I Went Exploring & Found $100,000 in Abandoned Treasure Chest… (Treasure Hunt Challenge)
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I Went Exploring & Found $100,000 in Abandoned Treasure Chest… (Treasure Hunt Challenge)

November 16, 2019

If treasure is what you seek then you’re in luck. Oh,oh gosh But then I came closer and I realized that looks like there’s actually some sort of note inside there Oh my gosh Honestly, I have no clue why just found but I think it’s some sort of ancient knows if treasure is What you seek then you’re in luck don’t believe me Take a look and then on the bottom, it looks like they might be coordinates to a location Oh my goodness guys. I have no clue what is actually going on right now But if you’re new, hey guys, my name is Morgz You guys are Team Morgz and today it looks like we’re gonna be going on an adventure Because you guys know me if there’s treasure on the line and I’m the person to find it You guys don’t know this but my middle name is treasure Hawks treasure Hudson Oh So guys if we are gonna be doing this then I think we need to assemble a team a treasure Hunting team, Martin. I just found an ancient treasure map. Do you want to come on a treasure hunt with me Fraser on? Yeah, Morgan . You don’t have found a crown. Can I have it call me bowl then of course blow. That’s great. I’m off I’m ready. Come on, let’s go mama. I just found an ancient treasure map Do you want to come on a treasure hunt with me? Treasure Somatic gold, jewelry. All right. Yeah, let’s go. Kiera. I just found an ancient treasure map. You wanna come on a treasure home with me There could be money Yeah. Yeah, okay when are we leaving? Morgan. Come on. Let’s go find the treasure chest with the money Okay, so now I’m a temple Okay, so now I’ve assembled my team of trained professio- Okay, let’s try that again now I’ve assembled my team let’s get the hunt started Let’s go So good well, this is McDonald’s. Oh Yeah, we won’t treasure guys are you sure you don’t just want McDonald yeah. Yeah, we do can’t read you want some I do This very good stuff Great refresher Mom do you have any? Idea where we’re going right now. No hole good. I’ve no idea where we are. I’ve never been there just following the coordinates Are you sure you don’t gonna get as merited? We just didn’t have some poets So even are we guys this is going a bit creepy There’s just like Thoris yeah, but we’re not gonna find treasure kids we’ll just stay back to the orange Okay, then so we’ve just arrived this is where the coordinates have taken us As you can see we literally are in the middle of nowhere. Have you ever been here before? You have any clue where we are? Yeah, that’s why I want to Know it’s mine. Now. I’ve got my stick Morgan. So if anything attacks those can defend us with my big stage You got big stage Without further ado. We’ll hunt chickens. Come on team These damn Londoners aren’t used to the countryside whoo-hoo Burrell though guys me and my team of professionals are putting our lives on the line right now for this We have no clue where we are. We’re in the wilderness. Okay, who knows what could be out here snakes badges shark sharks Sharp detective stick there’s no sharks. Oh, yeah So guys this may be the last video you ever see from us And if I do die I only have one requests for body go down there subscribe right now and get me to 4 million subscribers I’m only 50,000 away. And if I die before I hear 4 million subscribers, I’m gonna be mad as we ventured further and further into The wilderness there was only one thing on our minds Retrieving the treasure I’m proving to the world that we really are treasure hunting professionals I knew if we go down deep enough and tried as hard as possible with my team support we could The treasure and then mom got stuck on a fence. So the the journey was halted. Come on Come on come on Go we got treasure sit behind What you did to me that’s not treasure that’s my phone It was going in first then Let’s take this way. Yeah this way looks a little bit will be safer The view is absolutely Wall love you all what’s up hotel It’s a new game We’re gonna say that we’re being chased by a ball – Oh my god Waterfall Guys if our calculations are correct, then we’ve just arrived at the location of the coordinates the bullet So I assume it’s gonna be down there by the waterfall should we just get going down? You can do it Okay, guys Things that have like the perfect place to hide treasure and monster No, you’re going and now you’ve got to gather her clothes, and I’m not cleaning Okay, it’s gonna be somewhere. Welcome. No monsters gonna chase you I’ll be really okay It looks like he doesn’t know See if it’s different than the other one see if it’s different than the other one This is a treacherous mother no your twist has just begun keep