I Played Call of Duty Black Ops 4 for 100 Hours Straight… MUST See What Happened! (COD BLACKOUT)
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I Played Call of Duty Black Ops 4 for 100 Hours Straight… MUST See What Happened! (COD BLACKOUT)

August 27, 2019

-Alright so here we go I bought this new game,
Call of Duty Black Ops 4, I always buy ’em every
year, but this one’s got that Blackout mode, it’s
like Fortnight and PUBG. I’ve already played it a little
bit just to get used to it and I love it, I absolutely love the game, I’m addicted to it, so I wanna
spend 100 hours playing it. That’s what normal people do, isn’t it? When they really love something
they just, go crazy on it? – [Moon] Mm-hmm. – That’s, that’s normal? – [Moon] Mm-hmm. – Not! All right, so what we’re
gonna do is we’re gonna play this Cold of Duty Blackout
mode for 100 hours straight. – [Moon] Yeah, that’s right. It’s easy as that. – It’s in the title, isn’t it? I guess.
– [Moon] Yeah. – You don’t need me to explain it. If you’re new make sure you
press that subscribe button down below and if you’re
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notification button right next to the subscribed
and you’ll be notified every time we upload.
– [Moon] I wanna flick it. – It’s as easy as that. Woo! All right, so we’re gonna go to the shop and need lots of supplies for this. What, 100 hours is like just over four days, I need a lot of. – [Moon] It’s a 100 bag of crisps. – I need loads of food,
I need loads of drink, so let’s go to the shop,
bag all of the supplies, and then get in the house
and do this thing, let’s go. – [Moon] You look a bit sad today Thomas. – I’ve been up all night gaming. – [Moon] I know, it’s
so cute, it’s so cute. – [Kill’em] Come on, let’s go! – [Moon] Digby comes too.
(Moon giggles) – All right, so we’re in
the shop, it’s time to buy the supplies, I mean what
we’ve got, I mean junk food. It’s your typical gaming food, isn’t it? Junk food, energy drinks. And junk food and energy drinks. – [Moon] And junk food.
– And junk food. – [Moon] And energy drinks. – Lots of energy drinks,
it’s normal, yeah? – [Moon] You know, and junk food. – And junk food. – [Moon] And some energy drinks. – Come on love, there’s people
looking, we’re a bit loud. – [Moon] And junk food. – I mean my gaming chair thing
got destroyed in that thing so what about this? – [Moon] It looks quite
stylish and comfortable. It gives me the 90s vibes. – So is that a yeah? Oh Moon, I can put dit
and I can cook, put crisps and stuff and chips. – [Moon] That’s beautiful. There’s some proper cups,
gaming cups and stuff. You need some proper stuff? – Gaming cups, red and blue.
– [Moon] Yeah. Do you love them? I do. – Straws. – [Moon] I got straws at home. – Come on, come on. Which one’s that one? – [Moon] Ah, put it back. No, don’t, don’t, no. Don’t, really don’t, really. It’s like in that scary movie thing, is it that one that pops up? – I’ve never made
popcorn like that before. – [Moon] I’ve never done it. – Shall we get that? – [Moon] Yeah, jiffy pop, jiffy pop. – Jiffy what?
– [Moon] Jiffy pop. – Why are you saying pop weird? – [Moon] Jiffy pop. What else you’re getting Thomas? – I don’t know. – [Moon] Oh look crackers
Thomas, I would love crackers. – Crackers are boring
and I could get anything, I don’t want crackers. – [Moon] You always say
they make you drink. – I don’t want crackers. – [Moon] They’re really nice. – Ah, not crackers. – [Moon] Thomas they’re nice
just trust me, just get ’em. – It’s boring.
– [Moon] They’re nice. It’s good for digestion anyway. – Stupid cracker. Oh onion rings, I love onion rings. – [Moon] No you’re not
getting onion rings. – Why, I love them. – [Moon] Thomas your breath
stinks like three days after. – But I love them onion crisps. – [Moon] No, don’t get it.
– Oh garlic bread. – [Moon] No Thomas, oh Jesus Christ. – Oh Dip dab, it’s where
you got that powder and you dip your lolly, ain’t it? Ah, a rainbow drop, oh
candy sticks as well, you get free tattoo inside. – [Moon] Get two. – Look, a monkey.
– [Moon] What can it do? – I’m getting these, I’m getting these. All right, Rockstar,
Relentless, Monster, Red Bull. Is that enough? – [Moon] Yeah, that’s it,
I’ll carry the other too. – Okay, go, go, go. – [Moon] Thomas, Thomas
look, what about that one? – What about it? – [Moon] It’s really nice and soft, it’s comfortable, you’ll have space in it. – For me? – [Moon] Yeah, it’s really nice, it’s a perfect thing to gaming. – We’re in the women’s
section, this isn’t man’s. – [Moon] Thomas it’s gonna
match and no one’s looking. – I’m not wearing it,
I’m not wearing this. – [Moon] I promise you it’s
really nice, it’s so soft. – I’m not wearing it, no way. – [Moon] Thomas you’re gonna wear it, you’re gonna, I know it. – I’m wearing it, are you happy now? – [Moon] Nice, isn’t it? – It is actually nice, it’s
so soft, feel it, feel it, it’s so soft.
