I Stayed in a Freezing Ice Bath for One Hour & It was a HUGE Mistake…
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I Stayed in a Freezing Ice Bath for One Hour & It was a HUGE Mistake…

August 21, 2019

That’s five minutes left Morgan, I don’t think you can stand it. I think you need to get out aaah, aaah, Martin! Boys and girls today, we have a challenge that they Really do not want to do. I’ve done many challenges in the past stayed on my roof. I’ve eaten the entire McDonald’s menu, but no challenge is as deadly as the one I am doing today. That is because today Team Morgz I am going in an ice bath. Well. Not only am I going in an ice bath. I’m staying oh We survive is that dangerous I? Don’t even know someone said this I bet you can’t stand an ice bath for an hour, Bolton And you know what see those I am the challenge king I accept your challenge Yes, I accept your challenge I just said that he said that to me However, here is the twist you may be sayin Morgan. Why on earth would you accept this? What’s in it for you apart from probably quite a lot views There is another reason why I am doing this if I complete this challenge the one hour long ice bath Then I am free to set whatever challenge. I won come on that wasn’t part of the deal Well guys see that. I am attempting the one hour long ice bucket challenge. I need all the people to go down there No like I don’t want anybody to like this I don’t Like let’s see if we can get it so yeah boys and girls. I have no clue what’s gonna happen with this challenge But seeing as I am the challenge king. I’m gonna do Okay boys and girls the buff is filled with ice. I literally can’t even explain to how nervous I am Have you got any last words Well now they mention it guys if you’re like on some of the brand-new Elements right now link is in the description you guys are loving it Become a true bro right now and join the birch Lord as you see his cool is available Please Guys I guess all I can say is Let’s do this. Okay. Okay, okay? Okay? Okay? I genuinely I’m so scared Just do it quickly oh, it’s the ice is just Yeah, it’s failed the challenge that means I have to do 100 Oh my gosh, oh my gosh. Oh my gosh You know the worst part is the ice is melting into the bath? Guys and melting in soap as the ice melts anything just gets worse and worse Morgan what’s the coldest part of you at the moment this? Definitely must be okay guys well I guess there is literally no going back now the time started were about two minutes in I literally have You know the worst part is guys this isn’t even like sudden pain This is just going to keep draining me down and getting worse and worse until I literally freeze to death Okay guys You know I mean ten minute mark and It’s just doing it literally under So much pain right now that I can’t actually express anything look at my feet fine look at my feet Guys not even that the fireworks can keep me warm at this point. I’m genuinely just freezing to death I Seriously Can not describe how much pain I’m in right now And you know what when I do think it could get any worse Of course move there Martin could you get me a t-shirt? I’m absolutely boiling Guys I Don’t think anybody on YouTube has ever done an ice bath challenge like this usually you get to ten minutes, and then you go it is now at the 26 minute mark I’ve lost feeling of every part of my body including my hand so if I drop my camera into the water Then I apologize seriously Look at this. Can you see this on my legs? They’re literally private? Oh? I’m trying to sit forward look at my feet the chances of justice down There is now literally water in every crevice of my body my back my shoulders I think even my face went in at one point. Oh god. No why have you come back? If you’re not already subscribed to the channel Oh my gosh, please do it man. Please hit the subscribe button if you don’t do it You’re just mean like you all literally just mean Guys we’ve come out of the way because Morgan’s making a lot of noise It’s been a few minutes five six minutes since he did his last little bit of a vlog It’s going very purple, and I’m kind of getting a bit worried. Oh, no. I’m not worried about him. Oh god No what I’m worried about is It’s kind of looking like he could it could it could complete this challenge And then that means it’s gonna set me a challenge And I’m kind of worried about that because I just don’t know what it could be so Martin what I think we need to do is I think we need to go and we need to try to stop him finishing this challenge Are you with me? I’m with you all the way follow me come on. That’s gonna do something Oh Morgan you crazy The coals freeze in your brain you’re not thinking straight. I really think you need to get out now. You know You’re the one that needs to get out Leave me Okay a bike But you can see my legs are now completely agency with fear Right as well. I now realize that it’s now the 40 42nd minute Right now, which means I am almost three-quarters I’m not want to quit