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  1. What do you think? And what are your predictions after watching this video?

    The timestamps are here!

    00:01 – Introduction

    00:40 – VR haptic gloves prediction & Manus VR gloves intro

    02:40 – What are VR haptic gloves & why would you want it?

    03:39 – Manus VR gloves exterior & specs

    04:55 – Manus VR gloves demo & impressions

    08:05 – Manus VR gloves at home?

  2. It would recquire thinking about a smart way to replace joysticks to move and additional buttons to jump for exemple. Can't come with any idea haha but feeling something on your fingertips must be awesome!

    It would be cool if air was blown to swollen parts of the gloves to add weight or feel that you are holding something when you grab your gun ^^

  3. I agree with what was said at OC5. For haptic gloves at a consumer-level price is 8-10 years away. The main issue is that we have to find a way to simulate resistance, weight or inertia that does not rely on bulky motors spread over your hand. This method of using motors plus the sensor on the back of your hand could possibly be too heavy for prolonged play. What was the weight of those gloves?

    We are starting to see promise with skin integrated wireless haptic interfaces but this will take time and this is the area the industry should concentrate on.
    I want haptic feedback in VR but I don't want to look like a borg in the process 8)

  4. even if money is no object, this is hard to justify due to the lack of support from mainstream VR game and app devs. It's not the devs' fault either, prohibitive cost and lack of widespread adoption mean this shouldn't be their priority.

  5. I know vr gloves are coming out the us in the future but 10 years i don't wanna wait that long i'm disappointed we have to wait until 10 years 2030 because i'm so fascinated and a huge fan of vr gloves i hope it comes out for us consumers in 2025

  6. Once VR gets haptics, HDR high res displays and smaller, lighter headsets VR will be immersive on a different level. It's going to be a lot of work ahead to get there though…

  7. I don't think these are really worth it for 2 reasons. Support, and the haptic feedback is merely vibrations. I just feel like vibration motors is getting really old for haptic. It would be much cooler if they come up with a push pull mechanism of the fingers so if you hold something the fingers lock up so you can't continue to close them anymore. Or another option is what the tesla suit or somethin is doing which uses electric pulses to manipulate the muscle.

  8. Extensive and satisfying as usual. This product is definitely one step too far and unnecessary for me as a vr-gamer consumer… controllers seem just really fine to me

    Very interesting though, feel like I'm watching more the future of surgeons in training or something like that.

  9. I think the Quest hand tracking is the right direction for now. It would be cool to feel some sensation, but we need to figure out how to electrically simulate textures, rather than simple vibration. The future is exciting though!

  10. I'm pretty sure that most of you have already seen Half-Life: Alyx Announcement Trailer.
    Well… that's what I think about it all.

  11. One thing is that there is no reason these gloves have to be limited to VR games. These would translate amazingly to non Vr games as a means to manipulate the environment. It kinda makes me wonder if the gloves are the actual gaming advancement and not the face goggles. I guess we'll see moving forward. Great video as always and much love from Chicago. Sadly I don't think that the Half Life VR announcement will matter for VR sales. The hardware is laughably too expensive for mass adoption and after waiting 12 years for the story of Half Life to move forward, they sent it backward in a prequel I have no interest in at all. Maybe if this would have been a proper HL2 E3, or a full blown HL3 they might have been at the most basic start, but I'm sorry 1000 dollars is too much for a 20 hour game. I have a puppy. He's free and will give me a couple decades of joy.

  12. While this is cool and stuff, the problem i have with gloves is anyone that has either worked with a pair of gloves for a week or two will know they start to stink, stink baddd. You can even wash gloves constantly and the smell never really goes away..

  13. I imagine that some experiences will be fine with just gloves, but I do not see why games that work better with a controller could not allow the gloves to be worn too. A combination of the gloves and controllers seems right.

  14. Cas, Chary – you're good people, but calling gloves with a few vibration motors (on the back of the fingers where they don't make any sense) haptic gloves is a bit over the top and certainly NOT what Abrash keeps talking about in his speeches. These things have been out for quite a while now and they are more exciting haptic projects available to highlight in the research space by various institutes…

  15. I imagined that for VR gloves they could refashion the tracker to be more like a bracelet. They could make it bigger at first, and use something like the gel foam padding that's on the valve headset as inner lining (and also to accommodate various wrist sizes). It might have to break away in one spot and hinge on the adjacent location (like a manacle) to fit around all wrists, but once it's on it'd be like wearing bracelets, and that'd get rid of the bulky tracker sitting on the backs of your hands.

  16. I think 10 years is a bit optimistic, but do-able. When he says useful, I think that's the biggest key. What determines usefulness? Is it accuracy? Is it convenience of set up? Is it how it looks? Is it how comfortable it is? How cheap it is? How good the haptic feedback is? How well supported it is by companies like Oculus and Steam? How many game devs build games using it? These are all questions we can't answer yet. Only the market can decide what will make something useful/popular. I look forward to what gets decided.

  17. Excellent review as always, Lady Cas, thank you. I would gladly buy Manus VR gloves today, if they were available in the VR consumer market.

  18. I used to think VR gloves are the future but now I think Index controller is better because gloves won't give you a sensation of holding objects or weapons like swords or a gun.

  19. Bro I can't wait to play a boxing game and when I get get hit in the head someone comes to my house and slugs me in the face.

  20. See the problem with that is you can only use three trackers if you have full body traction adding two more steam won't allow it

  21. I donโ€™t like it.. lookโ€™s heavy and uncomfortable, imagine using it during summer, and also not everybody has the same size hands

  22. Haptic gloves ? seems exciting but once they enable hand ?? alone games how will that take into account foot ?? movement??? While using your hands the way theyโ€™re supposed to be used???

  23. This makes me never want to die. I want to witness what tech will be like 100 years from now, but I wonโ€™t be here (at least without any artificial effect on our lifespans)

  24. I think it'll take a maximum of 5 years from January 2020.
    People constantly underestimate technology and the proof is in the pudding as old farts making their "crazy predictions" tend to get constantly disproved.
    The speed at which VR is evolving scares me, and though it may seem slow to the developmental teams behind them, I just hope it can stay innocent and stay away from interacting directly with our brains for a while.

  25. every time i look at any haptic gloves i wonder: how is movement or any other butten input done because there are no joysticks or buttons you can press and every demo thus far has been stationary without any in game abilitys that would have a need for buttons. but that does not hold true for any game i ve played so far

  26. I think VR haptic gloves will be mainstream around 2024. This is still too early and expensive to be mass produced and shipped all around the world.

  27. Haptic VR gloves are 10 years away at least. Still tons of issues like lack of any inputs, no way to locomote and of course sanitary issues. I personally do not want gloves or hand tracking (well, hand tracking could be more of a tracking accuracy thing that will help with insight tracking) due to the inherent issues that hurt the types of games I like playing (shooters).
    This type of stuff is cool for like one or two apps you'll use once for 5min and then never again, or maybe some modeling in VR which is just not accurate enough to actually make serious stuff, yet.
    That was my impression at OC6 while trying the hand tracking, it's a gimmick (with tons of inherent occlusion, obviously) that adds nothing to VR and I would consider it a waste of Oculus's time. Especially when optical sensors may not be the way for motion tracking.
    I bet engineers working on hand tracking and Link was the nail in the coffin for Carmack to finally leave Oculus like the entire team has done. Oculus/Facebook is a sinking ship and everyone is jumping out. I bet Micheal Abrash is still on-board becasue he doesn't do anything really and gets paid millions.

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