I Got A DOG In Minecraft – Part 2
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I Got A DOG In Minecraft – Part 2

August 30, 2019

Top o’ the mornin’ to you, Minecrafters! Welcome back to Ireland The Emerald Isle is shining stronger than it ever has before There’s some renovations that need to be done I changed some of the wall down here, but I ran out of stones So I’m gonna have to do some more about that When it becomes daytime again Now people have given me some excellent tips Who knew? The Minecraft community was so nice The comments on the first video were so wholesome and so nice and so genuine And everyone was just giving me really nice tips on how to play the game. It was just warming my- my tiny little Irish heart

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  1. Do u guys remember when jack used to play stranded deep and kill loads of sharks for fun now he can’t kill a sheep cuz he’s a Pacifist

  2. Jack kills a sheep.
    "Um… Ya'll didn't see anything. I'm not going straight to Hell for this!"
    Cue ominous cave sounds

  3. Minecraft time
    Come on grab your friends
    We’ll go to very distant lands
    With Sam the dog
    And Sean the human
    The fun will never end
    It’s Minecraft time

  4. You're so noob and I love it, so wholesome haha also, you can put a dog in a boat?! Jack you've only just started playing and your discovering things half of us didn't even know existed. I don't know if I want to continue watching you play or play myself

  5. no wey no manches que asco de casaguirro menso sos peor que juegagerman guirro tonto espero que te mate un crepper perrobasura

  6. Killing the sheep yields the same feeling as killing baby Aptonoths in Monster Hunter. “I’M SORRY I NEED IT TO SURVIVE”

  7. "the sun rises like a giant hydrogen bomb in the sky to nuke all of this badness" somebody needs to put that on a t-shirt

  8. 3:08 there's a jungle in the distance and in the future jack made like 3 portals to get there


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