I make spaghetti in Cooking Simulator (part 1)
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I make spaghetti in Cooking Simulator (part 1)

August 27, 2019

let’s make some goddamn spaghetti that’s
right my name is PewDiePie and I’m on a mission to make spaghetti in a cooking
simulator I have not played this game before so I don’t even know if it’s
possible that’s how committed I am to this spaghetti making spaghetti is one
of those few things that I actually know how to cook how does it work
oh it’s a blender okay all right spaghetti is one of those few things
that I actually know how to cook the lie detector determined that was a lot now
the first thing you need to do for a successful spaghetti is chop the onion
so let’s grab them okay let’s see how you do this okay chop
I like onion I don’t like the consistencies I always chop them very
finely which is what we’re gonna do here okay well that’s good enough hey maybe I
can use the blender you think I wanted that work move vertically okay okay okay
drop what’s happening do that yeah all right that doesn’t work all right so we
have our onion that one is breaking it down for some reason oh we can put it in
the food processor put it in gently gently put it in gently thank you now now they will be chopped cool they all disappeared are you
kidding me alright let’s just chop it right here
I’m sick of this I just realize now I have to pick them all up individually
I’m a goddamn idiot I need a cutting board unless I can just
scoop them over can I do that can i scoop no the answer is no for the god
addict for the hundredth time let’s make some onion on this onion cutting you’re
actually not supposed to use a wooden board for cutting onion guess that it
might be a might be it sucks it up okay and you don’t want onion sucked up in
your day shit I’m gonna get a plastic board for this game sucks so this will
do all right I think we’ve done it next we grab a pan everyone laughs we put it
down we turn on the heat let’s not forget the oil avocado water sunflower
red honey when oil I need cooking oil there it is Oliver
okay perfect open bottle let’s pour that baby or that baby in the bottle
there it is put you down there excellent well let’s get those motherfuckin onions
cool that makes sense why the fuck is there a shelf there are
you kidding me it’s fine god damn it oh my god let’s
put you down all right cool we’re making spaghetti there it is
that’s the sound that’s the sound I need a spatula blowtorch so we have our spatula make sure they
don’t get burned let’s get the onion and we’re cooking it wrong
there you go can we chop it in the pan because I would save me a lot of time we
are cooking the knife everyone there it is there it is where did they go onions
just don’t disappear there you go just a little bit
god dammit I’m doing I’m doing it all wrong I forgot you okay I need a I need
a deeper Bowl I need a deep bowl can I get a deep Bowl day a small pot this is
the small pot apparently according to this game everyone this is how you do I
forgot you don’t tell you that you could yeah
and I would yeah yeah yeah okay and then yeah yeah yeah he’s for it yeah let’s
get the onion it’s with the onion let’s get the onion let’s get them all right
well one two of them made it two of them made it that’s a win can I change the
temperature there’s one setting all right next up and grab the mints cool
there’s no mints there’s hamburger meat so I guess we’re
doing that I guess through you at three will do now we want to cook that with a
lid for about are you kidding me oh it’s too hot I can’t touch it
where’s the rest stick an onion I’ll just grab the fun
and you guys oh you see it getting cooked
okay okay game we needed tomato sauce tomato sauce tomato salsa tomato sauce
tomato sauce where are you liquid they don’t have tomato sauce but
they have a ketchup so that’s what we’re going fit mmm ketchup in the spaghetti
luxury there you go I guess we need a lot of it colonic I
poured the whole bottle of hemorrhoids alright that’s starting to look good
maybe we add some spices or oregano there you go
I’m staying true to the recipe let’s not forget salt this spaghetti is gonna be
the bone pop up here spaghetti and then some pepper all right now while that is
cooking on low temperature we’re gonna add some water all right
let’s put that on the stove until it boils and let’s not forget to salt the water
I’m getting good at this you want to let that simmer a bit and let’s make sure
