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  1. Want to see more from Terry Crews? Click here to hear Terry share his darkest secret:

  2. Sir, lastly, nobody cares about my story. I am in great need of any kind of support, & I have no one. I am hopeless. Someone, please reach out. I have done nothing to deserve this horrifying fate. I am so scared & so alone… [email protected]

  3. I'm glad they inserted the glass breaking video when he mentioned his father breaking glass. Because I didn't know what glass was and that you could break this kind of material.

  4. This happened to me when i was ten because my dad always hit my mom and she cried every day i wished i could have done something one day i hit my dad he hit my mom and got hit so hard but it was worth it because my mom didn't get hit

  5. My dad used to beat my mother all the time when I was younger.
    I tried to act like it was normal, now im an alcoholic and jobless

  6. Son: mom, why do the best people die?

    Mother: if you go to a garden, which flower will you pick?

    Son: The most beautiful

  7. I've been dealing with this for 10 years actually 11 but every day my "mom" gets abused in some way

    I just watched…

    Its like you want to do something but your not able to

    Trust me just press those 3 numbers


    I just want to help ok

    No one did anything for me

    I want to do something for you if you don't speak up the abuse could turn
    ON YOU….

    So as I said 911 or 811

    I've experienced it and I couldn't do anything because we didnt have phones at our house at the time
    So I watched my "mom" be slaughtered


    But don't let down


    Be happy please don't be like me I'm a coward don't be selfish like me be


    Have some Cake


  8. ??‍?‍?????Even I could not safe my mother when she sad it time to go my sun.A one litile poit I wrote for my great mother.Ay maa teri azmat ko Salam hai,jab tak rahainga zinda is dil May tera wohi mokam hai.SRK from korangi karachi Pakistan Ireland Ireland

  9. I understand completely I lived that story as well. The even My Mother tool my sisters but abandoned me and I was sent to a boys ranch for several years. She came back and after 3 years she kicked me out saying she couldn't afford me. The school kicked me out because I wasn't living with a legal guardian, so I tried to join the service but was rejected because I'm blind in one eye. A gift to remind me of the abuse. So I know rejection. Even at the boys ranch we were beat and the rules were rigid. I had a long search to find a Loving God. I thought my mere essence was bad. I attempted to end it and a knock came to the door. God sent someone to stop me and I promised to never attempt it again but instead to live.

  10. Exactly like had growing up, my dad terrorized us at home, always drunk and violent.

    This is spot on from Terry looking back on my childhood…..

  11. Same story in my house. My father punishes for everything. He's says to me that the way I come down the stairs makes him angry because I I do it in a arrogant way

  12. To see a tank of a man like Terry almost break down and cry inspired me to speak about my problems to my friends. He is one of the best people to ever live

  13. As a man who has been through exact what what he did, I respect and understand him alot. I just wish I had the focus to be what he was. I went the other way. Drugs. Drinking. Fighting. Trouble. I've cleaned myself up and free of any of my problems. ( Nearly 5 months) but I prey anyone reading this who's been through a similar issues, if your young, please don't do what I do and waste yourself. Use it to become a better person and use it to drive you away from it. Not use it as excuse or avoid dealing with it. Much love

  14. He literally described my home growing up. Still having to learn how to treat the woman I'm my life compassionately coz no one ever taught me that. I felt this.

  15. My parents never had a good husband and wife relationship.

    My mum was humiliated and beaten up by my father and his family several times in her newly wed life.
    Now after 20 years later, she is still married to that man and now the twist is that she beats my dad with whatever stuff she gets her hands on. I, on the other hand act as a mediator with the risk of being played in between like a ball. I once had my head slammed on a door by my grandma. My dad has called me things that are still stuck into my heart. My mother and I have a very odd relation and we don't understand each other. I don't talk any longer with with my eldest sister and she even got brutal with me twice. I've been labelled many things by my family that I hate with my heart. I've been beaten by my dad and mom in my youth years. I'm now 18. I've not been physically harmed for like 8 years but mentally my state is still unstable.
    I don't know why but some people think that I'm crazy for some reason and when I get crazy I laugh a lot!

  16. Ah my mother, she's really nice but sometimes she smashes my head on the keyboard, but that doesn't happens oftensjdhchsiahxhsihxh

  17. ????this breaks me so much that I cried and remember how my dad use to abused my mom?now that mom my mom is gone?and my dad is married again I just hope he doesn’t do the same thing she did to my mom??

  18. YO MAMA SO DUMB SHE THOUGHT QUARTER BLACK is a MUSLIM OObz REFUND :o) Some more in the mail on your way "TODAY" :o) Enjoy YO MAMA jokes buddy! This will reduce your inner pain pal cheer UP 🙂 SAM i M

  19. This is so sad to watch, as my own father was abusive towards my mother. I felt nothing but emotional pain and anguish, wishing that somehow, like Terry, that I could also save my mother from my father’s wrath. My father is gone now, but the memories still haunt me to this day.

  20. eres un chingon crew yo pase por lo mismo lo que podemos hacer es cortar cadenas del pasado no hacer lo mismo con nuestros hijos

  21. The equivalent to Terry Cruise in Russia is our Naval Cruise Ships
    Oh yes, we have many Rockets, missiles, but… we need more camoflauge… "Terry.. could you help the motherland out..?"

  22. This is like what happened to me except both my parents were hitting us then the government got involved and sent us to a foster home.

  23. My dad abused my mom when I was a baby then he kicked us both out (even though I was only a baby) she went to a friends house until she could finish schoool (she was working really hard ), and once she did we moved into another state into my grandmas house . I’m 12 years old now and my mom is still working hard , matter of a fact we recently moved into our first house

  24. My dad’s father use to hit my grandmother. Now a days, there are options, but she didn’t have the strength, money, support, or power to leave (1940s in a small southern town) . When my dad got older and stronger, something happened. One day, he took a baseball bat ready to protect her. My grandfather saw himself in his son’s eyes and never laid a hand on her. Was it the perfect solution, probably not. However, my dad learned the importance of standing up for those who are fearful and believe they don’t have a way out of a bad experience.

  25. To those who abuse others, shame on you for robbing another’s love for life and happiness. Seek help to break the cycle of abuse. Destroying someone’s dreams is not an option.

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