the challenge minute Look I am in serious Agony right now. I’ve lost feeling of my legs my feet are just Not there, okay, they’re not that like I don’t care I can see that my feet are not There my head is now freezing my face is freezing the only thing keeping me warm is there? Okay do not attempt this challenge 110 minutes it’s bad enough don’t try do an hour it is absolutely Horrible guys, I’m getting really really worried now There’s only about seven eight minutes left to the challenge, and it looks like it’s gonna do it well I think we should do is I’ve actually got half a bag of ice That I could use to try and put on him and stop him complete in this challenge You might be saying more you really mean, that’s the wrong thing to do But just look back guys all the things mother’s done to me. It made me work and really gross food It made me sit in a Orbeez ice challenge bar I’m never trusting you again, and I’ve never done any dashes again. You’re so close trust me You’re so close, so I think guys you might not now think I’m big quite so mean let’s get the ice and let’s go upstairs and let’s try and Stop this challenge before it finishes it this is all I got left, but it’s gonna be enough hopefully Hey girl I Think we should go now You want me to help you out? There’s five minutes left Morgan. I don’t think you can stand it I think you need to get out. Let me help you come on Let me let me be a good mom and help you get out And go seriously gasps, it’s cold lair twenty-nine Sike you know what I’m gonna. Let the people decide no Guys comment down below What challenge you want me to give more she gave me the worst challenge? I have ever done in my entire life So I do not want you guys to hold back give her the worst most deadliest challenge ever Do that guys drop a like on the video? subscribe and comment down below what challenge we should give to Okay Huh it’s now been 50 minutes in cigar the ice bath. I’ve literally just been stood in a red hot shower Just contemplating my life. My daughter is still bright red. I don’t think that’s gonna be turn away for a while and Let’s just say this okay. Let’s keep this kind of a I I’m not sure if I still have my private parts But if I do that I can’t feel them Times this has literally being the worst challenge I have ever done by far Okay, like by far I’m pretty sure nobody on YouTube has ever done a challenge like that like that Intense because you know if you do it for five minutes. That’s okay ten minutes That’s bad, but once you get to a thirty minute mark. You will it truly just feels done for what you feel finished I was literally in the bath for thirty second Tonight and it was absolutely Freezing that’s really no lie I feel pretty bad. Actually that are set Morgan that challenged me notice guys How long just trying to flip the tables around she’s trying to you know I feel bad It was really bad But guess what mom I don’t feel bad about what I’m gonna do to you guys once again comment down below leave some suggestions in the conversation Let’s give Foreman the worst challenge ever and also guys if you haven’t already caught some of the brand new Bro merch, then you’re missing out guys This is selling like hotcakes so Gavin already got some of this new bro merge go down to the link in the description and get saw and also guys if You tweet me the order confirmation of your order of the bromwich I’m gonna be falling back at everybody and if you get lucky I may even deliver it to your door in person guys go down link in the description Moscow cops on merch Thank you all so much for watching this challenge. I’m just gonna get moving I’m just gonna be doing this all day – keep watering myself. Oh if you haven’t already subscribed go down There smash that subscribe button join team balls. We’re going like crazy We’re on the road to three million subscribers, and I need you to join B squad leave a like on the video Let’s try and get 10,000 lights for this crazy video and as always I’d be bored YouTube all the time I’ll see you in the next video peace out Subtitles by The Domino D.R. & MinerGamer99

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  1. challenge

    make her be in the bath tub with ice and mice and snakes and WORMS
    and if she does not accept then force her

  2. OMG I was watching this at a sleepover at 3am and when Morgan screamed it scared the hell out of everybody ????

  3. let her be locked in the creepiest hotels she ever been in said she never been in a locker in and see how she reacts put 24 hours

  4. Ice Box challenge in the icebox you need to stay in the icebox for 24 hours and not an unnormal icebox you really need to have a lot of hot chocolate and you read icebox for 24 hours and especially for you 24 hours in there without any without any water without any bomb

  5. Morgan I think you give morgz mum a hard challenge but her challenge is to spend 24 hours in a stranger s house and only one chance

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