the water boils meanwhile let’s get some pasta okay they don’t have spaghetti but
they have penne pasta penne is it boiling yet is it even on its on
why is it not boiling all right the legs all right we didn’t hit a stick god damn
it try that again this is basically yeah it
looks like we need more water I’ll show that cover cool kind of place do we you
okay the pen is boiling this is going great looking really good
maybe try and stir it a little bit make sure the pasta isn’t goddammit don’t do
that whoa why is it spatula oh my god there’s one
onion in there it’s fine let’s just cook it in red wine then chop the mince maybe wow you can cut it so nicely amazing
this is going to be the best goddamn uh spaghetti in the planet there you go
how’s the pennant overboiled got it Thanks
we need a what is it called the water dispenser utensil cool they
don’t have it I guess a fryer basket would do it
Oh qalander that’s what full calendar I got it I got it I got it done all right
this is a very crucial moment we need to get the pasta in the colander I don’t
see how I can mess this up yeah get in there my sweet savory children
okay now let’s put the thing in the thing oh
yeah oh yeah we’re making art here hey hey get out of my face turn off you’re
annoying me so much you’re wasting water oh I was using the
hot water alright how’s my pasta sauce looking good it’s that a banana for no
reason can you just cook banana alright that
will be our dessert a chocolate that’s what came out I poured a whole liter of
spaghetti sauce that’s what came out I wanted coordinate stop and there you
have it everyone Bon Appetit there’s flank spaghetti now
let’s see how this banana mails anything well shoot what can we add to this to
make it more delicious add some chocolate
now that’s a nice banana that’s a good banana what if we chop it into Michael
are you telling me I can’t put my banana in my microwave maybe I need to put it
on a plate all we missed all of it
there’s my banana microwave that are you kidding me I crouched hurry up
my bananas dying oh god I don’t trust you but I have no choice oh my god it works seemingly asleep
there you go in you go there you go close close let’s
microwave some people say you should microwave
metal oh my god I can’t open the door are you kidding me
spatula please there we go how’s my Burnett it’s too hot
god damn off perfect what is this game oh my god it’s stuck banana come back banana place had some
of their cool stuff like the cool equipments like what can you do you can
blow torch you should probably be careful with this oh god damn it that’s
bad is that bad go bucket oh god it’s spreading God Emma
are you kidding me let’s get the gasses away from me oh no
not my food ah okay it’s fine just need to grab Dave oh god Oh God now like this spaghetti you were
like a brother to me spaghetti you were like a goddamn from ah god damn it
there’s not even a piece let cool well that was a cooking simulator I think it
went pretty well that was my spaghetti can’t try it I don’t know if it was good
or not but I think I’m gonna end that episode there so thank you guys for
watching smash like subscribe and let me know if you follow this recipe and how
you did thank you nailed it what you never played super
simulator you know it’s fun right I’m not supposed to give my opinion but give
it a try and then you can tell me if it’s good or not not convinced yet okay
I’ll cut you a deal the game is available for free and
that’s a great price

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  1. I’m confused, is this called spaghetti simulator or cook failure simulator? It seems like every time you try to cook something in your kitchen explodes! That’s awesome but I would love to eat something at the end of your video! but it’s hard still not to love it! Lol!

  2. soy sause is not chocolate you stupid, it use for food like rice or egg and more in Japan,Viet Nam,China and Korean i know that because i live in Viet Nam

  3. What I ordered: Spaghetti with onion and garlic sauce
    What I got: hamburger cooked in a pot of red wine and ketchup apparently resulted in multiple gas explosions, I never even got to taste the banana cooked in soy sauce

  4. Pewdiepie in cooking simulator: spaghetti, u were like a brother to me
    Pewdiepie in Minecraft: water sheep, u were like a father to me.

  5. " Where did they go???? Onions just don't disappear!! "
    – 4:19
    Is my fav quotes of all time, I said it almost 24/7

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