– [Moon] I know, I know. – I got the dad cap thing,
Call of Duty as well, it matches perfect.
– [Moon] Why did you get that? – To get in the mood. – [Moon] What you’re
wearing underneath anyway? What you wearing?
– Nothing, stop it. – [Moon] You’re wearing
nothing underneath it? – You said just put the dressing gown on. – [Moon] Yeah, but you
wear something underneath. – You said just put it
on so I thought you meant just the thing. – [Moon] You’re naked underneath. – Come on, you said just put it on. – [Moon] Thomas, you normally have to wear something underneath. – All right, so first
we’ve got the blow up inflatable chair thing, we’ve
got the foot stool as well which goes over where. Excuse me Digby, excuse me. Can I grab that please? – [Moon] He’s not having it. – Can I just, please,
thank you, thank you. All right, so we’ve got
the cool box, look at this, cool box, it’s so cool.
(laughing) – [Moon] You got a bad one there. – Keep all my drinks in
there, keeps ’em cool. – [Moon] Is that Black Ops Two? – See, no four, it says
Black Ops Four on it as well. – [Moon] Yeah, but I mean two, as well. – Black Ops Four. Two years ago. – [Moon] As well, meaning
two, T-O-O, not T-W-O. – No, Black Ops Four.
– [Moon] Thomas. – The TV’s over here,
but obviously we’ve got, the curtains are open. – [Moon] He’s angry, he’s angry. – Moon, gotta close the curtain because it’s making it
glare on the TV screen. I can’t see, you need
for good concentration, so we’ve got the TV thing
down, we’ve got the light here so when I’m doing the
gaming, oh while I’m gaming and stuff so you can see me. So I think we’re good to
go, we’ve got all the food in the kitchen, the toilet’s just there. I’m not allowed to leave this
room 100 hours while playing, we’re gonna bring my food into it, I’m only love through there to the toilet. All right, time to go. – [Moon] Where to? – Play.
– [Moon] Oh. – I’m gonna have to take this hat off. – [Moon] Why did you buy it
anyway, you never wear hats. – To get in the spirit of Call of Duty. – [Moon] Okay, trying it
again, gaming for 100 hours. Pathetic. Pathetic! – Stop it! I like a new count island, all right. Let’s get a gun, nice. There’s someone, there’s someone coming. Go, go, go. – [Moon] Come on Thomas, breaky time, breaky breaky heart, break time. – How, how long do I get? – [Moon] Half an hour. – All right, I’ll just finish this game, I’m halfway through this
game and then I’ll come out. All right, so I’m just over four hours in, I’m still doing complete
rubbish, I’m so bad, bad at this game, I thought
I’d be a lot better than this. I used to play a lot of Call
of Duty back in the day, I need to like get some practise in. By playing 100 hours it’s
like the best opportunity to get my practise in, so I should be good by the end of this, if not
there’s something wrong. Still feeling good, I’ve
had some energy drinks, I’m on my second one
already, I’ve been eating some onion rings and stuff,
it’s already starting to get dark right now, look. Night time. So I’m literally just gonna
have a 15 minute break, sit down, not look at TV,
just like refresh my eyes, and then we’re straight back in. – [Moon] Do you want any food Thomas? – Eh, yeah, can I have a sandwich please? – [Moon] What kind of sandwich? – I don’t know, anything. – [Moon] What do you want in it? – I don’t know Moon, anything. – [Moon] Why do you make
it really hard Thomas? Oh, oh yeah, I’m gonna
make you the best sandwich you’ve ever had. Hold camera Thomas.
– What? – [Moon] Hold camera, I
made you a good sandwich. – What, sandwich?
– [Moon] Yeah. – Why do I need to hold
camera for sandwich? What? – [Moon] It looks like
you’re playing the flute. – Whoa, that’s the best sandwich ever. Hey, ugh! Where is it, where is he? No, what!? Go, go, go, no, what the!? What, where did he come from? Jesus Christ, what, no way! – [Moon] Are you prepared? – For what?
– [Moon] For the monsters. – Come on Moon, no, I’m doing good. – [Moon] They are within. – No, I don’t know what
you’re talking about. – [Moon] Attack him Digby, attack him! (laughing) Look, it’s Freddie Kruger Thomas. He’s gonna get you.
