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August 21, 2019

Morgan! *screams* I think the question that we all want to know is do you think that you might get back together at some point? Hello Team Mom and welcome back to another video! Today I’m on Morgan’s channel! As you know Morgan and Kiera split up. So they’ve had a few weeks where they’ve been just friends. Like you, I want Morgan and Kiera to get back together. I think they’re good for each other! So I’ve decided that Team Mum is gonna get involved in this, and we’re gonna help Kiera and Morgan realise they like each other and we’re gonna help them to work together. How we’re gonna do that? We’re gonna use these! Guys, if you want Morgan and Keira to get back together Smash that like button, leave a comment below and don’t forget, seen as we’re on Morgan’s channel, why not subscribe to Morgan, it won’t hurt! So guys, come with me then and let’s get started on this getting Morgan and Keira back together video. Morgan, Kiera! Morgan, Kiera, wake up! Wake up! Morgan, it’s mum! Kiera, wake up! Morgan! Wake up! Just look at your hands! Look your hands! You’ve got them, then? Listen guys, don’t panic. I think you two have been acting a bit silly lately. This is a perfect opportunity now! I’ve hand-cuffed you together so that you can spend the next 24 hours.. ..Sorting your relationship out! No, no listen guys. No, you listen to me. You listen to me. I can’t spend an HOUR with this girl! You get on as friends very well, and there’s more. The reason why you’re feeling upset is because I think you’ve got deeper feelings for each other, but you’re just scared to sort of commit and to and to say for one of you to say first that they’ve still got feelings. So, I think if you spend time together Then it’s the perfect opportunity to work through without fighting WITHOUT ARGUING. Oh, please let me out, mum, PLEASE let me out! Please. I mean where’s the key? Where’s the key? The key’s hidden. When can we get the key? In 24 hours. Just look at it as a 24 hour challenge? Hopefully at the end of it. You’ll have sorted out your relationship and Sorted out if you are gonna be back together as boyfriend and girlfriend, or if you’re gonna stay as friends I’m gonna kill her first Okay, guys. We’ve experienced the first problem of the day. How does everybody start the day, Keira? I mean, most people shower Yes Most people shower. You don’t. I do shower, I do shower! So what we’ve got to do right now, is we’ve basically Got to shower, but how the hell are we gonna do this? I don’t know, I don’t want you to see me naked. Okay, you know what, I’ll go in first, but you gotta promise to keep your back turned, okay? Yeah, yeah okay, I promise. I don’t want to see that. Okay, I’m going in. I’m going in. AHH! OW! How am I gonna do it? I’m literally.. I- I.. Ahh. Morgan! *screaming* OW! OW! OW! OW! OW! Shut the door, you’re getting water everywhere! Shut the damn door!! Feel free to, you know, hurry up. Because I am literally freezing cold *Weird scream thing* five minutes later What do you doing she’s doing a makeup and she’s having to go me because I’m not keeping my arm still Thank you for helping Morgan. I’m not doing anything. I’m just that’s nice Okay boys and girls right now me and KITT what you doing okay right now me and So I don’t do my teachers right now We are going to Tesco because we need to get some shopping and it’s probably gonna be really fun. Oh you ready I’m gonna make a suggestion wall done come on hold them and then it won’t were then you can move together You know just trying to I’m trying to think of things that’ll help you guys if you’re new to the channel remember to go down There and smash that subscribe button to join team balls. We are growing like crazy at the moment Thank you all so much for all of the support. It means so much to me and guys today’s shout-out goes to this guy If you want a shout out in the next video smash that like bone. I’ll also subscribe to the channel. Let’s go to Tesco You excited for the drive guys Kara I have a really good solution for the Charlie problem. You’ve got to push me you’ve got to push me You’re not getting the biscuits You’re not getting them. No no no oh, no you can’t get the Bell visas no Mom, how do you think the bonding is going so far? I think it’s doing really well. Yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, I think you’re doing great look happy like you Really think it’s working Okay boys and girls there is something that I kind of need to update you on remember how a few videos ago I said if we got 20,000 lights. I would dye my hair the video is actually on my twenty five thousand Thousand likes guys so what I want you to do is comment down below in the conversation What color you want me to dye my hair care? What do you think I? Don’t think that’s I don’t think that’s a color so basically me and me and Kara Broke up a little bit ago, and we thought a good way to you know get things back on Chat would be to hang called each other together for 24 hours, but so far all that’s happened is We’ve just argued more. Do you think we should keep going? Now yeah, we’re gonna keep going now. We’ve got to keep going. We got to keep going. Hey. How’s it going now? But goodness say what is the idea of what we’re doing today? I don’t know anymore The idea is that you work together, and you learn to trust each other this will work guys believe me. I’m an older Person who is more experienced in these matters Can I leave you and go and finish getting ready because I’m taking out for