searching and the treasure will soon Be warm So that means that we haven’t found the treasure yet. Wait, wait. Wait look In this book, it’s giving us another new ways to go. You do realize what this is, right? It means that we found the first location bought looks but apparently there’s more to look for new coordinates Do you think you can find where they are? Yeah Your quest has just begun keep searching and the treasure will soon be warned. I want to win it I want to win a dough does that mean we’re halfway there? Yellow for God Before we go search the treasure I’m gonna handle the shower. Come on Dick you’ve been a good servant you’ve helped us along the way but now I’m Sorry, we just had no space for it. We need to move on to question. Number two. We completed class number one now We have to go to a new set of coordinates West Mum, you do realize this going dark we’ve been driving for hours. When are we gonna get there? I think we’re nearly there mark. Well, why are we even are we did you recognize this place? It’s a few houses and stuff Yeah, but I think it says the the coordinates. I like a little bit further on this road And then I think we have to walk. Oh gosh This looks like some sort of like village to village Yeah, I think so. But maybe the treasures been hit by somebody in this village boys. It’s very dark. It’s really dark I’m fighting a bear. It’s gonna be pitch black. So we need to really utilize If you don’t stop don’t mind, we don’t know what is gonna be at the treasure chest There could be somebody there we need to get there before. It’s dawn. Oh my god It could be like a really dangerous scary person who wants to girls and it’s a trap Oh and he’s gonna change me baby small Barton. Hey, hey, no is gonna pinch me Yeah, we can sacrifice ballmart. And if he wants a sacrifice, yeah, they want a sacrifice for the treasure. I’m gonna circle first myself, okay Wow yo, this is like a massive Wait, oh my gosh Wow Whoa, are you sure this is a coordinates a round here. Mom any ideas how we can get up there? I’m not climbing up that log and I can’t do it. Why don’t you attach a hook in these? Oh my god, that’s amazing There’s some row – all right Good the other person we’re gonna sacrifice me Morgan and Keira need treasure You need a crown to cover that ball, oh my gosh Mom, we found another waterfall. I’m going in that one. No, I am going in that. That’s the proper waterfall No, that little thing that you went in Maurice sure. We should be doing this thing. We’ve got to really hurry up Morgan It’s dark and it’s scary Super creepy. Oh my gosh. Look over there. What does that mean? I think it’s a dream is it deep? Flurry Akira mom ass Laurie isn’t a Spore. She it’s green It’s green slush but you put ice in it and make it snow Laurie and slushy but do different things Oh, I’m not bothered anyway Oh, this is so creepy. Oh my gosh. Look, is that somebody up there? I’m just not using the rope. I’m just gonna climb Maybe they’re trying to beat us to the treasure. You going up there ma. Are you sure you can do it mom? Monk you’re supposed to go over there no mom not that one To refresh I’m safe. All I need to do is roll. And then I can just jump and I’m just gonna launch onto it Logan you’re almost last you can do it. I can see your whole Mum walk all this crazy stuff on the floor like signs So Leroy, it doesn’t look like anybody’s been there for ages Somewhere you want to go another nice picnic with your family is I’m scared of kind of Standing under that cliff in case anything falls on your head Morgan. No guys. We’re gonna keep searching however As you can tell the Sun is setting if we don’t find the treasure in the next I’d say 15 minutes Then we’re gonna have to give up. We’ve got all these cliffs to search. We’ve got loads more cliffs down there We’re gonna do our best guys, but I have no clue if we’re gonna find this treasure or not everybody Please drop a like on the video right now for good luck because we’re gonna need it but more all those left to do We don’t know what the treasure could look like. We just have to keep looking and not give up. Let’s do this My conduit I Thought you found treasure this is treasure more guess is a better stick than I had before This is amazing. It’s been worth it. All these hours of searching. This is my treasure. I’m so happy No, no, no no more sticks Come on we found it Guys I’m sorry tried our best. We looked everywhere places we’ve never even seen before but I’m afraid we have to buy health and safety first, and I don’t think We’re gonna be able to find it guys. I’m sorry Keep walking Look a sector Mugen quick quick quick quick quick Come here quick You don’t think that’s treasure doing Well, we don’t want to find out go on Stephanie refine come organ. Welcome. Be careful. Oh my gosh. Oh Come on, ma. Come