– Oh Digby! – [Moon] His name’s David S. Pumpkin. (laughing) – The battery’s gone. – [Moon] So you’ve had
ones are off now for a bit. – Yeah. – [Moon] What do you call a Pokemon who can’t move really fast? – What?
– [Moon] Slow Poke. Go on. – I don’t want no more
please, I’m getting, no Moon, it’s getting late. – [Moon] What’s the
national sport of Minecraft? – I don’t know.
– [Moon] Boxing. – No, no.
– [Moon] Thomas. – No!
– [Moon] Thomas. – No!
– [Moon] Thomas. – No! – [Moon] Your mama is so ugly Thomas. – No, no! – [Moon] Be quiet, you
can’t leave the room. You can’t leave.
– No! – [Moon] Sit down, I got plenty more, I got plenty more Thomas. Come on, you give birth to Digby. Oh he goes back in!
(Moon laughs) Thomas you need to open it,
it stinks in here, disgusting. – What? – [Moon] It’s disgusting, I
have to leave some air in. – Did you say something? – [Moon] You want out, do you want out? – What like? – [Moon] A snack or something,
we’ve got loads of snacks. The whole thing is full. – Well what kind? – [Moon] Crisps, popcorn.
– Popcorn. – [Moon] What, you want popcorn? – Yes please. – [Moon] All right, now?
– Yeah. – [Moon] Okay, so like that. I’ve never done that before. It’s way too long, Thomas! Why can’t you just buy microwave popcorn? It’s not, that’s not
working, that’s not right. Thomas!
(Moon laughs) Thomas! They’re actually, they’re coming Thomas! (Moon laughs) How am I gonna catch them!? Oh it’s so, Thomas!
(Moon laughs) Thomas it keeps doing! Thomas it’s still, Thomas it’s not, ugh. Ah I think it stopped now, that’s it. – Six, six popcorn. What happened to the rest? – [Moon] I don’t wanna talk about it. – Wait, what happened? – [Moon] Please don’t ask
me ever about it again. – What?
– [Moon] Please don’t. – Where did he go? Oh yeah. Yes, he dead. I knew I kept that
helicopter for a reason. Yes. Let’s go this way. Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go. Come on, come on, I’m doing well. Hide behind a tree, behind this tree. That’s enough, stay down, stay down. Oh! Oh dammit, I’m out of ammo, no! What am I gonna do,
I’ve only got a shotgun. Damn. What do I do? Oh is he gone? I can’t see him. Oh no, no, no, no! Third place, this place,
I’m getting better. I’m getting better. I’m so tired, I’m getting so tired. It’s just hit me all of a
sudden, we’re over 24 hours in. I’ve got kind of like
a headache coming in, but it’s like behind my
eye, I can’t explain it, it’s like behind here and it hurts. (grunting) Basically, the headache
is making it really hard to concentrate, I just can’t
think what’s happening. Moon! – [Moon] Shall I get you something ’cause I’ve got some stuff prepared ’cause I knew it was gonna happen again. – What? – [Moon] I’m gonna get some stuff. There you go, eye cooling mask. – Eye cooling mask.
– [Moon] Yeah. – Is that a thing?
– [Moon] Yeah. That’s like when you have
a migraine and stuff. – Oh what, that’s freezing. – [Moon] Just lean a bit towards me and I’ll massage your head a bit. – Oh yeah.
– [Moon] All right? – Yeah. – [Moon] Sometimes you need a little break to adjust camera, if
you’re wondering when I. – It makes my eyes feel weird. – [Moon] Is it nice?
– Yeah. – [Moon] Yeah?
– Yeah. – [Moon] Is it nice, a bit tingly? Thomas, break’s over,
yeah, just take it down. – So I gotta take this off. – [Moon] Yeah, just give me that. – Oh it’s so weird. – [Moon] Just let me know
if you need anything. – Yeah.
– [Moon] Yeah. – Thank you Moon. – [Moon] All right, bye.
– Bye-bye. Moon!