a meal know what Carol. Let’s do it That’s better. Yeah Kara come on buy into the spirit of this yeah team high 500 Morgan remember you changed, okay guys So we’re gonna go off for a meal these two are gonna work. Come certainly the differences Working as a team remember. There’s no I in team they’re gonna work together. We’re gonna Have a lovely meal and by the end of it. I’m pretty optimistic That this relationship will be back on track in a romantic way Oh come on just focus on being a team and working together. Yeah, you know what guys you know what Kara? I think the only way we’re going to be able to successfully go out and have a successful meal is if we work together Okay, unless you want food all over the place. We need to learn to co-exist. Okay. Let’s go guys I think it’s been going really well you’re gonna start, so yeah But why come on oh you’re gonna give me ten minutes to think about minimum That Kleenex I really like the When I’m feeling down. I just think at least I’m not care and that cheers me up So you know that’s really good about if she can always Remain you carry. What about you agree and give anything life’s all about Morgan? Being next to him makes me feel so much more attractive oh Well Okay well clearly that’s not what I meant Right guys, so you’ve got your food. You’ve got to stay calm now behind and try and work together hey You see what I see oh my gosh. This is fantastic. It’s obviously you two We were just told we’ll just call me no nice, it’s not working still systole no No, don’t you don’t you grin can any of them talking in the kitchen so it actually sounds pretty good That’s kind of what’s going on Guys What are you doing? You sound like you’re kind of helping each other and getting onward get me a knife. Oh Carrie That’s really nice. You didn’t stab him or anything. That’s really nice we could use this time like you said to just buy and Stab each other is but we just thought why not you know team up You know as you said use experiences be happier and yes, sir We’re doing bad. Oh you did bad. I think this this is actually working. It’s too good, dude All good all this look and see if it’s so positive about it. Yeah, gravity now. You’re just doing this for the camera Were you just doing this for the camera the guys are in the bedroom? I’m just gonna pop in and have a look and see what’s going on oh Yeah, are you going? How are you and you’re angry with me for putting the handcuffs on you Are you okay now the thing is at first? I was kind of like yo, this is gonna be like terrible yeah And it started off pretty bad because I’m in care we were like both arguing and stuff so this past week obviously Things have been very on and off But like you know this just kind of made me realize in a way like it’s actually really fun spending time here I’m really kind of impressed with our grown up. You’ve been and I’m thinking now perhaps. We could take the handcuffs off. It’s late It’s time for bed you say you’ve got the key of course. I’ve got the key first though I think it would be a good idea if you just answered a few questions for tea mugs auntie Mum, I think the question that we all want to know is do you think that you might get back together? at some point and we put that question to Morgan to go first back thing well, I mean judging by today in general Obviously we’ve been doing a lot of bickering and arguing and stuff And if you bring it back to the main reason we kind of decided to break up was over a bit of a stupid argument, but today by spending time together and by Working together. We’ve kind of realized that You know we can do this if we do it together And you know we worked out and we ended up having a good time Maybe if we use more of that you know that mindset in the relationship aspect Maybe because sometimes keeping the same Cara Yeah, I mean it was it was fun Maybe if we just in the future take time to talk about the stuff and Work together feel that maybe we can solve them quicker rather than just leave it and you know take it something away I’m sorry that I I’m sorry that I Kind of made you mrs. Chain with McDonald’s I’m really impressed with you guys, and it’s lovely to see that you’re getting on so well And I think see moment team orgs and team Cara They’re gonna be over the moon with this does that mean we can have the key I want the key Oh my god a key to freedom. Oh, no oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Come on come oh My gosh. Oh my gosh. I’m free. Where do you want to come up to? Okay, let me just get let me just get thing No No, no Do you actually swallow Well guys. I guess this ended kind of well I mean I got an apology from Kara for like the first time ever like Karen never Apologizes for anything and I still never gone apology for the chicken wrap, but hey I’ve got my apology she got apology for the McDonald’s guys if you’re new to the channel And you haven’t already remember to go down there and smash that subscribe bye guys and also guys comment down below What color you want me to dye my hair because I am gonna dye. It really really soon I’m gonna be dropping some new merch really really soon so remember keep your eyes open for that I’m gonna be dropping your mouth soon, and it is gonna be limited edition guys to save up your money Get ready to cop some of the merch. It’s gonna be coming with in the next few weeks guys Thank y’all so much for watching and as always I’ve been morgue you guys been awesome, and I’ll see you in my next video peace Morgan Out

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