on Really dusty. It’s really dusty. It’s solid wood. I Think stop stop, come on. Try again. Oh My god Jason no more since they what’s he saying Congratulations You have found the treasure That’s it. Oh No say anything else. Yeah, it does say another thing congratulations, you have found the treasure your quest is an Oh-oh-oh over maybe over you must find a way To open the chair good look my quest isn’t over yet. We have to find a way to open the chest Come on Morgan use that string Come on we don’t know what’s in here. We need to be very careful with it. Okay. Are we saying that this is the treasure? Should we take it back to the car and have a closer look wait. Yeah. Good idea guys We’ve just found hidden treasure and we’re gonna take it back to the house and have a closer Look we did it or at least we did quest number two, we found the treasure Okay, so we’ve just arrived home and it’s time to get straight down to business we complete a quest one We found the first no we completed quest – we found the chest now It’s time for quest three final quest We need to break in to this old treasure Chest and I think I know the perfect way to do so Toolbox guys, I’m messing about I’m gonna destroy this chest. I’m gonna use these utensils to get in Me Marvin. Yeah utensils toll booths what’s a utensil what you cook wayward soul is what you break into treasure chests with Morgan and we’re gonna I’m gonna use these tools then – Guys if you had to break into this treasure chest comment down below which one of these tools would you pay mom? Why are you gonna go for? You know what they’re going for these things Morgan they’re lug nose pliers long nose place ways The chaps I Don’t know how I’m gonna break into this book I’ve just got this really good idea All we need to do is just get the hammer and just slap hammer it and then we’ll get into it You do realize that’s my arm, right? Oh, I meant to do that. Okay. Hmm I think we’ll take this hammer and um, you could have the bone nose pliers No more you can have this nail I’ll try to do them with it, you know, well actually actually I’ve got a better idea no Come on, maybe we can make our way in Okay You know you go you just look after the mannequin, yep right next to the merch link in description So they’re not fast guys only a few left new merch You know what I am sick and tired of messing around I searched for this damn thing for our I’m not gonna stand here and Try and pry open Nose pliers shuffle All I need is this harder to get into this chest? And you know what? I’m not gonna hammer these things at the front I’m not gonna hammer the locks. I have a better idea three two one Oh my gosh Morgan maybe we should look inside. Maybe we should three Two One oh My gosh What is that what is he sorry tell my quick tell me tell me tell me Is that what I think is oh God hundreds hundreds hundred thousand hundreds of thousands millions Nice I don’t believe it hold on a sec. Hold on a sec. We might be able to open it from the inside Oh 6,800 I was the one that found the first man. I was kind of long upon the chest. So thank you for the help guys No, no Morgan, I’m the one that should have it all that drove everybody. I did all that region of the maps I told you that it’s obviously gonna say hi. Excuse me. You didn’t do any girl Paulie get away Oh my god, and this is my youtube money I have Ain’t he leave me someplace? You know what guys Everybody comment down below right now who you think deserves this money? Because personally, I think I deserve the money because I found the map she just read my wishes ball Well, I think it should be max I can actually even drive you don’t even know what’s going on So you’re obviously very confused Martin drove. So Much really coordinates a person. So I think I deserve some more names. I think I deserve the money because I Yeah, it’s going down below and also, please go down there and subscribe to the channel I have literally fifty thousand subs away from 4 million and when I get there, it’s obvious money away to you guys So everybody subscribe right now and leave a like on the video I’m gonna stop these cou from stealing all the money But as always I’ve been bored you guys with Austin and I’ll see you in my next video And here’s a shout out for AzzertytTheYoutuber Peace out

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  3. Morgan and Caver should have it I mean all the money put towards their new house when they leave out I mean move out just to tell you everything

  4. Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    another one of morgan/morgz lie's hes sometimes a fool…
    [my friend] wait what!!!
    [me] face palm his middle name is Connor not treasure he is lying !!
    another lie sigh I wonder what Jill is gonna do!

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