(Moon laughs) – Yes. Up here, let’s go up here. And there’s someone, yes,
get him, go, go, go, go. Well what’s in here? Stop coming, stop coming, stop coming. – [Announcer] Supply drop in bound. – I gotta go, go, go, no, no, no, no, way too long, no, just
it’s your own death. No, no, no, get down, get down now. Ah god! What? Fifth, I’m getting worse. – [Moon] Tell ’em what you told me. – What? – [Moon] Tell him what you told me. – I’m just fed up, I can’t get a win. It’s, it’s so hard,
there’s so many people, like I think it’s out of
88 people in one game, what’s the chances of winning? You gotta have like 88. – [Moon] It’s one to 88, the chance. – Yeah that’s what I mean,
you gotta have like 88 games statistically to win, I can’t,
I don’t know what to do, I’m just getting fed up. – [Moon] Can I cheer you up a bit? Is there’s something to cheer you up? Just at least like take
your mind off a bit? Yeah? – Oh stop cheating. – [Moon] Come on Digby,
wee-wee, go wee-wee. Quick, he needs wee-wee. – It’s break time again
and I always have something to eat at break time and I’ve
been eating in between as well so I mean, I’m just so
sick of all the junk food, I’ve eaten a full back of Doritos, I’ve had countless energy drinks. I just feel sick, I can’t need junk food, I knew this day would come. I’m just sick of the junk
food, I want something proper like a salad or something, I don’t know, I’ve never thought this,
I’d be saying that, but it’s happened. Oh no, my headache’s
getting worse, I can’t win. Are we even halfway yet or what? I need to get, Moon, what food we’ve got? – [Announcer] Travel
to indicated safe zone. – Go, go, go, jump. Yes. Come on. Look here now, he’s close, he’s close. No! You’re joking, what!? 12th, I can’t even get top 10 anymore. – [Moon] Morning Thomas, Thomas? – What?
– [Moon] Morning. – What you mean morning? – [Moon] It’s morning. – It isn’t.
– [Moon] It is. – It’s not morning.
– [Moon] It is. It’s morning. – Oh yeah. – [Moon] What’s the matter Thomas? You have to get up a bit.
– Where? – [Moon] You have to stand
up and move your feet, you have to get up, just get up a bit, you have to move, you
can’t get thrombosis, I don’t know, thrombosis, I
don’t know what you call it. Just get, get up, shall
I do some gymnastic thingies with you? – Oh no, no gymnastics, no. – [Moon] Just bend your
knees a bit, walk around, it’s good. Yeah. Just walk around a bit. Or lay on the floor, do some yoga, I’ll do some yoga with you. – No yoga. I can’t. – [Moon] Just keep, just standing, keep standing and walking on your break. – We’ve got punctured Moon. – [Moon] ‘Cause Digby keeps
jumping up with his nail. – It keeps deflating every hour or so, I have to keep blowing it back up. My headphone batteries keep, keep dying. We’re only just halfway. – [Moon] We’re what? – We’re literally halfway point now. – [Moon] I need some sleep Thomas. – Me? – [Moon] No, I need to
go upstairs with Digby. – You’ve been sleeping though. – [Moon] Yeah, but just
always a little bit, I need proper sleep, I can’t deal with it. – You can’t leave me. – [Moon] You are basically,
you’re just sitting there gaming, there’s nothing I can
do, it’s for me even worse ’cause I can’t even game. Digby needs some sleep
too, he’s completely out of his rhythm. – Okay. Just leave camera with me for a bit then. Ugh. This is not fun anymore, I’m not, literally I’m not having fun. It was good when I started
before the whole challenge, I love the game, at the
start of the challenge I still loved it, and
now I just hate the thing and I just don’t wanna continue anymore. The longer I stay up the
less I can concentrate, the less chance I have of winning. It’s like I’m getting
worse, I’m getting worse while I’m playing longer,
it’s just ridiculous, I need some sleep. And Moon’s, and Moon’s
asleep with Digby in bed. I’m just alone. I really just want this to be over now. I just watched that clip
back and it was zoomed in the whole time, I didn’t even know. I’m stupid, I’m so tired. Go, go, go, come on. Go, go. Ugh, what’s happening,
what’s happening to me? Morning. – [Moon] What are you doing Thomas? – Nothing. – [Moon] Should I do a quick interview? Like quick update how you feel, Thomas? – No. – [Moon] Well I know, you
need to tell ’em a bit how you feel, Thomas? – I’m just so tired. – [Moon] Just tell ’em
quick, just me as well, just quick like a quick
interview and tell ’em what, how it is, how’s the progress going. – I’m so tired and I’ve not won yet. – [Moon] Yeah, so is
there anything I can do, you want a drink or food or anything? – No. – [Moon] So I’m going
then, watching the movies with someone, you’d just ring me? – Mm-hmm. – [Moon] You’ve got everything? – Mm-hmm. What’s even the point? What’s the point anymore? I could barely get top 10,
sometimes I could barely even hit top 40. It was a point when I
was doing decent, decent. But now it’s just, I’m
just going backwards. I’m worse than when I first started and what’s the point of
even doing this anymore? It’s not fun for anybody. – [Moon] Thomas, Thomas? Hey! Thomas. Thomas, have you done it? Thomas? – Huh? – [Moon] Thomas, have you done it? – Done what? – [Moon] Your 100 hours gaming still. Thomas? – I don’t know what you mean. – [Moon] Have you done your gaming? Telly’s off. – Did I do it? – [Moon] I don’t know, did you do it? – I don’t know, did I do it? – [Moon] I don’t know, did you do it? – I don’t know. (upbeat electronic music)

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