with the champions. A bit like Mario Bros,
there will be levels, and at the end of each level
you will have a boss to beat. The boss in question will be
one of those elite biathletes, like once was Jean-Philippe Le Guellec
up until last winter. Now retired, he’s convinced
that the game, which he’ll be a part of, will be a success. Just looking at Europe, there’s
millions of fans watching their televisions in winter
when we compete in races. I’ve no doubt that yes,
it will reach many people. It is extremly popular in Europe, I hope we will feel the wave a
little bit more in Northern America. Biathlon Mania was inspired
by the game Ski Jump Mania launched last February and with
200 000 registered players. It will bring an other an other type of people, individuals that are more attracted by video games, and then it will make them know biathlon. The release is scheduled for January 2015, the perfect time to practice biathlon. This is Mireille Roberge
for Radio Canada Quebec.

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